Trade Out Loud Review: Scam Day Trading School?

Trade Out Loud Review: Scam Day Trading School?

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When someone claims that they have a secret trading program that will make you quit your job in 30 days, think again.

Most of the time, these internet marketers are always looking to fleece the naive or the desperate.

So today we are exposing a woman and a Futures trading mentor called Anka Metcalf. She says that if you pay her $4,995, she will teach you how to make $500 on a daily basis.

Now, before we can get too excited about those claims, check out this stock trading school first. Then realize that with Trade Out Loud website, there is a big problem which we feel should be addressed.

The problem is this: Anka Metcalf of Trade Out Loud does not have a verifiable track record of trading stocks/futures successfully.

She has been on a marketing spree to promote her business on the internet. She is actually an aggressive promoter who claims that her system has a win rate of 87%, and that this has allowed her to bank over $300K annually in pure profits.

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She also claims that when you join her, she will teach you the ”trader’s lifestyle”. But when asked why she cannot provide evidence for her earnings, she gives all the lame excuses she can think of. You definitely need to avoid Trade Out Loud because this looks like a cash cow for the owner and not for the naive trader.

An overview of Trade Out Loud

So, what is Trade Out Loud?

It’s a one-man army trading school that is owned by one Anka Metcalf. Because she is an aggressive trading vendor, she offers a wide range of over-priced trading products.

For the price of $4,995, she will offer you a 30-day trading course, 30-days of trading signals and an e-book.

For the price of $199, you will get trading signals delivered to you in text or via a private Twitter feed.

For $199, you will also get monthly swing trading signals. There are 2-3 trading signals every month.

And of course you can never miss out on private coaching sessions. These are charged $400 per hour.

Anka Metcalf also markets her business on social media to gain a wider audience. On top of this, she does not do her own promotional webinars. Instead, she purchases them from various promotional companies that create paid promotional webinars on her behalf. She passes them across as her own.

companies that create promotional materials for trade out loud

These promotional companies have various packages for their customers. For example, Anka Metcalf of Trade Out Loud pays a flat fee to have these companies sending thousands of emails to people who want to make ”money from home”. They also target those who want to ”learn how to trade” for a living.

What surprises us is that these promotional companies care less concerning the company or product which they promote. They don’t work with a vetting process, and that means they don’t care whether Trade Out Loud is real or fraudulent.

A good example of companies that have specialized in this kind of business is Trader Planet, Market Fest, 52 Traders and many others.

If you visit their respective websites, you will notice that these companies are offering webinars that are tailored with the newbie customer in mind.

For example, in the case of promoting Trade Out Loud, the promotion is tailored to advertise that for $4,995, Anka will teach you how to earn $500 in residual income every day.

In another part of her promotion campaign, she claims that everyone who buys her training at Trade Out Loud will earn a 6 figure income every year.

To convince you further, her promotional video is filled with examples of how you can quit your job immediately because Trade Out Loud is offering a secret magic that will make you $500 everyday without fail.

She entices her audience with promises that they will not have to drive to work and back home in search for an income because her system is very powerful.

Trade Out Loud is promoted as the ultimate trading school for those who want to escape the rat race or those who want to go on vacation and still make money while on the move. They basically sell the dream life.

How about the performance claims made by Anka?

The professional resume of Anka Metcalf cannot be verified. She says that she is a full time day trader who has worked with a prop company before establishing her business — Trade Out Loud.

Which prop company is this to start with? It’s a mystery that we would work hard to solve. Surprisingly, this woman has never been registered with any regulatory body.

In fact, this woman just appeared on the internet sometime in 2012, claiming that she is a full time professional trader and a coach.

In addition to this, she claims that her trading results can be verified because they are 100% authentic.

Also, in the most recent webinar which was put up on the Trade Out Loud website, she claimed that she has made thousands of dollars in the first quarter of 2017.

trade out loud

But this is also an opportunity to ask her about her account statement which could go a long way in proving these claims.

Sadly, this woman does not have an account statement to prove her claims. She gave a very silly excuse that account statements could easily get photoshopped, and that there was no need to provide such documents.

In other words, she is claiming that the reason why she is unable to provide these statements is because of photoshopping. Is this true?

We repeat…. the reason why we were not able to get a verified account statement from her is because these documents are prone to photoshopping.

But in addition to giving us such a lame excuse, she made some fraudulent statements concerning her Trade Out Loud business which caught our attention.

For instance, she said that she has never lost trades in a year. In addition to this, she says that her system’s win rate of 87% was fully audited and that those results are real.

Finally, she claims that Trade Out Loud has been making over $300K out of her trading activities.

Customer complaints

You can rest assured that Trade Out Loud has a barrage of complaints against it.

Some traders were mildly upset while others were seriously upset concerning her stock trading signals. These traders were alleging that Anka uses a soft spot technique when delivering signals.

In other words, at the end of the day after the signals have been traded, she reports a winning trade yet there is no way to authenticate those claims. You cannot verify whether she was stopped out on that position or was actually victorious. This could also mean that she never trades any position at all.

Some people have also reported that she uses many take profits in a single trade. So if that particular market was trending strongly towards a particular direction, the CEO of Trade Out Loud would report massive profits.

This is a trickery that is hard to detect. She disguises losses and manipulates winning positions to reflect explosive profits.

Our best advice for you

It’s clear that Trade out Loud is a fraudulent website. The only way to prove the legitimacy of what Trade Out Loud owner is preaching is through looking at her account statements. The problem is that this lady does not have any interest in showing us her account statement. Therefore, these products here still win hands down! We will continue recommending them.

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One Reply to “Trade Out Loud Review: Scam Day Trading School?”

  1. If you can get past her unmitigated arrogance, claims of great importance, screeching voice, scattered thinking, and extremely wide stops;
    you will find that Anka’s trade methodology involves little more than a of couple moving averages and occasional fibonicci projections.
    She claims to trade in all time frames from ticks to weeks while examining charts that can go back years. When asked specifically about any upcoming trade entries
    her reply was evasive, chiding, and useless. Her trade methodology does not appear well defined. She effectively sells the comments of her ‘students’ as part of her package service.
    She claims to be profitable, but that wasn’t verifiable. I would not recommend to give her the $5,000 entry fee and then additional $300 monthly fees.

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