Trend Mystery Review: Another Karl Dittman Scam

Trend Mystery Review: Another Karl Dittman Scam

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Trend Mystery is a Forex scam company that is also involved in trading Bitcoin and CFD. They do not have a demo account that traders can boost their confidence or familiarize themselves with.

The software was launched in 2018, and it lures traders with claims of earning them 150% returns. The company is offering investors trading indicators. It is not an auto trading indicator, and there is nothing positive about these scammers.

The platform also promises investors they are going to get rich! You only need to follow these fraudsters’ signal. The phrase ‘get rich’ is something that Karl Dittman is infamous of using in all his trading indicators.

Karl, wherever you come from you, need to find another new tactic to scam traders. We are getting tired of the same old boring narrative. We do not recommend this software to any Forex trader in the market. If you do not want to lose money, stay away from Trend Mystery.

They are targeting novice traders in the market. To avoid falling a victim of pyramid schemes, you should invest with reputable Forex trading software that will ease your trading journey by giving you better earning and not stealing from you.

The Ponzi scheme is allegedly offering traders a lifetime opportunity whereby they will have the ability to read algorithms. The information is misleading as there is nothing good you will get from this platform; you will only lose funds.

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Trend Mystery

The website of Trend Mystery is pained with false simulations that show a high spread that the platform is attaining. The images show profits and pips and claims that they only have limited copies left.

If you go back tomorrow and any other day, the information will not have changed. The tactic is common with pyramids schemes; they display allegations that they have limited chances only to make you deposit funds without thinking twice.

Trend Mystery generates and the signals to your email as well as the mobile phone. To help you not to miss out on these random chances. The market is volatile, and no system operates in this manner.

Trend Mystery Review,Trend Mystery Platform

Mistakes are irreversible when it comes to the Pyramid scheme. If you deposit funds, kiss your money goodbye because you aren’t getting it back. If you buy their bogus story and register, they will redirect you to buy their software for $1176, which is the total price inclusive of the VAT.

The fee has a discount since the initial price should be $395. That is much money for a useless trading bot that is a scam. The founder of this company is offering numerous products on the platform, which raises questions about why there are so many of them. The claim also that each one of them is the best raise questions, mainly due to the fact there is no success story.

How Does Trend Mystery Works?

How Trend Mystery operates remains a mystery, just like its name suggests. The person who can resolve this dilemma is Dittmann himself, but he is not doing anything to help. On the website, he tries to explain how the software generates the signals.

Unfortunately, all we could get from the page is how easy the bot is generating money the numerous spreads you will attain by trusting their bogus software, and the accurate performance.

If you are a Forex broker who has adequate knowledge of how the market works, we can all agree that the returns Dittmann is projecting are unattainable and unrealistic. The market conditions are not favorable as Trend Mystery insinuates.

The company claim that their software is the best, which will come in handy, especially when you are buying or selling digital assets. Dittmann is a professional scammer who is useful in marketing his bogus software.

He allegedly has years of experience in Forex trading. However, we could not find any proof too back up these claims. No portfolio showcase his qualification. The only thing that we can guarantee you will get from this software is a loss of funds.

Logically speaking, if any traders were to develop software as the one Trend Mystery has, then the chances of sharing it with members of the public are very slim. He would enjoy the benefits alone instead of selling. It is what it is. Trend Mystery is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme.

Regulation and Customer Support Services

Trend Mystery is operating against the law of many countries. They are collecting funds from all over the world, yet they have not met the requirements of various regulatory bodies in the industry. The platform does not have a regulation or a registration certificate on their platform.

Investing with a company like this one exposes you to multiple risks that not even the government can save you from. There is no method available to recover your money as you are cashing indirectly into the scammer pockets.

Moreover, the platform does not disclose their location to the public. They are operating anonymously. The owner has made sure they do not leave any traces that can link the authority to them.

Trend Mystery additionally does not offer customer support services. In case you encounter any problem with their software, you will have to resolve the matter by yourself. A company that does not concern itself with the needs of its clients should not be your choice of investment.

The company has not displayed an email address or a phone number that you can use to reach them. Legit companies will avail all this information as they have nothing to hide.

Trend Mystery is a Scam!

There is no doubt about that. The software is a scam that is a waste of your money. You will find positive reviews endorsing this fraudster. No signals are being generated by this scammer. Moreover, Dittmann has no experience in Forex trading.

The pyramid scheme bait traders into their trap with claims that the software will notify them when the market is favorable and when to leave. Refrain from investing with a company that promises you vast returns in unrealistic duration.

You only need to purchase the software once; then, you enjoy the unlimited benefits that come along. All these are major red flags you should not turn a blind eye to. Imagine software that would not even require an upgrade. Legit software will have upgrades to advance its improvement.

Trend Mystery brag of helping multiple traders achieve their dreams. However, there is no proof to attest to these allegations. Where is the proof of payment? The company wants investors to believe their words blindly without proof.

Additionally, information regarding the withdrawal is not explained. The loopholes only create mistrust. The company is being operated anonymously. Dittmann does not exist; this is only a method of gaining your trust.

The only drawback that they claim traders might encounter is if they do not have an internet connection. It is an absurd claim, especially considering they are not regulated to carry out their activities.

Final Verdict

Trend Mystery is a Forex signal generating software that happens to be another scam that will fraud you all your money. Traders need to follow the signals for them to make returns. You need to stick to legit Forex trading software that has a trading reputation in the market.

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  1. Yes he is a scammer, I bought the Forex Millennium and had lots of trouble with it. He couldn’t make it right so I requested for my refund from Pay Pal, but he denied my refund.

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