Trading 123 Autotrader Review: Is Scam?

Trading 123 Autotrader Review: Is Scam?

The popularity of automated trading systems like Trading 123 ( is the reason why many traders are suffering in the hands of Forex scammers.

Unscrupulous financial predators are working tirelessly round the clock to introduce scams in the trading community on a daily basis.

Some of these trading systems (like Trading 123) are even downloaded for free, then repackaged and sold by a seemingly well-developed website.

This is done in the spirit of impunity because these criminals keep raking in lots of money right under the noses of authorities.

We are at it again. Ninja Trader ecosystem is promoting unscrupulous software vendors who sell their products by praising them and giving absolutely no proof of performance.

We have also learned that a certain individual by the name Patrick Moore is an alleged investment guru who has also been peddling all manner of ridiculous Forex products on the internet.

Among the products he sells include a live trading room that has never reported any losses since it was introduced. And most recently, this man has another ”trading system” which he claims can make you monthly profits of between 40K-50K on autopilot.

One of his aids who does the promotion for him, Ron Popeil, says that we only need to set up Trading 123, and then forget it because this trading system worth $3,995 is so powerful that it is able to win all trades except one in a yAutotraderr.

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Moreover, this charlatan has found favor in the eyes of Ninja Trader, and they are even promoting him as a certified educational provider on matters related to Forex and stock investments. Autotraderoverview: Unmasking the dirt is marketed as an automated futures trading system. It seems that Trading 123 is somehow affiliated with Ninja Trader brokerage, hence the support in terms of 123

Trading 123 is owned by a man called Patrick Moore. According to him, Trading123 system is more efficient than a human trader.

The Autotrader goes for the price of $3,995, and is exclusively available on the Ninja Trader ecosystem, not anywhere else.

Besides paying the cost of the product, Ninja Trader demands that every new client should pay $999 to obtain a license when joining the brokerage.

Trading123 has been doing business on the internet since 2004. What business? You ask.

Well, they’ve been selling ”trading solutions” to those who struggle with Forex trading. We have no idea why Trading 123 has remained afloat all this while even though it’s very clear that the website is selling a fraudulent product.

Performance record for Trading 123 ( system

This automated trading system is regarded highly by its owner. They employ an aggressive marketing approach which seems to insinuate that the system has never lost any one trade.

We reviewed their website thoroughly, and discovered that Trading123 had several web pages with published ”results” on the same.

These results are pretty amazing because they are the actual thing that most traders are dying to see. This is a perfect trap, don’t you think?

So far, the website has an ”outstanding” record of performance metrics. You will never believe your eyes when you begin to investigate this website.

The man is also active on social media. We tracked his YouTube profile and realized that all videos which were being posted there only showed profits rolling in.

As a matter of fact, we never found any video portraying a loss out of using this trading system.

What about his twitter feed? Same story. We started tracking this page on May 2017.

The ”system” made him $48,830 in the Month of May. There was only one losing trade which recorded a loss of $280.

Between June 1st and June 12th, this man claims to have made $23,495 with no loss for the period.

This is like saying that this system has a win rate of 99%. Sadly, it’s not true that this man made such profits.

It’s all meant to give you false hope so that you can folk out the $3,995 bill.

Complaints and inquiries

A few people have since submitted complaints of ”fancy trades” as well as the inability of that system to generate profits that are consistent with what people are seeing on the website’s Twitter feed.

The first complaint worth mentioning here is that the system enters and exits trades in real time and as efficiently as possible. This happens on a simulated account.

However, when we switch to a live trading environment, the system becomes sloppy and non-profitable compared to its performance on the simulated environment.

Generally, the Ninja Platform is often blamed for the same problem that we are highlighting here.

Delayed execution is a big problem to traders and especially those who scalp or depend on price precision to enter and exit trades accordingly.

Getting Patrick Moore to comment on the matter

Due to user complaints that were quickly mounting against the Trading 123 Autotrader, we felt that it was necessary to reach out to the owner of this trading system.

Of course we didn’t expect feedback from him. You don’t expect dishonest people to reply to your emails when probing them anyway.

It forced us to use an alias email address and masquerading as a novice looking to buy Trading 123 scam.

Suddenly, this man warmed up to our email. It appears that Patrick is always willing to respond to ”newbies” sending him emails, not any other person.

Of course he had to respond because he knew money was coming to his pocket.

But things changed so fast when he detected that we were somehow probing him rather then showing direct interest on his product.

All of a sudden, Patrick begun acting like a caged tiger than has been poked by a stick..

He appeared quite agitated and defensive because we were entering his territory and denying him his daily bread.

When asked if his trades could be verified, he answered that all his trades were live and real.

However, when we pressed on to demand some sort of an account statement, the man told us that we should go and f**k ourselves.

This did not discourage us though. So we asked for his comment on the alleged performance discrepancies that users were complaining about.

Guess what, we rattled the snake this time round, and it was very clear that ”Mr. Patrick” was not willing to take anymore of our questions.

He claimed that these users were nothing but idiots and morons. Now look, here is a guy who just described his premium clients (who folk out $3,995) as idiots and morons.

Honestly, we were dealing with a borderline psychopath since Patrick was not able to answer the simplest questions regarding his Trading 123 system or even how Trading 123 works.

Wrapping up things, Patrick concluded the conversation with a veiled threat that he used to be a private investigator, and that he has the skill to find anyone.

Were we criminals? No. Then why was Patrick intending to find us? Because we had investigated his fraudulent Trading 123 product and were demanding a straight forward answer in terms of evidence.

Our Best Advice for You

We don’t know why Ninja Trader and Trading 123 ( keeps promoting charlatans on the internet.

This guy clearly does not have any concern about legitimate issues raised by his customers.

How else can we describe him? Phony, fake or probably a fraud? He is somewhere in between those words. The bottom line is that you should go ahead and use our recommended Autotraders and mentoring resources instead of wasting money on fraudulent products like Trading 123.


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