Trading Tips Review – A recycled Scam? Probably

Trading Tips Review – A recycled Scam? Probably

Thank you for taking time to read this Trading Tips or Wealthpire review. If you are the kinda person who enjoys financial mystery, then Trading Tips  is right for you. But if you hate wannabees who rip off traders by masquerading as multi-millionaires and stock trading wizards, you should have all reasons in the world to read this post and take our guidance very seriously.

By the way, what is Trading Tips? It’s a website that offers all sorts of trading products. These include educational courses, access to a ”live day trading room” and other paraphernalia that scammers love to sell in the name of helping you become a better day trader. They used to call themselves Wealthpire before they were basted by SEC officials.

trading tips products

So if you want stock-trading tips, Trading Tips will deliver them to you for a yearly cost of $300. But if you want to be a regular to their ”day trading room”, the website will charge you several hundreds of dollars per month in order to get the so-called ”the ultimate trading room experience”.

Here’s what you need to know:

Trading Tips Review

We have been tracking the activities of this website for quite a while now. At first, they had an ”about me” page on that website (it was called Wealthpire then). That page has since been labeled ”About Us”.

We investigated the claims on that page and learned that this website was founded by a certain man called Manny Backus. Their address is listed as 3435 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

We investigated their employees or those who were involved in Trading Tips’ operations back then. We discovered that it was headed by Manny Backus among other ill-motivated persons calling themselves David Becker, Tim Biggam and Robert Joiner.

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Something was definitely strange in this discovery because some time ago, SEC investigators cracked down on this company and fined them a whooping 1.5 million dollars for defrauding members of the public. This lawsuit ended with these persons admitting that they are internet thieves. Surprisingly, the website is still operating and continuing with their malicious practice of defrauding members of the public. It’s like they bribed SEC officials, then pretended to have reformed only to carry on with their operations later on.

Anyway, Wealthpire website appeared on the trading scenes back in 2006. Further investigations reveal that the owner of this company, Manny Backus, is a self-proclaimed Chess champion who claimed that he developed an affinity of playing chess at the age of 5.

Today, he claims to be a multi-millionaire investor. This guy claims that his skill at playing chess is what has given him the unfair advantage in the stock markets. Because he has made more than he can ever spend, he now wants to give back to the community by helping the average Joe make a killing in the market. Can we hear some laughs now?

Hold on. Apart from this man claiming that he is a world-class Chess champion, he claims that his IQ is so high that it can be compared to that of Albert Einstein. Now, his words still echo in our minds even as we write this review. We cannot believe this nonsense from a guy who clearly does not have a success record in the world of trading.

Consumer complaints against Wealthpire/Trading Tips

Those who subscribed to the nonsense that Wealthpire/Trading Tips is offering have been complaining, mostly because they were cheated out of their money by fake trading performance of the so-called founder of this trading business empire.

When these consumers looked into the alleged trade performance of the ”World class chess champion, they saw that this man was declaring himself as capable of trading with 100% precision and that he was able to comfortably make you 774% annual return on investment (only if you subscribe to his offers at Trading Tips website).

This guy simply has an affinity towards lying. That’s the reason he makes amazing claims just to sucker in an unsuspecting client. Once the client has paid him the required amount of money, that client proceeds to losing their money step by step.

Those who subscribed to the Trading Tips nonsense say that losses are never recorded on the site and that only gains are recorded and hyped as well. Unfortunately, this website has sold many trading products and services since it started its operation in 2006. The owner of Wealthpire seems to have launched several other complementary sites in the past to boost his income alongside that which he used to make at Wealthpire, now Trading Tips.

Some of these sites have actually disappeared. Others are still active to date.

How Trading Tips markets itself

Contrary to what you’d expect, this website markets itself via a list sharing service where trading vendors just share the contact details of those who would like to buy trading products among themselves.

A good example is a website called This site list shares with every other trading vendor that has a list of people who are interested in trading products.

Cyber Trading University knows very well that the moment a naive trader will subscribe to any one of their products and realize that it is not working, they will simply drop it and start looking for another product. This is their bread and butter, which is why they always work extremely hard to ”pimp out” out their list by making it attracting while including scams like Trading Tips, hoping that they will fleece the same customer some more money.

The tricks that the owner of Trading Tips uses

One thing you should know is that no lie can continue living forever. The most popular mode of operation for these websites is to defraud and scam investors before dropping that domain to register another one. The cycle always continues until they are caught.

They change tact with new names, addresses etc. However, every once in a while, they get sloppy and this often leads them to the path where authorities are able to catch up with them easily.

Once they are caught, the shit spills all over the place. For the first time, even those who had trusted them will begin asking questions as to whether they are legitimate or not.

In the case of Trading Tips, SEC investigators dropped the bombshell, and it made them look bad in the eyes of investors in the United States and in other parts of the world.

evidence that trading tips or Wealthpire was fined

We just mentioned that Wealthpire was fined a whooping 1.5 million dollar bill for defrauding investors. Surprisingly, they admitted that they were on the wrong. This was just a confirmation that these guys were practicing fraud at the time. However, nothing has changed since then because even after settling the fine, they still went ahead to create and host the domain at to evade detection.

If you want to read the official SEC report that they made on their site concerning this matter, just open this link and read the details. You will see that indeed Wealthpire was fined and is still operating under the guise of

Our best advice for you

Do not foolishly spend lots of money on a trading product if you haven’t seen proof of profit. When we published Tradenet review (which is one of our most expensive products on this blog), we made sure that proof of profit was available. Right now, we are recommending these trading products to those who are interested in Forex trading products. Again, we have proof that these products work. Avoid Trading Tips at all cost.


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