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Trade Option Pro is another scam investment company that promises users high returns. They have a mysterious method that limits risk in their several investment plans. The platform is another pyramid scheme with bogus claims.

The company state that they are professional fund managers that will guide you in attaining your financial goals. Unfortunately, they have numerous red flags and do not create confidence with their clients.

The platform has five investment plans. The least amount of money that you invest is $500. The initial capital is by far expensive. Most traders will not be able to raise funds. Trade Option Pro assures traders that the amount will be quadruple into vast profits. The daily returns that you will receive are 300%.

That does not even seem logical. It is absurd, and even the competitors of this platform are not offering anything close to this. You should be very cautious and learn how to spot the red flags because when you do, there is no way you will be a target.

The pyramid scheme welcomes both newbies and expert traders to join them. However, we all know that no expert investors would risk their money trusting such a shady company. Their deal is too good to be true and always venture with legit  crypto trading companies they will give you real time earnings and can never steal from you.

Trade Option Pro Review

Trade Option Pro is a platform that claims they offer trading services in Forex, digital currencies, and Binary options. Binary Option is very risking to trade, and you may lose all your money in a matter of seconds. For this reason, trading this asset has been banned in various countries.

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The company is not transparent with their clients. The ownership information is missing from their website. If anyone can offer such mind-blowing returns, we do not see the reason why they would hide behind the scene.

For credibility purposes, the founder should publish his bio and the team of experts that he claims to be working with. You have the right to know the qualification of the people you entrust with your funds. Review, Platform

Trade Option Pro is being run by professional con artists who are playing with the psychology of investors. They offer deals that they know typical naïve traders would fall for. It is currently unknown the trading condition of this firm. There are many loopholes in their business model.

However, we highly doubt there are investment services taking place in the company. They are using an undisclosed trading strategy that enables them to offer ridiculous returns.

How Does Trade Option Pro Works?

The data the platform avail in their web page is marketing information. Apart from telling the assets that they trade, we do not know anything else. The company does not show how they can attain returns of 300% for its traders.

The company only feature information indicating how cryptos and Forex asset are profitable. They additionally claim that they are using the knowledge of expert traders in financial markets to obtain absurd rewards. We do not know the drawdown or win rates of this firm.

They claim they are dealing with Forex trading, yet they don’t show the currency pair client can trade. Information on leverage and spread is additionally meaning. The red flag does not end here. The majority of traders are not satisfied with their services.

Unfortunately, such kinds of returns cannot be attained by using trading software leave alone human resources. It is true that the assets they are offering are profitable but do not think that you will become rich overnight without putting any effort.

The company is not famous in the market. They have not yet gained any reputation, and this raises even more questions about how come investors are not flocking at their website to gain from this life plan.

We did not find any proof of payment that Trade Option Pro has disbursed to their clients. You will not get any profits as they have not availed evidence to gain traders’ trust.

It is uncertain how they trade, or how they manage to control the risks that come along with the assets they are trading. There is not even a single accomplishment that they have published on their website. If their claims are true, then various news platforms would have featured them; additionally, they would have received numerous awards. Sadly, this is not the case.

Deposit and Withdrawal

If you deposit funds amounting to $500 Trade Option Pro, guarantee that you will receive earnings of $1500 daily. The returns are mind-blowing but to good to be true. For starters, the market does not work like that, even in the traditional market, you will have to put in the effort and have patience.

You cannot become a billionaire in a matter of a few months. Considering they don’t disclose how they plan to achieve, investors should not waste their funds or resources in this Pyramid scheme. If you do the math, it does not sum up.

Even the top trading companies in the universe, they don’t offer half of what Trade Option Pro is offering. That how crazy it is, and abnormal. The company does not avail of information on the method available to cash in funds.

Venturing with a company that does not have terms and conditions, they can take advantage of you by imposing hidden charges to you. Regardless of the money they ask is way too high. Risking such an amount with the anonymous platform is unwise.

They do not also disclose the time it takes to handle your withdrawal requests. It is important to note that your funds are not safe in this firm as they scammer behind its operation does not segregate funds.

Contact Details and Regulation

Trade Option Pro is allegedly based in Los Angeles, US. The even avail USA phone number on their website that clients can use to reach them. Sadly, they do not show the specific area their website is situated.

Since we cannot pinpoint their geographical address, we take it that this being a Ponzi scheme, they will say anything to gain your trust. The majority of platforms like this one use the random area to appear as legit entities.

Trade Option Pro is just another online venture that does not even have offices. The company is not registered or regulated by any regulatory body in the market. The platform claim that they are from the USA. Lest we forget to mention or you missed it, the United States has very strict measures when it comes to investment companies.

The country is doing everything possible to protect their citizens from scammers. NFA does not regulate this Ponzi scheme, and they should be put behind bars. To protect yourself, avoid venturing with them.

Final Verdict

Trade Option Pro is a pyramid scheme that is destined to fail when they are exposed or after they do not get any revenue from their dealings. The business details of the firm are missing; they are selling nothing. We also did encounter positive reviews insinuating the firm is legit; these are paid promoters discredit their claims.

They only want to get hold of your money and disappear in the thin air. There is better cryptocurrency trading software that you can use to get a reasonable amount of returns. Vagueness and false information surround Trade Option Pro.

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2 Replies to “ Review: Trade Option Pro is a Scam”

  1. Yes, I was scammed by Trading Options Pro just recently and the broker who arranged it, “Vicki Morgan” disappeared after I paid the taxes on a trade. Never got paid.

  2. Well I’m confused with all that I just read, because I actually received my profits trading with a trader called Maddison holberg. And she uses trading options pro

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