Trade Reversal Review: is this a Scam?

Trade Reversal Review: is this a Scam?

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Trade Reversal at is owned by one Timothy Stetin who claims to have traded in the currency markets for the last 24 years. Tim wants traders to know that he is a cycle analysis financial radio talk show host and a former Registered Investment Advisor. Winner of a CNBC “Beat the Street” stock picking contest. Tim left the business as a professional over ten years ago to focus on research only. This only leaves us wondering whether his education can really help us start making money consistently as traders. If you doubt all the marketing which goes on on the Trade reversal website, please stick to these realistic trading products. 

Trade Reversal review

We are still mesmerized by the stories that the owner of Trade Reversals is telling to his audience. He even claims to be a professional trader earning thousands of percent per year but can provide absolutely zero proof. Unwilling to provide account statements or anything verifiable to support his claims. Has lorded over eight now-defunct websites and domain names offering similar products as Trade Reversal.

He claims to be the owner of a money management company that has zero footprint or prior regulatory registrations. More holes in this guy’s story than a rusty bucket. However, we found him quite likable and honest about being dishonest.

What exactly is Trade Reversal?

The company is offering a live trading room and stock picking service that focuses on publicly listed, and higher volume stocks. I would consider this service a standard ‘stock picking service.’ The picks are delivered through a push app, and the app can be downloaded through the Google App Store or the Apple App Store.

Companies that develop actual applications that work on desktop and mobile devices typically are not scammers. The cost of deploying a mobile app is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, since the company appears to be making a considerable investment in infrastructure, it is hard to imagine this being a ‘fly by night’ scam.

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The cost of Trade Reversal is $100 per month. There are no ‘educational’ components. The consumer simply subscribes and attempts to replicate the trading picks of the moderator. According to Archive.Org, the Trade Reversal website launched sometime in late 2014. A review of the Archive.Org webpages, over an extended period of time, reveals that the company has actually had many different trading-related businesses — all now defunct.

How does Trade Reversal advertise their services?

It would appear that the primary channel of advertisement is through StockTwits.

In 2017, I drafted an article titled: Stock Twits: The Facebook of Fraud. In this article, I described how unlicensed and unregistered investment advisors had run amok on StockTwits. The entities were using the StockTwits platform to sell ‘investment advice’ and ‘money management services’ to an unwitting public. Indeed, over the years, a slew of these phonies have been shut down by the SEC, or arrested by the FBI. When it comes to StockTwits advertisements, extreme caution is the ‘soup du jour.’


According to the Trade Reversal website, the primary ‘stock picker’ is a person named Tim Stetin. In various promotional biographies, Mr. Tim Stetin describes himself as a “former Registered Investment Advisor, money manager, owner of an investment advisory named Newvest Investments, and current employee of a Top 5 Hedge Fund located in Manhatten New York.” Additionally, Mr. Stetin also claims to be a TV personality, portfolio manager, and grand champion of some sort of trading competition.

Obviously, these are quite the credentials. One has to wonder how someone with such an amazing resume would be selling stock picks for $99 per month. If I were working at a “Top 5 Hedge Fund,” I certainly would not be rubbing elbows with Joe and Mary Sixpack, offering a stock pick for a few bucks a month. It smells fishy.

Regardless, in spite of the odd shape and funny smell, we decided to dig deeper into the personal history of Mr. Tim Stetin.

According to public records, it appears that Tim Stetin registered a limited liability company (Trade Reversal LLC) to an address in Florida. The address is 410 3rd street, Clermont Florida, which appears to be a very modest home located in the Orlando Florida suburbs. Warren Buffett also lives in a modest home in Nebraska, so I am not sure we can glean much useful information from this comparison. However, this certainly does not appear to be the abode of a high falootin’ hedge fund manager. Rents in the area are typically $800 per month. Not exactly the Ritz Carlton.

Next, we decided to dig further into the personal proclamations of Mr. Stetin. Specifically, he represents himself as a former RIA or Registered Investment Advisor and money manager with a company named Newvest Investments. All money managers and money management companies are required to register with FINRA and the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission. This registration is not voluntary, it is mandatory.

According to FINRA, with their records dating back to 1982, there is NO person named Tim Stetin registered in any capacity. In fact, there is no person with even the last name of Stetin registered in any capacity, or ever registered in any capacity. Additionally, there is no trace of any company Newest Investments ever registered in any capacity. Please check for yourself.

According to the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission, additionally, there is no record of any RIA or Registered Investment Advisor named Timothy Stetin. Not now, or ever. Once again, I suggest that you please check for yourself.

Our best advice for you

As with all things, the truth is probably someplace in the middle. The guy is obviously full of shit, but certainly not the worst character I have written about. The “Top 5 hedge fund” and “Registered Investment Advisor” nonsense? Well, he obviously is full of shit and probably made it all up. But at least he had an excuse very handy! On the other hand, if the guy cleans up his act and stops with the resume inflation, and posts actual brokerage statements, then we would definitely revisit this review. For now, stick with these credible trading tools.

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