Tradenet Review: Is Tradenet and its Funded Account Programs REAL?

Tradenet Review: Is Tradenet and its Funded Account Programs REAL?

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Some social media users have been blasting and trolling Meir Barak of Tradenet because he said in one of his videos that he makes $2,440 in 12 minutes.

It is not clear whether these folks have used this service before, and thus it’s counter-productive to take part in these arguments when the truth has not been revealed yet.

What’s more, Meir Barak did not just make claims which can’t be substantiated. You will see proof of profit later on.

Also, in a typical scenario where an investor trades a live account worth $100,000 or more, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make 2.5% on a single trade.

In fact, this can take minutes if they’re scalping with 5 to 10 pips take profit target. It’s an achievable goal depending on your account balance, trading strategy and the volume of trades you are taking.

What is Tradenet by the way?

Tradenet is a trading educational company whose mission is to help novice and under-funded traders succeed in stock trading.

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You can also think of it as a prop-trading firm that gives everyone an equal chance to trade the stock markets even if they don’t have deep pockets yet.

It’s quite easy to get discouraged if you are an under-funded trader. In fact, one reason why traders lose money is because they are operating with an account that has limited funds.

This denies the trader the chance to capitalize on obvious trade setups which often return a huge profit if taken advantage of.

To start with, Tradenet is a well-respected firm. They’ve been around for quite some time, thanks to their carefully-laid business model which allows both the trader and firm to make money.

They train you, give you the means to trade and mentor you throughout the stages.

Note: You can now participate in their demo challenge here. 

star trader course tradenet
Beginner courses for those who want to learn in a self-paced environment
tradenet review topics covered
A complete coverage of all topics before trading a live account can begin

They have a number of packages that suit every trader depending on their level of experience and financial capacity.

Tradenet mainly runs a live interactive trading room where Meir Barak is the lead mentor. He is of course accompanied by other professional traders who have equally massive experience in this field.

Now, what should you expect from these live trading rooms? First of all, most trading rooms will link you up with other traders around the world.

It’s like a digital classroom, but with students coming from different parts of the world (since Tradenet appeals to traders of all walks of life). They show up in their hundreds every time a session is being help.

Secondly, Tradenet has made it possible for users to copy other professional day traders’ activities in these trading rooms. This is not like any other live day trading room you’ve seen on the internet.

It’s the reason Tradenet is giving a 14-day trial offer to those who want to test it out. They are literally putting their money where their mouths are.

Overview of Tradenet’s STUDENT PROGRAM

This feature is the main focus of this article. And by the time you’re reading this review to the end, you will appreciate the fact that you came here, learned and made the decision to use their student’s program.

First off, the name suggests that this is a student program where people from all walks of life come to learn and get funded to trade.

While the idea behind prop trading firms is never welcomed by some traders due to the fact that it is associated with scams, this is not always the case when you work with the right people. You are not actually being short-changed because you stand to benefit from this program.

Here’s the deal that they are making with you:

Basically, Tradenet wants to teach you how to trade stocks successfully. They mainly deal with stock trading by the way.

And by this time, you should probably wonder why Tradenet is so concerned, and even offering to help you succeed with a funded account.

Well, the answer is simple. If you live in some jurisdictions like the US, you probably know that brokers in this part of the world do have a high minimum investment requirements.

In fact, it’s not unusual for a stock broker operating in the United States to set their minimum investment at 20k or more. Not every trader or potential investor can afford those amounts.

Secondly, the greater the amount of money you start with, the better your chances of success if you’re being mentored by the right persons.

tradenet account statement profit
You can get these results too when you join Tradenet

This pretty sums up the reason why Tradenet wants to enter into an agreement with you through their practical business model, which allows you to get between 70-85% of the profits you make.

Perhaps it would take some basic math to get a clear perspective of what you would earn with this firm. For example, if you make a profit of $3,000 (which is a realistic target because you’re trading with a sufficiently funded account), you would bank $2,550. And the least you could make out of this amount is $2,100. This is after Tradenet takes their share.

With that said, it’s important to note that Tradenet will still require you to enroll into their student program. In fact, this is the backbone of the business model.






As you can see from the screenshots above, this program has been broken down into different packages which allows traders to invest in their education accordingly. Some screenshots of a typical class session can be seen below.

tradenet scam
Training in progress
tradenet reviews
Training material available 24/7

tradenet training and demonstration

Moreover, you can see that investing in Tradenet is by no means a cheap endeavor.

