Trade Center Pro Review: Don’t Trust a Scam

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Trade Center Pro Review: Don’t Trust a Scam

We are concerned with Trade Center Pro’s reputation and ability to generate the said profits. These days scammers are everywhere, and it’s pretty hard to know who is not cheating you. Is Trade Center Pro your typical run of the mill? We bet this is the case. But first, let’s look at the things that are making us doubt them.

Trade Center Pro is presented as a Cryptocurrency trading robot that can make up to $500 per day. The job of this trading robot is to generate signals and have them executed into your trading account automatically. This way, it can trade for you and make profits even if you’re not actively monitoring your PC.

While robots are supposed to do this job, the fact of the matter remains that this robot doesn’t have what it takes to make $500 per day. We have a gut feeling that anyone who ignores these red flags will end up losing their investments.

Now, you can imagine that this robot is free to obtain and use. But remember that money is not made for free. There has to be some sacrifice for you to make this money. So if you’re getting this robot for free and intending to make $500 profits per day, you are in for a big surprise. You better change your mentality because believing on scams does more harm than good to your mental health.

Trade Center Pro Review

We have all reasons to believe that Trade Center Pro is a cloned investment project. We have seen the face of this robot too many times before. We are used to these white labels. This is not the first time someone is tricking us with names and unique colors.

If you look at this software keenly, you will realize that it is bearing resemblance with rogue software such as Crypto Inner Circle.

This software has got people complaining because it is a well-known money loser. But scammers still insist on selling it because scammers don’t develop software. They just buy white labels and push them as their own creation.

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TradeCenterPro review

If the feedback that we are getting from people who are angry with this software is anything to go by, then we can only warn you against putting your money up for grabs. Many people have burned their accounts with these rogue trading apps. The more you are educated of that fact, the more you will stay away from fake robots such as Trade Center Pro.

Most of the time, this white label software comes with demo mode to fool traders who want to buy it. A demo mode is a good idea for newbies in this business. If the software can perform well in demo mode, then it must be really profitable in a live account.

So that’s the idea behind using a demo account that has been manipulated in favor of this software. Trading a demo account with a white label such as Trade Center Pro will always make you profits. This is to deceive you into transitioning to a live account while thinking that you will get the same results. At this point, we would be sorry for you because we have already seen what is coming to you.

The point is, don’t believe those fake demo accounts because they come with fake price feed which is one of the factors that favors a fake software, thus making it to win most trades.

Don’t be fooled that this is the case when you apply the robot on a live trading environment. It will just open trades randomly, and thus you will lose all your money.

Fake positive reviews

Scammers have to find ways of building credibility, even if those ways are not clever. One of the ways of building credibility would be to use fake positive reviews and customer feedback.

Basically, the site admin knows how to edit these sections of his website. He will go ahead and upload stock photos together with the testimonials from people who have never even used this software before.

What you should know is that stock photos are freely available on the internet. Editing the customer feedback section is also a walk in the park. Just think of anything that a happy customer can say and put it there. Newbies will then read those ”testimonials” and believe that they have stumbled upon Gold.

The other thing worth noting is that these stock photos can really mislead innocent victims. The people you see on this website have no idea what this product is. They are not traders, and they have never used Trade Center Pro in their lives.

Lies in the FAQ section

These guys are using unconvincing tactics to sell this robot. When you go through the FAQ section of the site, you will come across one answer that suggests that this robot is using a regulated broker to conduct trading transactions on your behalf.

Well, if you investigate the matter further, you will notice that those who sign up with Trade Center Pro are automatically redirected to a broker called Xmarkets. That broker has never been regulated or licensed.

In other words, this vendor is lying of the fact that they are working with regulated brokers when that is not the case. The reason they want you to trade with XMarkets is because they have a deal with them already. If you put your money there and trade it with Trade Center Pro, the robot will randomly open and close trades, meaning that you will lose money with every single activity of this robot. There is no way you will ever make a dime in this scenario.

Anonymous nature of this website

Now, this is one of the biggest red flags you can ever search for in any website. Apparently, it is also the surest way to know a scammers. Scammers will never reveal the people behind their websites. They will go to and purchase premium membership which allows them to conceal their ID.

That way, they have a perfect opportunity to keep a low profile while they continue with their scamming activities.

It is not any different with the website where Trade Center Pro is being hosted at.

The owner of this robot is unknown. The developer is equally unknown. Basically, this is an anonymous operation that is asking for your trust when they have not made the first move to build your trust.

Can you blindly trust them with your money? No, a sane trader can never do that. Only gullible individuals can take that step and lose money thereafter.

The point is, stay away from anonymous websites that make promises which are related to your financial future. Making $500 per day with this robot will be an impossible goal.

Our best advice for you

Now that you know, you have no reason to enter the trap. It is quite dangerous for you. What we have discussed above are red flags that are commonly seen in internet scams. These scams often involve trading robots operating in a similar fashion to Trade Center Pro.

Now, the good news is that we have researched and found some good altcoins trading robots which are consistent in results. You might want to check them out here.

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