TrendCycles System Review: is this a Scam?

TrendCycles System Review: is this a Scam?

TrendCycles is allegedly an independent account manager company. The platform claims that it was launched in 1990. However, when we searched on, we learned that the firm was formed in December 2004. 

The company state that it was formerly known as Weill Trading GmbH. The founder of this platform is Frederic Weill. He has an educational background in applied sciences. Additionally, he claims to have been featured in Guinness Book World Record as the best diver from a helicopter. 

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The company emphasizes the human errors that come along with necessary trading. TrendCycles uses system trading to offer the best outcome in the market. The system enables investors to reduce the risk and gain better returns. 

The platform claims that they have 40 years of experience in analyzing the trading system. They use signals and a mathematic basis. Their system has the ability of buying and selling, optimization of price, and risk protection. 

You are the only person who has the authority to withdraw your money. The account managers will only manage your account. The company sends daily emails to their clients; this enables them to follow up on their accounts. 

There is multiple Forex trading EA that you can use to earn a reasonable amount of money. There is no report of clients being scammed by TrendCycles in the market. However, the company is not reputable despite being in the market for over 15 years. 

TrendCycles Review

The company can minimize risks, as well as optimizing profits. The drawdown of their system is at 2.5% up to 3%. The TrendCycle system claims that its success comes from following the historic pattern and utilizing technology. 

The platform claims that they will only trade on your behalf with the best interest at heart. It put its clients first and increase the returns for their customers. TrendCycles compound the benefit of their clients. Invest with legit forex trading EA investment companies in the world that have a proven trading history. 

The company brags of having experience in trading since 1986. Unfortunately, there is no enough proof to back up these allegations. It also states that they have a proven track record. TrendCycles manage risks around the clock, and you have nothing to worry about after investing with the firm. 

The platform put their client’s account in separate accounts. Each person has their account broker who helps to manage the accounts. You can as well acquire joint and corporate accounts. 

TrendCycles Review, TrendCycles Platform

The least amount of money that you can deposit in this company is $40,000. The firm acknowledges that the assets that they are dealing with are highly volatile. The effect might work on the favor of their customers or against them. 

The past performance of the firm is not a guarantee that you will have the same outcome. Additionally, the TrendCycles system assures its clients that their funds are safe in a segregated account. The company further states that it only cooperates with renowned brokers in the market.  

The company claims that it manages the account of its clients 24/7. It only takes a 20% fee from their clients based on the profits that they earn. Additionally, it subtracts a management fee of 2.4% per annum. The charges are deducted every month. 

TrendCycles state that it is a transparent entity. The company gives its customers the right to access their account whenever they please. The platform manages the report of its clients with a power of attorney. 

The company presents its trading chart to showcase how they have been performing in the industry. The platform assures clients that their money is deposited in safe banks. Their segregated accounts are at Blackwell Global Investment in the United Kingdom and Activ Trades plc. 

How Does Operates?

The company allows the investor to add money to their existing account. To withdraw your earnings, you will need to notify the company one day in advance. Additionally, if you also wish to close your account, contact the platform. 

TrendCycles has several offers available for their clients. You will have access to their bonus program after joining their venture. In addition to this, you can participate in the platform leasing referral program. 

The company’s only assurance to its customers is its thorough analysis of the market for the last four decades. It does not pool resources of their customers but rather segregates them. The one thing that you should keep in mind if you choose to invest with this entity is that you won’t access your money for a period of 3 up to 5 years. 

What you should ask yourself is whether this platform is worth your time. Does it have a proven trading performance? Are they reputable in the market? Have clients been able to earn from this system?

There are certain things that we are not aware of, like how long does it take for clients to receive their funds. Additionally, what is the least amount of money one can withdraw from this system?

The company allegedly uses its trading system to offer the best outcome to their customers. It has a trend following system and a market trend price. The company brags of its high performance. Unfortunately, it has not verified this data. 

The platform should use the third party to certify and show they are indeed profitable. A deposit of $40,00 is not a small amount of money. You should not gamble with it, especially in a platform that does not show their results. 

Contact Detail 

The company is allegedly located in Zug, Switzerland. The corporate that oversees the operation of this firm is Weill Trading. You can either open an individual, joint, or corporate account. TrendCycles claims they have a continuous support system available for their clients. 

You can contact the support via telephone number at +44-414-7123-730 or on their email at [email protected]. However, this company is involved in an activity of collecting funds from members of the public. 

We were not able to verify the response rate of the company to its clients. There is no report from their existing clients online. Ensure that the firm you invest with has a proven track history, and you can know how they treat their clients. 

However, the company is not regulated by any authority in the world to perform their business. They are running illegally, and you should be very careful with such entities. Nonetheless, the venture avails the banks where they segregate clients’ funds. 

We were not able to verify these claims. What we are concerned about is whether TrendCycles has set up a compensation scheme that can be used to pay up their customers in case they face bankruptcy. 

Final Verdict

TrendCycles is a platform that has been in the market for a long time. The company has no reports of fraudulent activities in the past. However, they also do not have any evidence of trading successfully in the market. 

The platform does not have appealing traffic coming to their website. According to, has a total of 7,118,548 traffic. The geographical location of their audience is not known. 

Invest with a reputable Forex trading EA in the market that is reputable and has a high performance that can be verified. Until the TrendCycles system can be able to prove their performance stay away from this venture. 

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