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Tradoto advertises a service that will apparently let traders trade on the next level. They state the following on their website (and we quote)

Our fully automated trading strategy handles all the heavy lifting so you can stop managing trades and start looking for new opportunities.

We know for a long time that the trading community have been relying on these automated trading tools for a long time. So when we find that another site (in this case Tradoto) is claiming that they do offer automated trading solutions that take trading to the next level, we have to scrutinize the authenticity of such a statement. If you are ready to learn more about this site, please rely on this review for your information.

Tradoto review

TradeOTO is an automated trading strategy that is marketed primarily through the Ninja Trader Ecosystem. The cost of the system is $2699. The owner of TradOTO wishes to remain anonymous. Common sense would question whether it makes sense to send a random person nearly $3k. Should you trust your financial future with a financial adviser that won’t tell you his name? The owner of TradOTO has no verifiable track record of ever trading successfully. Nor was he willing to share whether he even has a trading account. TradeOTO has no customers that are willing, or able to verify real-time trading performance.

Thanks for reading today’s review of TradOTO

What is TradOTO? The company is selling a fully automated trading strategy that intraday trades any of  the following markets:

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  • Crude Oil Futures
  • E-mini SP500
  • Gold Futures
  • E-mini Nasdaq
  • Euro Futures
  • E-mini Russel
  • E-mini Dow Jones
  • Forex

The cost of the trading strategy is $2699. There is a 30-day trial in which a customer may try out the strategy for $399.  There are no additional monthly fees or renewal fees. The trading strategy can be imported into either NinjaTrader, TradeStation or Multicharts.

History of TradOTO and NinjaTrader affiliation

According to Archive.Org, the TradOTO website first appeared in late 2016. Additionally, the TradOTO website launch corresponded with a listing on the (much maligned) NinjaTrader Ecosystem.

As many readers are already aware, NinjaTrader allows just about anyone to post ‘magical’ trading products while performing nearly zero due diligence on their NinjaTrader Vendor Ecosystem. Essentially, the NinjaTrader vendor ecosystem is a cesspool of shady vendors selling all manner of whack-a-doodle trading magic and get rich quick schemes. Nearly all of the vendors listed are selling useless dribble and or a steady stream vomit inducing fraudulent trading systems and indicators.

The NinjaTrader ecosystem, in my opinion, should be immediately renamed the NinjaTrader cesspool.

However, we have to give John Gramola of NinjaTrader more than a little bit of credit for attempting to clean up the NinjaTrader cesspool. Oops, we mean ecosystem. In the past year, he has banned vendors from showing hypothetical performance summaries on their websites. These hypothetical performance summaries that vendors use to market trading products is the true ‘nexus of pain.’

But while John is attempting to stamp out fraud, the shady characters have only gotten more creative at inserting hypothetical performance summaries into the sales narrative. Yes, they are not (easily) appearing on their websites, but they are heartily inserting within their email marketing campaigns and social media streams. The following screenshots were pulled from the TradOTO Facebook and Twitter profile pages:

So by looking at these screenshots, one would assume that TradOTO has really cleaned up this past year. But is it real? To simply post these screenshots does not prove anything. The only way to discover the truth was to contact TradOTO directly and ask for proof that any of these supposed profits are real or fantasy.

Contacting TradOTO

We first contacted TradOTO back in February of 2017. Yes, you are reading this correctly, we first contacted TradOTO nearly a full year ago. At that time, they were pretty new to the scene and we decided to give them time to build a verifiable track record before attempting to write a review.

In my opinion, a full year to “get your shit together” is plenty of time to build a positive reputation. Did they build a positive reputation? Nope. In fact, we were recently contacted by a person that purchased the so-called trading system and was extremely disappointed with the results. This person claims that they were promised a refund, and the refund was refused.

Regardless of only this single complaint, what we really wanted to know…does TradOTO now have a verifiable track record of trades. And do these trades match the marketing fluff?

During the month of January and into February, we went into a back and forth on the ground rules for a review. We were very clear that the heart of the review would be based on verifiable performance. TradOTO replied that they have no verifiable performance. They would not share account statements, nor were they able to provide even a single verifiable customer that would be willing share verifiable trading performance. Instead, they offered “proof” in the form of ‘online chat’ with purchasers of the trading system.

In spite of all of this negativity, we have to give Tradoto some credit for being open and honest in all of our dealings. And in the grand scheme of things, they are not flouting terrible outrageous performance summaries. Certainly not the shady BS that we are used to seeing on a daily basis.

Finally, another cause of concern is that the person behind TradOTO refuses to identify themselves. Actually, we know who it is. But we will not be exposing them. Unless we start receiving a boatload of complaints.

Our best advice for you

We love the presentation of this website. It comes across as really professional. However, after a long time of operating such a business, the owner of this website does not have verified trading performance. In addition to this, they are not trading a live account. Their identify has not been disclosed either. Please stick to the trading tools found on this page. When there’s an update on this review, we will let you know.

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One Reply to “ Review: Is this a Scam Trading Scheme?”

  1. Hi, This is pure garbage, they take your money and run away, I recommend getting away from this website.
    I bought the 30-day trial version for about $ 480 approximately, (this trial option is no longer available)
    The supposed market entry and exit system based on 3 simple strategies:
    – Support and Resistance
    – ichimoku cloud
    – SMA (mobile average)

    They recommend that you mainly use the system in demo mode and that you do a lot and many backtests, before using the systems in a real account.
    Do you sell an automatic system and the customer is backtesting one after another?

    For technical support, they do not allow communication by email, only using the ticket system of their website, the answers are eternal.

    As the previous user said, I have requested my money back several times, the answer was always negative, NO

    They always blame the customer for not having sufficient technical preparation or have not used the correct configuration parameters.

    An advice? Yes, get away from this site:


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