Trade Coin Club Review: Infamous Bitcoin Scam

Trade Coin Club Review: Infamous Bitcoin Scam

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Trade Coin Club is a scam! There is no other way to say it, and so we opted to go straight to the point. The site is hosted on this anonymously registered domain, and at first, it might look as if it is a legit business operation when the truth is that it is just a glorified ponzi scheme. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to get lured or manipulated by this site because indeed this is sleek-looking website with all the bells and whistles for attracting naive investors who may not have an idea that this is an ordinary Bitcoin scam.

There is this common theme that keeps recurring among Crypto currency scams. We have reviewed similar operations before, and we notice that they are heavily focusing on marketing these sites to affiliates rather than serious investors.

Less emphasis is put towards investment features because in the actual sense, the sites do not have them in place other than affiliate membership which they are selling and hoping everyone else to sign up as an affiliate rather than an investor. This is also a tale tell sign that we are dealing with a suspicious business model – one that resembles that of a ponzi scheme since Trade Coin Club and many others in the same category fail to pass the simple ponzi scheme logic.

trade coin club

Before we move forward with this Trade Coin Club review, we’d like to point you into the right direction by highlight some of the best resources for trading Bitcoin and other altcoins as well. If you are into trading Crypto currencies, don’t use a site like Trade Coin Club. Just pick a bot in that list and start trading.

Trade Coin Club review

Trade Coin Club claims that it was created with the intention of revolutionizing how Crypto currencies are invested. The site is falsely asserting that there are only a few people who have access to the Crypto currency investment market and that only these people are billionaires. This assertion is wrong, but as you can see, it is just serving to put emphasis on the illusion that this is a private Crypto currency club for the billionaires and not the ordinary internet user.

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The alleged purpose for which Trade Coin Club was created is to guarantee automated returns for investors like you and me who might not have the necessary skill to invest wisely to make profits.

The way the site works is that they are soliciting money from internet randoms by asking them to sign up under one of their 3 membership plans on the promise that they will earn a daily ROI because Trade Coin Club has an automated Crypto currency trading software. But remember that this software is not the primary source of income for members of Trade Coin Club. The primary source of income is their affiliates who have to purchase investment plans whenever they join the Trade Coin Club project.

Despite this site telling us that they are generating revenue through trading with their software, they are not providing their trading results on the site. This is a common characteristics of sites that claim to trade Crypto currencies when in the actual sense they are just operating a ponzi scheme business model.

How does the Trade Coin Club work?

It is interesting that Trade Coin Club website is giving us the same generic explanation that we have heard several times before. They claim that their automated trading bot is made up of an algorithm that processes millions of transactions per second to place trades at a speed that is not possible with human traders. Because of this, they are able to generate revenue round the cloud 24/7.

But there is a trick that Trade Coin Club employs. They claim that the software is both fully automated and semi automated, and this lets users think that they will have some degree of control over the trades that the software will place.

This is not the case because once an affiliate makes a deposit, they cannot see how the money is being used in the background.

There are 3 investment plans and for affiliates to sign up, they must place a deposit just in the same way a ponzi scheme demands that all investors must purchase a plan. The truth is that Trade Coin Club is using new deposits to process payouts so that established members cannot leave empty handed. But new investors will end up losing their investments since no new members will be signing up to join an obvious scam.

The way a ponzi scheme works is that once the number of investors start to dwindle, there will be no funds to pay out investors. Because of this state, there is no way the ponzi scheme can sustain its operation and so it has to fall flat on its face with investors funds.

But as you can see, the business model is creating a false misconception among the general public by letting them believe that Trade Coin Club is a legit business where income can be generated. In the real sense, the crooks behind this business model are only intending to attract as many naive investors as possible. Once the scheme has enough number of investors and the owners are swimming in their millions, they can pull an exit, and that’s what we call an exit scam.

So, does this website promise unrealistic returns which can’t be sustained? Yes of course. Have they verified the source of income which they claim is generated by their trading robot? The answer is no. This is just a cover up story. You can rest assured that there is no trading bot behind the operation of this ponzi scheme.

Our best advice for you

Trade Coin Club is a scam and we still maintain that assertion. Unless you want to lose your investments, there is no need to join a ponzi scheme. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you can mine them if trading is not your thing.

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