Trade FX Center Review: Shady Forex Scam

Trade FX Center Review: Shady Forex Scam

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Trade FX Center ( is a CFDs and Forex broker scam that all investors must stay away from. TradeFXCenter is claiming to be an expert in Crypto Currency trading and Forex trading. What this broker boasts about is offering easy and fast way of trading. Claims TradeFX Center platform helps traders to trade for a better future is nothing but pure lies. Read this detailed review and get the truth.

Trade FX Center Review

Trade FX Center Review:

Folks, it’s always advisable to read reviews before signing up with any online investment platform. This review is meant to open your eyes in regards to what’s actually going on with TradeFXCenter. Being a Crypto and Forex broker, there’s a lot you don’t know with Trade FX Center. Here, we will reveal what’s going on behind the curtain and its best you wait before you sign up.

Trade FX Center claims to offer an amazing Crypto and Forex deal that’s unmatched by any broker. Before you sign up, read this detailed and honest review that’s full of facts. What this broker is doing is enticing people to sign up with their fake platform. Once users sign up and deposit money, the end results are painful. From the complaints we have received by users, we decided to expose this broker before anyone else gets hurt.

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Who Owns Trade FX Center?

Trade FX Center is owned by S.R Capital Group LTD which is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines. This is information can be found at the bottom of their homepage helps us to know one thing for sure. TradeFXCenter is an offshore brokerage firm that’s simply out to steal funds from unsuspecting Forex investors. Offshore brokers are known for flaunting set industry regulations and rules.

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Disturbing details in regards to ownership have emerged and we thought you should know. Notice that there’s no mention of the real names of people behind this firm? What’s the name of the CEO or CFO of the mother company? It’s clear that these fraudsters have failed to give out this information for one reason only. They want to remain anonymous and don’t want anyone contacting them at all.

Is Trade FX Center Licensed or Regulated?

Trade FX Center Scam

Disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage fails to reveal any licensing or regulation claims. A real broker will easily disclose and posts their licensing and regulation number for all to see. This is what transparency is all about, being honest to users. And this makes it easier for any investors to verify licensing with regulatory authorities. However, with the broker in question, they fail to disclose this vital information.

What this means is that we are dealing with a broker who is not authorized to conduct any Forex transactions. Anyone who signs up with this broker will be dealing with a counterfeit product and service provider. Best way is to ignore this broker and sign up with certified and registered Forex brokers. If this broker was indeed licensed or registered, where are their certificates and documents to back them up?

Trading Platform.

According to the platform page, they claim that their platform is compatible with various devices. One visible claim is that this broker has a platform that’s compatible with Desktop, mobile, and tablet users. They go ahead to claim that their platform can be used by both android and IOS users. In order to verify these claims, we had to test the platform for ourselves and find out the truth.

Problem with this platform is that download stalled at 34% which is unusual. With download stalling, it means that this broker has an unstable platform. Unstable platforms are a risky venture for any trader who signs up with this platform. It means that hackers can easily gain access to this platform and steal credit card and personal data. It wouldn’t be the first time an unstable platform has led to users bank accounts being swept clean by hackers.

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Account Types.

Trade FX Center offers users four different account types to choose from. These account types are Standard, Islamic, Golden, and Platinum accounts. With Standard and Golden account holders, minimum deposit requirement is $5,000. To be honest, this is way too high considering the acceptable industry minimum deposit of $250. Platinum account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $10,000 to start trading.

Islamic account is targeting investors from the Islamic world which means one thing. This broker is targeting all newbie investors and trapping them is easier. These accounts come with claims such as low spreads and free online lessons. Don’t forget that they offer 100% credit bonus on all accounts except the Islamic account. These are claims simply meant to lure newbie traders into signing up with them.

Are Funds Safe with Trade FX Center?

Trade FX Center Fake Review

Funds are never safe with a broker who is anonymous and has no licensing or registry credentials. Anyone who signs up with this broker will be dealing with a fraud. Owners can easily shut down the whole platform at any time without warning. Disturbing details have emerged regarding this broker’s security of funds. Did you know that members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account?

Another red flag that we must mention is that this broker does not segregate accounts. It means that the broker is pooling funds in one account which is highly risky. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, members will easily lose money. Furthermore, this broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Once members lose money due to unforeseen scenarios such as bankruptcy, no member will be refunded.

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Demo Account is Fake.

Have you noticed that users get almost 90% successful trades with this demo account? Reason is simple; these brokers have rigged the demo account in favor of members who try it. What these scammers hope for is to make investors believe they can duplicate the same with a real account. Once investors open a real account, the odds of making 90% successful trades are next to zero. They simply want users to believe that they can make money with Trade FX Center.

Folks, this is one of those scary brokers who will do or say anything to make investors sign up. Best thing to do is to make sure that you stay away from this broker and sign up with real brokers. A good way of making sure that there’s no way of losing money is never to sign up with this broker.

Is Trade FX Center a Scam?

Trade FX Center is without a doubt a scam in the making. This broker will say or do anything to get people to sign up with them. From being highly anonymous to offering fake claims and promises this is surely another Forex broker scam. Make sure to ignore all their pleas to sign up by marking all their emails as Spam. Next thing is to never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Hackers are using these links to steal credit card information from unsuspecting members of the public.

Trade FX Center Final Verdict.

Trade FX Center Scam Review

Only option we are left with is adding this broker to our Forex scam blacklist. Ensure that you warn your friends and family from signing up with this broker. It’s a shame that this broker will ask for over $5,000 to start trading and take all the money. And now, you know better than to sign up with a broker who is unregulated and unlicensed. This is how investors lose money by signing up with rogue Forex brokers.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex investment activities.

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