Trader Clube Review: Bane Forex Scam

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Trader Clube Review: Bane Forex Scam

Trader Clube ( is another rotten Binary Options, CFDs, Crypto Currency, and Forex scam platform. TraderClube is purporting to be an intelligent business platform for investors to sign up. Before jumping and opening an account with this platform, there are a few things worth mentioning. We received countless email complaints from members of this rogue platform. It turns out this broker is a scam. Read our detailed TRADER CUBE Review.

Trader Clube Review

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Trader Clube Review

After receiving numerous email complaints, we knew trouble was brewing at this platform. Members are crying foul after having their withdrawal requests cancelled. It would seem these scam artists are openly enticing users to deposit funds and refuse to allow withdrawals. Traits of a scam artist are what are being portrayed by this platform. Stay away from trouble and resist any calls to sign up with this broker. As it turns out, Trader Clube is another crude online investment scam platform.

Another shocking detail we found with this broker is how they have hide vital information. Looking at their homepage, there is not a single clue of what these scam artists offer. Only thing worth mentioning is having a background of what seems to be a marketing board. Scam artists are known to create visually compelling websites which entice newbie traders. To keep our users safe, we will be exposing the dirty tricks used by these scam artists. Get to know them in order to avoid such tricks.

About Trader Clube

What is clear with this broker is lack of proper details regarding their actual whereabouts. Disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows we are dealing with a broker based in Belize. Apart from posting this location, we have no proof this is their actual base of operation. Contact page simply users an email as a way of communicating with them. And this is concrete proof we are dealing with an unlicensed entity. Make sure to stay away from such platforms and choose industry recommended products.

Anonymity is a scammer’s best friend as it allows them to steal from users without being traced. And this is a good reason why the platform lacks any vital information regarding the founding members. No one knows the real names of people operating this platform. And this is a clear indication we are dealing with an anonymous entity. Claims of being located in Belize are proof we are dealing with offshore brokers. Offshore brokers are notorious for breaking regulations and rules.

Is Trader Clube licensed or regulated?

Being an offshore broker, we are sure Trader Clube is not a licensed or registered trading entity. To back up our claim, we contacted various international regulatory bodies. Some of the institutions we contacted include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, ESMA, FCA, NFA, and SEC. All these bodies have never licensed or registered this broker. It means whoever signs up with TraderClube is trading with an unauthorized entity. Recovering funds from such entities is next to impossible.

Proof of their license status should be on their website. And this is yet another red flag we must raise for investors to know. A real broker will post details of their license and registration for all to see. And this is a good reason why we mark TraderClube as a potential threat to online trading. Disclaimer at the footer of their homepage lacks any details regarding their licensing. Entire website also lacks any copies of their licensing status which cements the fact, they are a scam.

Features of Trader Clube/ Advantages

Looking at their entire website, it is clear these scam artists did not think it through. Apart from a few indications of being a broker, the website lacks credibility. Once you land on this platform, it becomes harder to know what trading instruments to use. Lack of proper information makes their platform far from being user-friendly. And this and other features which makes trading with this platform a risk. Stay away from this platform as it only screams scam from a mile away. A warning has been passed to investors.

Disadvantages of Trader Clube

Account Details

Trader Clube Account Details

As we said earlier, this platform lacks any credibility of being a real online trading platform. With no evidence of having any accounts to offer, we are sure Trader Clube is a scam. As expert traders, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Without a trading account, what does an investor use to trade? Information is vital in any trading market and this is what makes us doubt the intent of this platform.

Demo Account

Another huge problem with this platform is lack of a demo account. A demo account is vital as it gives newbie traders a feel of what to expect. Trader Clube is creating a situation where investors sign up without having an idea of the terms and conditions. A good broker will give users a chance to get to know the leverage and spreads used. Without such clarity, investors are simply going in blind without proper information.

Fake claims

Scrolling down Trader Clube, you can see they have posted their trader numbers. Apparently, this platform has over 35,000 accounts and 26,000 members. Remember they have not posted any details regarding their instruments or account types. Scam artists will at times post bloated numbers to make their platforms appear legit. And this is proof we are dealing with a rogue platform with no direction.

Unknown platform

Which platform members are using still remains a mystery. Are they using MT4, MT5, SIRIX, and XStation? Before opening an account, it is good to know which platform to use. Credible platforms such as MT4 and MT5 are stable and have top notch indicators. Lack of proper details regarding their trading platform is another reason we have doubt. Another move made by scammers to blindside investors.

Are funds safe with Trader Clube?

After checking their entire website, one thing is clear, security is not their concern. Segregation of accounts is not happening as users are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. Dealing with such a broker will only lead to investors being at risk of being hacked.

Is Trader Clube legit or a scam?

Evidence clearly point to Trader Clube being a scam. Lack of proper license and having no relevant information is proof we are dealing with a crook platform. Best thing is to stay away and ignore all their calls to sign up. Mark all their emails as Spam and warn your family and friends form joining any of their affiliate programs.


Trader Clube Trading Platform

To protect our readers, we will be adding Trader Clube to our scam blacklist. And this is a way of ensuring investors know what they are getting into with this platform.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.

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