The most affordable package goes for $500(a one time payment). It’s a starter package that makes you eligible to apply for a live account, a self-study course, a trading book, a trading room, a live trading account valued at 14k (with $700 maximum loss insured), and of course a demo account to test what you’ve learned.

It’s good because other than insuring your trades, you are also being given a live account with 14k to trade. On top of that, Tradenet is also making sure that you are being coached accordingly to help you realize your goal in the shortest time possible.

On a side note, we have also realized that most customers who use Tradenet services opt for the Student or Expert package because these two programs come with more features compared to the tradenet starter pack.

For example, if you’re trading with a live account worth $160k, you are obviously having an edge over someone who is trading with an account balance of 14k. The difference between you and the other trader is that you will open fewer trades and still make a killing compared to this guy who has to open more positions to catch up.

Generally, you have an edge with the most expensive package here.

As you can see, Tradenet is also extending the period of time that you will remain subscribed to the offer.

Honestly, what more do you need to succeed in trading stocks?

In fact, Meir Barak states that the longer you take your time with these courses, the more you gain experience and become proficient in trading.

It should be noted that unlike traders who first go through paper trading as they navigate their way through the tedious learning curve, Tradenet is significantly shortening this time to save you from the rat race.

Also, in the course of investigating Tradenet’s offers, we came across traders who transitioned to a live account in a matter of 14 days or less.

Screenshots of their account statements can be seen below:

tradenet evidence of profit

monthly statement for tradenet users
Monthly statement from one Tradenet user

This is outstanding considering that rookie traders often take too much time practicing, and worse still, they never get to the level where they can consistently profit from their trading activities. It’s the reason why statistics keep saying that only 6% make the cut. .

Actually, this author was citing the same issues that make traders unsuccessful in this business. Now, if you look at what Tradenet is offering in terms of mentoring their students, you realize that the firm is taking some proactive approach while addressing the very problems that keep those stats where they currently are. You need a good game plan, don’t you?

Is Tradenet legit?

We’ve tested the student program under the 14-day trial offer and found it to be great. The returns are worth it. And yes, it is a legitimate way of making lots of money.

Meir Barak trading technique

Meir Barak focuses on a hands-on approach to trading as opposed to automated trading. He and his team offer a vast array of training materials to make students proficient. There is more than just trading with robots.

Tradenet trading?

The coaching experience is smooth and very informative. Students usually get the hang of it in a matter of 14 days or less. It’s the best training you can ever get in the stock market niche.

Meir Barak strategy

He uses a lot of trading strategies which you will be shown in the trading room. There’s no point in listing them all as it would take a whole article to do so.

 Meir Barak day trader

Of course he is a renowned and successful day-trader. Some people find him controversial just because they don’t understand his strategies. Take his 14-day trial offer and make your own judgement.

Is Meir Barak Legit?

Of course he is. His track record speaks for him. Again, you have to let him give you the ultimate coaching experience so you can be sure that he is legit.

Meir Barak book

He’s published a number of books on stock trading. He is the author of Market Whisperer: A New Approach to Stock Trading.

Training materials

If you’re new to the concept of stock trading, Tradenet offers you a series of training videos and interactive tools to jump-start your career (as seen in the screenshots above). These learning materials are available 24/7.

Once you get the hang of things, you will be introduced to Star Trader course. This is where rookie and seasoned traders learn to do it like Wallstreet professionals.

Finally, as things progress, you will be introduced to Top Trader course where you’ll get behind the scenes in the world of stock trading. Ultimately, you will gain both the theoretical and practical approach to trading.

tradenet scam
What you will get for only $500

Proof of Profit

We sacrificed our time to investigate this firm to ascertain the truth in their claims? You know scams don’t have a track record, and they are defensive about it. But with Tradenet, it’s different. We even asked for proof of profit from Tradenet. They cooperated.

tradenet proof of profit
Screenshot showing how Tradenet account managers have been performing

Also, over the last 2 months, we have been working directly with Meir Barak. Thankfully, he has been cooperating with us throughout the investigative phases of this operation. It was a surprise because most prop trading firms simply snub us when we start asking the hard questions.

