TradeontheFly Review: Scam Trading Room?

TradeontheFly Review: Scam Trading Room?

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In this review of the Tradeonthefly, we look at Michele Koenig, a slick marketer who is skilled at harnessing a combination of marketing platforms like and Twitter to sell thousands of dollars worth of trading education, recommendations and chart room access.

In 2013, Michele Koenig of Trade on the Fly claimed to have generated a massive profit of $545,000, which was ”verified” at

Michele also claims to have graduated from the Montana State University with a degree in Finance. That’s quite impressive considering that Michele of Trade on the Fly can now transfer her theories into the financial charts to make the kind of astronomical profits we see on her website. These returns will definitely impress even the people who work on the biggest trading floors in the world.

The owner of Trade on the Fly maintains this Twitter page, where she actively posts trade commentaries with an advisory on her profile that her trade commentaries are not calls to buy or sell security.

Tradeonthefly website offers a wide range of products and subscription services which cost a quarterly or annual fee of between $395 and $1495.

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For $1495, investors get access to Michele’s training DVDs in addition to 1 year of subscription. For $997, she will teach you the basics of swing trading, technical analysis, Bullish and Bearish patterns including giving access to her private Twitter feed.

Last but not least, for $1250 annually, you get 2-3 ”scans” per week, a ”trade ledger” for entries and exits, live chat access, private Twitter feed and monthly webinar.

When you purchase a training DVD or any product from Tradeonthefly, you get no refunds in case you want it. You can read that warning at the footer of the website.

If you would like to make money as a Forex trader, you should check out this page and find the best products for automated trading. 

Tradeonthefly Review – the ”tamper-proof millions

Michele Koenig works closely with and The aim? To effectively convince naive investors using her ”tamper-proof” millions which she allegedly gained from trading in 2013.

By the way, there is a very big gap between 2001 when Michele of Trade on the Fly claimed to have started trading and the time she posted her ”trading results” on in 2013. This gap is unaccounted for, which either means that Michele was not profitable or was not trading at all until 2013.

Investors Underground is owned and operated by Nathan Michaud. This is a stock day trading room which offers live trading recommendations for a monthly charge of $197.

Michele Koenig moderates the swing chart on, which is run by a slippery investment hustler, a stock promoter who has figured out how to turn a pump and dump stock business into a worthless DVD and trade advisory platform.

When we look at the profit curve there, they seem impressive. We are tempted to think that we too can become a millionaire in a couple of years.

Since all of the trades have been purportedly verified by and, why shouldn’t we just quit my day job and sign up for any one of the subscription plans offered at Trade on the fly?

This begs the question of, is real?

Is it true that we can become a millionaire just like Michele when we take trading education and buy the coveted DVD at Tradeonthefly?

Very well folks. Trade on the fly is only using to gain marketing mileage. It is like a viper’s den where con artists submit fake trading info.

That one can simply game the system to become the top 10 best traders in the world is regrettable. It is to say that and any of the purported trading educators associated with it are totally illegitimate.

You simply create two demo accounts on any of the 30+ brokers listed on and run those accounts. Definitely you’re going to pick one trading instrument where you buy on one demo account and sell on the other.

The net effect is that one account will definitely show gains while the other a loss.

If you want to convince Trade on the fly investors, simply upload your profits every day on and after a short duration, anyone staring at your trading performance will think that you are a stellar trader. They will say, ”Wow, you are a great trader.”

Trade on the fly scam!

There isn’t much on the Trade on the fly website other than a brief background of Michele as a mother and trader ”since 2001”.

We cannot verify her trading records between 2001 and 2013 because even the website where tradeonthefly is hosted at was created in 2012. Why not 2001 or shortly after?

We get the idea that tradeonthefly teaches students technical analysis and how it can be used in swing trading. This is not a new thing at all.

Swing trading is a sound trading strategy if you have the technique required to execute entries and exits. But I am not sure whether Michele really makes her ”millions” from trading.

The reason why we are uncertain is because there are no verified trading results to support her affirmations concerning the profits she makes.

Our best advice for you

Is it true that we can become a millionaire just like Michele when we take trading education and buy the coveted DVD at Tradeonthefly?

Very well folks. Trade on the fly is only using to gain marketing mileage. It is like a viper’s den where con artists submit fake trading info. Then they get exposure and hence more victims to scam money out of.

We don’t know whether or not it’s appropriate to say this. It is easier to shut our mouth and keep naive people stupid but somehow a part of us will always remind us ”To hell with it, we will expose!”. So we keep writing about Trade on the fly and similar other dubious services that have refused to go away.

Instead of losing money to these websites, isn’t it sensible enough to just get an affordable and proper trading tool?

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