TradeMaker Review: Animal Forex Scam

TradeMaker Review: Animal Forex Scam

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TradeMaker ( is a brute CFDs and Crypto Currency scam broker threatening to steal funds from anyone who signs up. Trade Maker is another brutal broker whose intention is to rip off investors. An investigation by our team reveals TradeMaker is stealing funds from users. How Trade Maker is stealing funds is easy, once users deposit funds, withdrawing is never allowed. Read this honest TradeMaker review and get the truth.

TradeMaker Review

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TradeMaker Review:

Complains have been sent to our help desk by investors who lost funds with this broker. These complaints have the same issue, lack of proper communication and withdrawal issues. What looked like a real trading investment opportunity has turned out to be a nightmare. This broker had promised investors heaven only to deliver hell in a devilish manner. TradeMaker is simply another brutal Forex broker scam ripping off investors at will. Stay away from this broker.

At a time where scam products are filling the web, newbies find it hard to choose reliable brokers. Trade Maker has taken advantage of this need to make money by claiming to be the answer. Ensure you sign up with platforms which have been approved and tested by the trading community. Be on the lookout for platforms offering insane claims and promises, such as quick ROIs. Start reading reviews to find out what other experts are saying regarding a certain broker.

What is TradeMaker About?

Banner greets visitors on their homepage claiming this is a regulated broker. These scam artists have made it the first message viewed by visitors. After a thorough investigation, clear evidence reveals TRADEMAKER is nothing but a rogue broker.

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Scammers will do or say anything to ensure users believe their products is real. Problem with this information is lack of verification documents. Level of anonymity with this broker is huge making it hard for us to trust them. Anonymity is a dangerous trait to associate yourself with in any online investment opportunity. Make sure to stay away from this broker.

Is TradeMaker Licensed or Regulated?

TradeMaker Broker Review

A search using COSNOB platform reveals TradeMaker is not recognized by the Italian Trades commission. What this means is trademaker is operating illegally and under false pretense. A problem with this broker is lack of proper industry documents to prove or validate their claims of registry. Lack of registration certificates is proof TRADEMAKER is a scam.

Why has this broker failed to post their licensing and registration number? Simply, they don’t have any documents to prove legitimacy. As always stated in all our reviews, dealing with an unlicensed broker is a risky affair. Ensure you stay away from this broker and sign up with industry recommended Forex platforms. Lack of registration is proof enough TradeMaker is a scam waiting to rip off investors.

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Account Types.

TradeMaker is offering users five different account types to choose from. These account types range from Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Emerald, and Crown. Minimum trading volume with these accounts starts at $2,500, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 and more. Acceptable minimum deposit to start trading with this broker is $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. Looking at required deposit, this is way too much.

What we found odd with these accounts is how similar they are to each other. Details regarding how these accounts work are sketchy to say the least. How does this broker expect users to know the different features with these accounts? Lack of proper details means this broker is hiding information regarding these accounts. Make sure to sign up with brokers who detail how each accounts work. Lack of account feature reveals how this broker is unprofessional.

Constantly good in quality or performance is what makes a good Forex broker. A broker who is able and trusted by experts is what Forex traders should look out for. Ensure you sign up with Solid and sound Forex brokers who have the required Forex trading expertise. Make the right move and partner with honest and trustworthy brokers with a proven reputation. Committed and Dependable brokers will keep you safe at all times.

Platform Used.

According to their homepage, this broker uses MT5 trading platform as their preferred tool of trade. In order to test how well their platform works, we decided to download it. An unstable platform leaves users vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Hackers find unstable platforms to be easy targets for data harvesting. Information such as credit card details and personal identity is retrieved thanks to unstable platforms. Hackers will purchase goods and services using credit card information stolen. Whoever signs up with this platform should know the risk they put themselves into. Safe way is to stay away from this platform.

Is Security of Funds Guaranteed by TradeMaker?

TradeMaker Forex Broker

As it turns out, safety of funds is not a priority with this shameful broker. Ensure you sign up with brokers who have SSL encryption on their website. This broker does not give information regarding banking procedure. Where do they bank money deposited by users? Its possible members have been depositing funds straight to owner’s personal account. Make sure to stay away from rogue brokers whose security procedure is questionable.

When it comes to segregation of accounts, this broker fails to properly account for this. TradeMaker is pooling funds in one account which is a dangerous practice by any broker. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, this broker will lose all money deposited in an instant. Investors should not expect any compensation from Trade Maker. This broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Stay clear from this broker at once.

Fake Awards.

Another disturbing feature with this platform is how they claim to have many awards. These awards include best trading app, best trading conditions and others. These are claims which cannot be verified by the broker. Problem with these awards is lack of details regarding who issued them. These awards are fake and not real; don’t believe a word from this broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal Channels.

When it comes to depositing funds with this platform, it becomes easy and fast. Depositing channels include MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin and others. A reason why depositing is easier is because scammers want everyone to deposit. Withdrawing funds is what makes this platform a scam. No member has been able to withdraw funds with this platform.

Is TradeMaker a Scam?

Without a shadow of doubt, TradeMaker is a scam to be avoided at all costs. Ensure you start trading with brokers who are certified and regulated by official regulatory institutions. Mark emails sent by this broker as Spam and never click on any links. Hackers are using these links to gain personal data from unsuspecting investors. Warn your family and friends from joining any affiliate programs associated with this broker.

Our Recommendation.

TradeMaker Scam Review

Adding this broker to our blacklist is enough to protect our readers from signing up with this broker. This is the only way to protect all parties involved from this shameless broker. Stay away from this broker and make informative decisions based on this review.

Trading tools with a good reputation will increase your chances of making money with Crypto trading. If you decide to use best and trusted Crypto trading tools, go for esteemed and honest tools. Sign up with Excellent and proven Crypto Currency trading robots at all times. This is a sure way of making money with reputable and well known tools.

Lastly, we wish all traders the best in Forex trading.

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