TradersHome Review: Trashy Forex Broker Scam Exposed.

TradersHome Review: Trashy Forex Broker Scam Exposed.

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TradersHome ( is a CFD and Forex brokerage firm from St Vincent and the Grenadines. An offshore broker is bad news for any investor simply because they don’t follow any rules and regulations set. Sadly, we found a lot of lies used in this trading platform. Exposing these lies will help paint a clearer picture if what TradersHome is all about. Read this detailed and honest review and know the truth.

TradersHome Review

TradersHome Review:

According to the website, Traders Home is the largest market in the world. Investors are urged to sign up and trade with more than $5 trillion in trading volume. All these sounds good and true right? Folks, don’t be swayed by the simple industry jargon used by these scammers. Here, we will produce concrete evidence showing that TradersHome is nothing but a scam. No stoned will be left turned.

Problem we have with TradersHome is the lack of truthfulness in their transactions. No one can really point out the facts that this is a true and legitimate platform. All we found during our investigation are negative feedback and comments. It shows that we are dealing with a seasoned professional scam outfit. Below, we will reveal all the dirty tricks used by these fraudsters. Find out how by reading the whole review.

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Fake Bitcoin Calculator.

One of the very first red flags we noticed with TradersHome is their Bitcoin calculator. According to the website, users are expected to have data updated in fifteen minutes. Folks their calculator is rigged and there’s no way any data is updated. Also, notice that their auto chart program does not change even a single bit. Does this mean that their prices remain constant all the time?

One way of exposing the trickery used is by getting to know what these scammers go for. Truth be told, no one can realize that the auto chart prices don’t change. Scammers don’t want you to look at some of these minor details. It’s a sure way of exposing fraud brokerage firms such as Traders Home. Why don’t they have market prices that change? It’s because they are scammers preying on you.

Fake TradersHome Platforms.

TradersHome Scam

According to the website, tradershome has a MetaTrader5 platform. Problem with their platform is that they claim anyone can easily download it. We tried downloading the platform with various devices. One of the main problems we faced was slow download process. How can they expect us to download a platform for more than two hours? Worse still, download stalled at 85%.

Various devices cannot be used to trade with TradersHome, we have proved this. It means that their trading platform is unsecured and unstable. Newbie hackers can easily gain access into this platform and manipulate trades. No one can be expected to sign up with such a bogus platform. It’s only scammers who can come up with an unstable platform and ask investors to sign up with them.

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TradersHome Trading Accounts.

TradersHome offers users three types of trading accounts. Student account, starter account, and premium account. Student account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. It’s a normal and industry acceptable minimum deposit. It’s what these scammers are going for, they want you to believe they are real brokers. Once you deposit with them, it’s the last you will hear from them.

Starter account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $2500. What we found funny is that they are promised 24/7 trading. It means that you will trade during the holidays which is a total lie. All markets are closed during the weekends and we wonder what TradersHome is trading with. It simply does not make any sense. Premium account holders are required to make a deposit of $10,000.

Is Safety of Funds Guaranteed with TradersHome?

No, safety of funds is not guaranteed with Traders Home. Segregation of accounts is not followed and it leads us to believe users are at risk. In case of insolvency or bankruptcy, members will not be compensated. As a matter of fact, when depositing, you maybe depositing to scammers personal bank account. Yes, now you know why we believe this to be a total scam that must be shunned.

Segregation of funds is a thing of the past especially to offshore brokers. It makes it a very nasty business when dealing with these types of brokers. No rules are followed which means no compensatory schemes are followed. It surely means that depositing with TradersHome is at your own risk. No one can be of any assistance if you lose all your money with this unregulated crypto and Forex broker.

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Who Owns TradersHome?

TradersHome Fake Review

No one actually knows who owns this trading brokerage house, which is a big problem. Legitimate brokerage firms have known owners who can easily be contacted. With TradersHome, we cannot know who fully owns it. It becomes a huge problem since members could be depositing money to terror group accounts. Always look for genuine brokerage firms where owners can be contacted.

Offshore brokers are notorious for opening brokerage houses and closing them without warning. That’s why we believe signing up with Traders Home is a real risky venture that should be avoided. No company has come to claim ownership of this platform. As we said earlier, anonymity is what scammers are known for. Never sign up with a broker you know nothing about.

Is TradersHome Registered?

No, this platform is not registered making it even more dangerous than we previously thought. A thorough check was done with the FCA and CySEC. None of these regulatory bodies have registered this brokerage house. It officially means that we are dealing with a broker who is not registered as well as not regulated.

Is TradersHome a Scam?

Yes, TradersHome is a scam that’s pouncing on unsuspecting futures investors. Best thing to do is to stay away from it completely. Ignore all incoming messages and emails urging you to sign up. These links could easily be used to steal your identity and used in credit card theft. Best thing is to never click on any promotional material promoting this brokerage firm.

TradersHome Final Verdict.

TradersHome Scam Review

Our final verdict will remain strong, this is a scam. All we have to do next is blacklist TradersHome for the scam brokerage firm it stands for. We ask that no one should sign up with this broker unless they want to lose money.

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  1. truffatori a tutti gli effetti i hanno chiesto un deposito a fronte di 26.000 € guadagnati sul trading, mai riuscito a fare un prelievo…. statene alla larga. SONO ANCHE SEGNALATI DALLA CONSOB E CONTINUANO AD OPERARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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