Tradebond Review: A Pathetic Scam Trying to Steal your Coins

Tradebond Review: A Pathetic Scam Trying to Steal your Coins

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Tradebond is a self proclaimed leading Bitcoin exchange platform. They also claim that their site is the fastest and easiest way to exchange Bitcoin. However, the site is very new since it has only existed for the last 6 months. The owner is unknown and their location is hidden but the site is hosted in the UK. Possibly they are located in the UK. This suggests that Tradebond is a very insecure site to exchange your Bitcoins at. Since it has an unknown reputation, we will go ahead and help you make an informed decision because clearly the site is up to no good. We have considered a number of factors and arrived at the conclusion that the site is not safe.

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Tradebond Review

If you want to buy, sell or hold Bitcoin, don’t think that a site like Tradebond can help you achieve that mission safely and securely. While they clam to be the leading Bitcoin exchange platform, there is zero trust in this site’s operations. Therefore, there is no way they can be the leading Bitcoin exchange if that is the case. Maybe they need to rework their tag line to come up with something that is more convincing than what they currently have.


The site is luring users with instant verification of email and identity, and the ability to conveniently trade Bitcoins on desktop and mobile. In addition to that, they claim to offer global transfers of Bitcoin instantly and securely. The site is also showing us their supposed user statistics to make us gain trust in them. For instance, they claim that Tradebond has 10,000+ happy customers. This is something that is hard to believe because the site is very new and due to the bad reputation which it has already built for itself, we doubt whether it can attract some 10,000 happy customers as claimed in the official site.

They also claim to serve customers in some 90+ countries but this also brings the issue of regulations into the picture. Is Tradebond regulated and authorized to operate its services in these countries? No is the answer simply because the site does not provide us with their regulatory details. Since they are offering securities or an investment product to customers who might end up losing money, many countries have set up financial regulators who warn that such entities must be regulated in order to operate in the country legally. But Tradebond does not have any regulator’s license and that means people could lose their funds through Tradebond.

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More lies about Tradebond company

We’ve detected something stranger than what you would imagine about this site. They claim that the domain was created in 2014 after a long and successful development phase and trading experience. They also claim in their about us page that they have coordinated with both the local and international authorities. But we have seen that Tradebond is not regulated. So this statement is clearly a big fat lie. They also claim that Tradebond used to exist as but records indicate that there has never been such a domain. They claim that the reason they switched domains is due to the globalization of the platform since it turned into a multi lateral trading platform. All these things cannot be verified, and have been confirmed to be nothing but lies.

Customer feedback

When looking at reviews and feedback about this site, we see a trend where customers are not confident about the services which the site claims to offer. One reviewer claimed that Tradebond was being operated by a scammer who used the whatsapp number +1 (573) 338-0460 and cryptoworld as his nickname to lure customers into the site. The authenticity of these claims have not been verified but the fact that many internet users out there are expressing distrust about this company simply means that something is not right with their business. We cannot ignore these claims because if we do, we might end up with financial damages or even ruin our reputation.

By the way, there are only 3 reviews on the internet from people who don’t appear to have used this service before. This is not a popular service and even when they claim that the service was founded in 2014, we can only doubt these claims because reviews are still hard to find on the internet. In fact, this will be the first ever professional review about the company Tradebond.

What we do not like is the fear that users are expressing concerning this site. Perhaps they would need to clear their names first before they can ever gain the trust of their would be customers.

Is Tradebond a scam?

Chances are that this site is run by a scammer. There is no reason as to why they would hide behind the internet or give us false information about their company. They claim it is a company registered in the US. But this is not the case because they don’t have SEC authorization yet. And the fact that the servers where the site is hosted at are in the UK could mean that the site is owned and operated by someone from the UK.

The reason we can’t recommend the site to anyone is because it is highly suspicious. Any site that has these characteristics often turn out to be scams. Any person will tell you that such a website is a scam especially if the details of ownership are unknown and the site is also publishing fake stories in their about us page.

Our best advice for you

We know you still want to make more Bitcoins as  away of diversifying your investment portfolio. Consider trading them as well. But never make the mistake of trusting an unreliable exchange like Tradebond. It’s not worth it.

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