Trend Pulse Pro Review: Is Trend Pulse Pro Scam?

Trend Pulse Pro Review: Is Trend Pulse Pro Scam?

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Trend pulse pro is a Forex signal indicator that takes part in the provision of buy and sells. There is the provision of claims that it is a system that aids traders to make the maximum possible profit from all price maneuvers.

This software vendor believes that the odds are generally against the favor of the trader. Without the utilization of this trading strategy, they would have a 22:1 chance of making money. They develop the indicated signals from the odds using their own mechanisms and claim to give traders better chances at winning.

Whether this trade signal provided is legitimate is up to you adjourn. However, remember to always venture with the best signal providers that will change your trade experiences.

This software developer is known as Johan Nordstrom, the founder and CEO of the Trading walk. This company is believed to be behind the provision of different projects such as the FXmaster code, the Finabucci Cheat Sheets, and a couple of more various e-books.

The experience on the website is pretty much streamlined, so any user turns pro. The fishy thing about this is that we’ve never heard of Nordstrom before; neither does he have any online trace history linking him to the Forex marketplace. The lack of such an essential credential deems this signal seller obscure and a bit unfavorable to make contract deals with.

Trend Pulse Pro Review, Platform

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This sales page shows that Trend pulse Pro is one of the best tools, so beginning traders. They provide tutorial videos and guides to ensure that their signals get effectively applied. Alongside these, there is also an ambiance of ease that is created by the approach taken by this software vendor.

However, the ironic thing about this system is that it does not provide extrapolated explanations, which will help in giving more knowledge to the trader. This vendor boasts of using Next-generation code, Smart Trend technology, and reliable signal synthesizers.

However, it does not provide intensive elaborations on the mechanisms and dynamics of the operation of these trading styles. It is actually advisable to provide such crucial data, as this enables one to make sound judgments before one gets into any deal.

The exciting thing about this indicator is that it works with all currency pairs and all frames of time. On the other hand, these traits deny it any form of conformity and specificity. Who would want to invest in a Jack of all trades? A casual attempt requires a heavy amount of testing and in-depth analysis to make it profitable.

Analysis of essential indicator traits

This indicator is a Forex based indicator that goes for a price of $67. Momentarily it’s going at a rate of $47, which is a substantial $20 discount. It claims to apply the Trend based strategy, which operates within all time frames and also operates with all currency pairs.

It claims to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Payments are acceptable via Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

Investment plans

The Trend Pulse Pro indicator, coming at a lower discount also brings along with it lifetime access, a personalized one on one coaching experience, 24/7 emergency support system, provision of how-to videos and tutorials, and a 60-day money-back guarantee system.

Actually, the price offered is relatively low for us to believe that we could get services at such a low price. This leads us to one question, Is this very actually interested in acquiring money via deposits, or is he generally interested in aiding traders out here in the Forex market.

Trade results

Nowadays, it has been a trend when it comes to different Forex indicators that provide trade results. However, the worrying Trend is with many of these trade results are extracted from MT4 and MT5 trade platforms.

This allows for manipulation and cherry-picking, which does not represent the actual sample magnitude or shows which types of frames of time are likely to be in possession of much potential because it trades only last for a few days.

The trend results provided were awe-inspiring, but it will be a considerable risk to fall for some screenshots from 2019. Most trade indicators write the excuse; that it is actually much more difficult for them to acquire trade results than it is for automated Forex robots.

If someone is willing to provide services, they should actually at least give substantial information on the success of the services being rendered. The best type of proof for such a case is the Myfxbook.

Negative online reviews

Online reviews are very crucial as a pillar when it comes to analysis on bases of legitimacy. We actually bumped into  comments that stated: “Most of the links provided will not be able to process downloads.” It seems like this vendor bases that they make money from the number of downloads they get. This actually means that the higher the number of downloads, the more money they’re going to make.

Wall of trust rank and Alexa rank

We actually observed that this company had below-average ranks when it came to integrity-based merits. Most of the levels were: a three out of the six making it only average.

This is, however, a risky rank as we are not entirely convinced that they are legitimate and deserve our attention And money. Please let us recall the fact that the levels are made by former affiliates who’ve got the privilege of experiencing first-hand delivery of services from these trade signal vendors. If a relatively huge number does not give a positive endorsement, it is advisable to just refrain from any endeavor.

This company lacks an Alexa rank. This is very dangerous because: it points out the legal trade age of this signal vendor. It seems like this company has not garnered enough traffic or not been in the market long enough to garner enough traffic. Consequently, the best move would be to steer clear.

Fake testimonials

It was noted that most of the personalities that gave testament to how they had reaped massive benefits were sharp, inclined towards deception. Three of the characters involved tend to be actors who are just paid to help advertise these services.

The main aim of them being there is to create false confidence inside the minds of respective traders. Consequently, more traders get scammers due to believing these fake testimonies. The provision of incorrect data creates doubts which daunt the whole legitimacy process.

Final verdict

It is safe to conclude that Trend Pulse Pro is yet to profoundly validate its credibility. Due to this uncertainty, we would advise you to venture with reputable trade signal providers.

As for Trend Pulse Pro, the heavy reliance on lies and Shutter stock photos leave us likening it to scammers, who tend to identically replicate this trait, only to leave traders full of laments. Also, the address provided was more likely virtual. This claim was reached after Google map displayed parks amid residential houses.

If this signal alert provider does not mind giving false data, would he mind scamming one’s money? To avoid encountering unforeseen losses, try out these legal platforms aimed at skyrocketing profits amassed. Therefore, before giving in to the first pop on the screen, do some background checks.

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2 Replies to “Trend Pulse Pro Review: Is Trend Pulse Pro Scam?”

  1. This review was posted over a year ago. Is there an update on the same? I saw a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot. It would be helpful if you can share your views on it based on the data available from the past 1 year.
    Thank you.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I was looking for negative comments on the youtube videos but did not see any. Also about 465 people are using it on

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