For example, when we request for broker statements or a track record of trading success, a typical answer would sound like this….. ”I never show my financial statements to my wife, so why would I give it to your readers?”

Thumbs up to Meir Barak of Tradenet!

Here are 2 screenshots (in addition to the ones we’ve provided) that were sent to our inbox when we requested for evidence in support of the claims made by Tradenet website.

tradenet profit statement1
Enlarge image to see details

tradenet review

As you can see, this guy really means what he says. There is no way these students could have registered a profit if the program they bought was fraudulent.

So far, Meir Barak has been doing a good job as far as this tradenet investment opportunity is concerned. No complaints at all.

Other features that we have not mentioned

Before we end this Tradenet review, we’d like to mention a few important things:

1) A full refund is also available in the event that you’re not satisfied. This should motivate you, just in case you thought joining them is a risky affair.

14 Day Free Trial Tradenet

2) All program packages at Tradenet offer a live TEFS sub-account alongside a demo practice sub-account which must be traded to test your skills before transitioning to a live account. Broker fees apply just in the same way a trader would incur those fees if he traded with any other broker.

3) The Tradenet education program can expire depending on the package you chose. But this does not mean that you will be denied access to your TEFS funded account. Also, students have the freedom to retake courses without paying a dime. That’s the good news.

Our best advice

A lengthy review like this one is quite unusual. However, we felt that it was necessary to spread the word for the benefit of our readers and those who depend on us for such updates. Are you ready? Start now and get funded. Also, remember to take advantage of their demo challenge here especially if you feel confident enough in your trading.

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19 Replies to “Tradenet Review: Is Tradenet and its Funded Account Programs REAL?”

  1. Thank you for the review. I have been waiting a while for this. someone has identified this website as, and I quote “an expensive scam”.

    1. Hi Nisha,

      Well, we initially thought it was until we tested it ourselves. They really mean business at Tradenet and willing to help every trader succeed even if they knew nothing about Stock trading. You can check it yourself. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Has anyone actually withdrawn any money from their Tradenet account after making decent profit? I’ve seen many people praise this program, and many people using it, but no one has withdrawn any of their money to see how easy/difficult that may be, and it makes me uncomfortable to test out this program. I don’t want to spend all that time and money thinking I’m making money and then when I go to withdraw, be told that I can’t for some reason. I just don’t understand why all these people who have used Tradenet and say they’ve made a lot of money and promote this program like crazy haven’t withdrawn a dime. It seems sketchy to me.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      First off, thanks for your comment. I want to a**ure you that Tradenet is not a scam like many other trading schools out there. We thoroughly investigated them before publishing this review about them including depositing a reasonable amount of funds with them while pretending to be a normal customer, went through their learning curve and when we’ve made some profits, we withdrew the funds without any issues. There’s no reason to think they’re scam when they’ve got teams of dedicated people who are always trying and willing to help even the most beginner of beginners.

  3. Hi,
    I did test tradenet program and they are 100% legit. I made profit in one month and i got my 75% return (student package). I’m a Canadian trading from Canada and confirming that Tradenet is more than just an opportunity IT IS “THE” Opportunity to try the stock market

  4. Kindly help… I am interested in tradenet, however, the stock trading trading issue… I want the forex market. Is there any broker who fund account after training in forex market?

    1. To the best of our knowledge, we don’t think there’s any at the moment. However, we’ll keep searching for such and update the website when we find them.

  5. H***o i am from india can i elgible to trade under TRADENET.if i made any profit from it do they transfer money to traders from far countries without any problems?

    1. This is how it works. Yes trading CFDs is illegal in the US, however Tradenet circumnavigates that. You are basically working as a foreign worker for the investment company TEFS. So you aren’t doing anything illegal.

  6. I’d like to start taking the Tradenet student course but I don’t like the stock markets at all.I want learn more on the Forex market,binary or cryptocurrency.I’ve seen some ads about Tradenet training students on these courses as well.However,if I do the stock market trading then I’ll soon move to Forex ‘cos it’s much easier than the stock market.Trading CFD is illegal in the States but trading Forex or cryptocurrencies don’t seem to be so far as many exchangers work within the United States.
    If anybody is interested in trading I’d suggest tradenet as they’re regulated and are located in the States as well.

  7. Im from NewZealand and want to know how withdrawls work? Is it through a brokerage, if so whats the fee? or does it go straight into my bank? Thank you

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