Trading Everyday Scam – A Review of A Double-Dealing Trading Room

Trading Everyday Scam – A Review of A Double-Dealing Trading Room

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Trading Everyday is a website or a mysterious company that offers a smorgasbord of all kinds of trading products.

If you want to trade stocks, futures, options, Forex or commodities, no problem. Trading Everyday will ‘give’ you a solution for that.

The owner or administrator of this website continues to remain incognito. It is therefore difficult to establish who owns this sham, although their true intentions should be obvious.

With such a shit-show of financial fraud openly running business on the internet as if the industry was not regulated, it bothers me to imagine that it’s just a matter of time before the masses will fall for the sham that Trading Everyday is.

You see, Trading Everyday even says that they are an LLC company. However, the status of this company can never be verified, meaning that it is just a simple website selling a boatload of financial bullshit.

That’s why they’ve got all kinds of magical trading indicators that we’ve been talking about here. They’ve got boot camps as well.

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If you want to learn technical analysis so as to trade like a pro, these boot camps will apparently make you a master in no time.

However, the person hosting these boot camps is largely anonymous.

Ideally, Trading Everyday alleges that they have everything for you. Boot camps are not the only thing they sell since a trading room is offered too among things like mentorships and stock-picking.

trading everyday scam

What about their pricing?It’s what you’d call exorbitant or rip-off.

They stopped the 14-day trial package which costed a whooping $697. Now, the question I want to know is why did they scrap off the trial package if they truly believe that their smorgasbord of products and services are the real ticket to financial bliss?

TradingEveryday: Points to note

Of all the things offered by this website, you will never find a track record for their ‘success’. In fact, this website does not want you to ask that question.

Their risk disclaimer and terms of use says that Trading Everyday will not be liable for your losses, and that all information highlighted on that site is for educational purposes only.

trading everyday risk disclaimer

Now, the million dollar question is this: if Trading Everyday is not offering any financial advice (they’ve refuted these allegations yet this is exactly what they do), why are they selling magical Expert advisors and trading indicators for a whooping $9,700? Also, why is Trading Everyday operating a trading room?

In fact, Trading Everyday has a product called ES 5 Minute Strategy. This one produces profits in less than 60 minutes. The site actually promises that this EA will make you between $100-$1,000 in 30 or 60 minutes.

trading everyday scam

Sounds too good to be true. But the fact of the matter is that such statements are the workmanship of charlatans or A-class salesmen who know that financial bullshit sells like hot cake. Avoid.

Trading courses

Nothing is worse than buying a trading course which was prepared by someone with no track record of success.

Believe it or not, these charlatans have prepared a number of e-courses which they sell as the ultimate route to day-trading success.

These day-trading courses are labeled with all the fancy names you can think of. They’ve got ”Day Trading Safety Net”. That name suggests that your money will be sucked in at an unimaginable speed. It’s a safety net for the carnival hucksters behind this website. Get a life.

They also have ”How to get started Day Trading’ by Leroy Rushing — yet another charlatan who does not want anything to do with tough questions which would imply that he doesn’t have a track record.

This master salesman has prepared dozens of e-courses for you. He also appears in some sessions of the trading rooms owned by Trading Everyday.

What he teaches there is nothing more than guesswork. With fancy names and colorful book covers to flaunt around, this man hopes that he will attract your attention.

The sad truth is that you are funding his expensive lifestyle. He teaches and mentors because he cannot successfully trade the financial markets to earn a living from it.

Nota Bene

We are yet to establish his professional background. His records are scanty, and it’s very difficult to connect the dots at this early stage. Watch this space.

Complaints and broken promises

Trading Everyday is managed by sharks who are hungry for your money.

Commit to their training and you will soon find out that the entire program is more costly than what you can afford.

Although these products or services are pitched as a package, there are many up-sells along the way. If you are foolish enough to part with $9,700, you will still be tricked into spending more so that you can become ”proficient” in trading.

The one thing you will not find on Trading Everyday website is performance record. They simply don’t exist. If you want to participate in this day-trading school, you must simply trust them with blind faith.

It’s the reason we reached out to Trading Everyday to see whether we could do a review, together with a complete performance discovery as well as disclosure.

These questions got them infuriated — it seems. The first email was answered just because I approached from the sit of a novice investor with boatloads of money to invest in stocks and Forex.

Finally, when I approached them with our official Valforex email, the closest admission to guilt was that: ”This website was create for educational purposes, and should not be taken as financial advice”.

So, how do customers perform when they dump their money here?

I can promise you that the performance looks very ugly. It’s the reason that Trading Everyday has received a barrage of complaints since they don’t have a money-back guarantee to cushion investors from losses that come from using their products.

A victim comes across a Trading Everyday ad on Facebook, signs up through an integrated broker (of course after paying a hefty price for Trading Everyday advisory service) only to realize consistently abysmal results.

Complaints are very similar because people are getting a raw deal. This fact can never be admitted on the domain because this is a sales page. A sales page is supposed to use every effort and resources available to paint a product positively no matter what.

Therefore, investors simply have to suffer in silence until they raise their complaints to us in hopes that a review will be done to blast the sham — for lack of a better word.

It also appears that most customers always find their way to the trading room because this is the first thing they are told when signing up.

We never got an opportunity to test things in this trading room. But we can assure you that things are not good here.

We have not come across any customer saying that they got value for money by joining the highly acclaimed trading room.

Our best advice for you

It’s not wrong to subscribe to a financial advisory service. Long time ago, I was a fun of investment newsletters. I bought just about everything which I ended keeping next top the toilet. It was one of my simple pleasures.

Today, I realize that investors should know what they are getting into before transferring funds to salesmen. I personally recommend these products instead.

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