Trade Empowered Review – Scam in the Name of A Trading School

Trade Empowered Review – Scam in the Name of A Trading School

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Did you get convinced by the sales pitch on Trade Empowered? If so, you risk committing a serious investment offense that is akin to financial suicide.

Trade Empowered is the property of an ex-military guy called Jason Stapleton. I even wonder what an ex-military guy has to do with Forex trading.

Anyway, Trade Empowered offers a wide selection of paid Forex trading items which include magical indicators, training courses, software and just about anything.

While Jason Stapleton is a long-term day trading ”guru”, he is also the subject of much controversy. Many people have complained of fraud through his several trading businesses. Trade Empowered is not the only website which he owns.

In addition to this, Jason claims that he used to work as a military commando who protected world leaders and even advised them accordingly on matters pertaining to the economy, geo-politics etc.

These claims sound like what we refer to as resume-inflation-run-wild. It is total exaggeration to make his business look legitimate.

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Again, this guy does not have a track record which we can use to verify that indeed he has been trading and making money from it.

What I see in Trade Empowered is an education mill where the naive are tricked into believing that their time and money investments will be handsomely rewarded, thanks to the special abilities of the magical trading products and services which are sold through that domain.

trade empowered scam

To run this business successfully, Jason learned the art of selling on the internet. As a matter of fact, this guy is an A-class salesman. He can convince you into buying a useless Forex course.

Trade Empowered Review

It appears that this business is run out of Lenexa, Kansas. The website offers all sorts of Forex products and services. The minimum that one can invest in these items is $297 — which will never buy you what you really need to start trading through this website.

I have always asked investors to use cheaper, yet more effective trading systems instead. I have prepared my list of Forex products and services for anyone who doesn’t want to be caught up in this filthy fraud.

And now that it’s clear that Trade Empowered offers expensive Forex training courses and products that are not worth a nickel, let alone $200, it’s worth exposing the real nature of Jason Stapleton and his fraudulent business operation on the internet.

Jason Stapleton: who is this guy?

His name in the trading scenes can be traced back to 2008.

While he says that he is a ”full time day trader”, his true nature is very complicated and is also riddled with hyperbole.

A background check on this guy indicates that he used to work as part of an ”elite team of forces” that roamed the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan while kicking doors open to fish out terror cells.

Other than being ”Captain America”, this guy also paints an image of a Forex trading expert who has amassed years of experience through hands-on trading.

It appears that Mr. Jason is a jack of all trades and savior of those who want to learn how to navigate the murky waters of foreign policy, economics, politics and of course how to make wealth trading Forex.

Last but not least. Mr. Jason also claims that he is a warrior who was recognized by top security firms for his understanding on matters pertaining to warfare, mixed martial arts, politics, psychology and now Forex trading.

This man simply has everything for himself. However, for purposes of writing this review, we will focus on his Forex trading product at Trade Empowered.

How Trade Empowered was born

I am not sure whether his military background is true or not.

However, it appears that after working in Iraq for some time, this man quit the military and got a job with a private security firm.

You know marines have a way of making sure that they live and die by the gun. It’s the reason (after retirement) they always reintegrate themselves back to the career as a security personnel with a stupid job like following trucks loaded with food to ensure that nobody steals that cargo.

Then one day, Jason realizes that he needs to start trading Forex instead of carrying guns all his life. He starts a now defunct website called This was launched in 2009, and quickly got riddled with negative reviews from clients who complained that the site scammed them.

4X Traders Live is nowhere to be seen today. But negative reviews still dominate Google when you search for that phrase anyway.

Shortly afterwards, Jason launched another trading business by the name Triple Threat Trading. This too was characterized by numerous complaints of fraud shortly afterwards.

That negative chatter eventually caused Jason to shut it down because the site had already been expelled from the Ninja Trader ecosystem — where it used to enjoy free airtime.

Finally, Trade Empowered was born in 2013. The website looks revamped — offering every trading product you can imagine. A trading room is also pitched too, alongside other Forex products and services.

Honestly, this guy’s reputation is so bad that a negative review like this one would do very little to help the situation.

We are only bringing this to your attention because of the high number of investors who have lost money through Trade Empowered. It forced us to do a review on the subject.

Contacting the owner of Trade Empowered

We sent out several emails to Jason, wanting him to clarify certain things about his so-called Trade Empowered.

Despite sending dozens of emails to this guy, no response was forth-coming.

At the center of issues that we wanted discussed was his trading track record.

We just wanted him to clarify with verifiable evidence that he is a full time Forex trader and not a teacher who depends on revenue generated by selling Forex products.

We just wanted him to assure us that he had a track record of making money in the Forex market, hence he had the right to run an entity like Trade Empowered.

Our emails were ignored. This prompted us to use the ”lamb email” tactic, where we use an alias email to assume the role of a newbie looking to earn from Forex trading.

To my surprise, the response was quick and to the point. One of the Trade Empowered members got back to me with the speed of a bullet.

Trade Empowered was recommending one Forex product after the other because we tricked them that we had money and were looking for a reliable trading product to buy.

At this point, anyone looking for evidence that Trade Empowered is a fraud should figure it out. The tell tale signs are present.

Our best advice for you

Trade Empowered is a lie and a desperate attempt to trick naive investors into parting with large amounts of money.

It has also come to my attention that besides running a ridiculous Forex trading scheme, Jason hosts a series of podcast which he uses as an opportunity to convince naive investors of his prowess.

And now the good news is that we have already worked hard to identify a few Forex trading products and services worth investing on. These products have been tested and certified as profitable.

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3 Replies to “Trade Empowered Review – Scam in the Name of A Trading School”

  1. Unfortunatelly, so many fake companies like this one are just let to do what they want and nobody does a thing about it. The government should put this to an end!

  2. I remember the early days back in 2010 with Jason and was tempted to buy in. In the end I did not buy. Jason is very convincing, however something just did not ring true. He seemed almost bigger than life, special forces, top trader, and the list goes on. He was the stuff of legends if you believed.

  3. I know the producer of his podcast personally. I’m also a member of a private group, his new social network, as well as purchased a trading training course from him. I cam tell you, he is NOT A FRAUD. He is legit. He even tells you before buying any product that learning how to trade in no way guarantees you will make money. That’s just a fact because trading is always a gamble. Hes a very good instructor and is extremely informative. And I can tell you from years of listening to his podcast and being good friends with his producer that the reason he probably never replied to you is because you aren’t worth his time. He brings things of value to people. If you dont value what he brings to the table, hes not interested in a conversation because it’s a waste of his time, and time is his most valuable resource.

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