Tradenance T-Bot Review: is this a Scam?

Tradenance T-Bot Review: is this a Scam?

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We are reviewing a website called which offers Forex and Crypto currency trading bots called T-bot system. They claim that they are offering the world’s fastest trading bots and are the most profitable trading platform. They also tell us a brief about us story which includes the following statement: Tradenance is a Fintech based company that consists of experienced traders and professional money managers.’’

They claim that Tradenance is involved in investing in Forex, Crypto currencies, social trading, CFD, mining and Blockchain investing but is this really true? They also claim that the reason they setup this company is because they wanted to give all kinds of investors the chance to make profits even without any skill.

Tradenance is allegedly headquartered in New Zealand but have offices all over the world including Europe and Asia. They believe that they have cutting edge software in place which can trade a variety of coins which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BCH and many others to make huge profits for their investors. Tradenance claims that their T-bot generates 2.75% daily profits which would essentially mean that investors will be making over 60% in monthly returns every month. Again, the question is whether this is real and possible in the first place. The robots in question are allegedly using artificial intelligence technology in order to generate these alleged profits which are also guaranteed.

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The question is whether there is a single trading solution that is automatic and is guaranteeing returns? If that is the truth, wouldn’t it be easier to provide proof of the same? These are some of the questions that we are asking because we just can’t figure out how Tradenance and their team (if at all they operate as a team) is able to generate such massive profits for their alleged users yet they are not able to show us proof of their trading activities which would definitely serve as proof that their bots are profitable. All in all, we are viewing this trading solution as a suspicious website and we need to look at them keenly before we trust them blindly with our investment. In the meantime, you can check out these legit trading bots as the community has used them for a very long time without facing any disappointments along the way.

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Tradenance review

The sales page claims that there are over 5000 registered members on the website. In addition to this, the platform has 11 trading professionals who are responsible for overseeing the activities of this website. They have a random list of people whom they claim are in charge of the website’s operations. These include Kendrew Greg who is allegedly the CEO, Madeleine Madixson who is allegedly the co founder, Hugo Charles (Technical head) and Geogia Dominic who is allegedly an investing partner.

Now, one thing you have to realize is that even if we trace these individuals, finding them is quite difficult. In as much as they are presented as the operators of this website, they are quite mysterious and this shows that the real website owner is mysterious. So we can probably conclude that they are not being transparent with the people they target with their offer. Is this a red flag? Definitely, but let us see whether there are other reasons to believe that this is a scam.

Features of T-Bot

Automatic trading is the number one feature which makes this robot convenient for investors as claimed on the Tradenance ltd website.

They also claim that support is good and is meant for investors and partners alike. They also mention things to do with GLOBAL MEMBER, GLOBAL SPILLOVER and GLOBAL PROFIT SHARING ( GPS ) which makes us believe that there is some element of a ponzi scheme in this offer. You should treat this as a red flag because a genuine trading operation does not run like a ponzi scheme. They make all their profits from trading and not any other means.

They promise to make you a millionaire

This is yet another red flag which you need to take heed of. They state the following on their website: ”Our commitment for long term stable platform and that it is SAFE, SIMPLE AND PROFITABLE. They give the following statement and claim that this is their vision:

The way to become a billionaire is here with Tradenance. From zero to hero 1 Thousand Billioner every year is here. You need to see just how this statement is out of place and quite irrelevant including spelling errors which they have made all over their sentences. We believe that if these people were generating real profits as claimed on the sales page, they would hire someone to do the sales page instead of making an unprofessional presentation.

Should you invest with Tradenance?

We do not think that Tradenance ltd is offering a genuine trading solution based on our analysis which shows that this is possibly a ponzi scheme and not a legit trading operation. You need to consider the following in a legit trading operation:

(a) Whether there is a trading statement or proof of trading activities. A trading operation will document their progress and not guarantee profits without walking the talk.

(b) They claim to have registered over 5 k members but you need to ask yourself why this is not the most popular website out there. They would have been featured in various investment forums out there. The problem is that nobody has ever given their feedback regarding this fake trading operation.

Is this a scam?

We believe so. We believe that Tradenance cannot be relied on since they lack transparency but are expecting investors to trust them somehow. This is one characteristic of a scam.

Our best advice for you

No matter what they say on this site, you need to realize that this is just a stupid scam and not anything legit as they would want you to believe. Stay away from Tradenance because there is nothing good that can come out of this operation. You should invest in legit trading apps only.

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7 Replies to “Tradenance T-Bot Review: is this a Scam?”

  1. Your a***ysis is spot-on! My friends are now in panic mode since Sunday 14/07/2019 as the site is not opening and no w***s from admins or support staff. Thank you.

  2. I’m already getting into acceptance mode that I lost out on my all my Savings. This is how mavros also started. I’m done with online investment.

    1. Hi,

      Ask them to withdraw your funds and, if they refuse or insist on depositing more funds, you must file a chargeback with your bank or open a dispute with PayPal according to the payment method, then report the case to the local police.

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