Trezor Mobile Wallet Exposed for What It Truly Is!!!

Trezor Mobile Wallet Exposed for What It Truly Is!!!

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If you are reading this, I would like to presume that you are doing your due diligence on the Trezor Mobile Wallet. You see, mobile cryptocurrency mining, which entails the use of smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies is the in-thing right now. Consequently, that has paved the way for the rollouts of numerous mobile cryptocurrency mining apps some of which are real and work as expected. Other apps, however, are nothing more than scams basically engineered to steal your cryptocurrencies without even you knowing.

Falling in the latter category, the Trezor mobile wallet has seen many people lose their cryptocurrencies fraudulently, setting them back incredibly. In the Trezor mobile wallet review below, I am going to share the most important aspects of this scam of an app you need to know. I’m going to tell you about what Trezor mobile wallet really is, its target group of individuals and how it works. Then before wrapping up, I’ll share some pieces of evidence proving that this software is a huge scam that needs to be avoided like the plague. With that said, let’s get right to it:

Trezor Mobile Wallet Review


What Is Trezor Mobile Wallet?


First off, please note that there is Trezor, a popular hardware wallet that offers enhanced security for handling cryptocurrency private keys. For those who don’t know what a hardware wallet is, this is a special type of cryptocurrency wallet designed to stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. Having said that, Trezor, together with its corresponding app, “Trezor Manager” allows you to make secure payments without exposing your private keys, especially if your mobile phone or PC is potentially compromised by hackers.

It is this app that the Trezor mobile wallet impersonates. However, this fake app gives the opposite results. Instead of helping to secure and protect your cryptocurrency private keys to keep hackers away from your digital currency,  it exposes the keys and allows the scammers behind it to steal your currency. That’s basically what this supposed smartphone digital currency wallet is designed to do. 

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 Who Does The App Target?

The Trezor Mobile wallet targets cryptocurrency holders who are used to performing cryptocurrency transactions on their portable gadgets such as smartphones and/or tablets. Precisely, this fake cryptocurrency wallet for smartphones and tables aims at gullible mobile digital currency wallet users who aren’t smart enough to be able to distinguish it from the legitimate Cryptocurrency trading software it’s actually impersonating.


 How Does The App Work?

The so-called Trezor smartphone wallet works by creating loopholes in your device and cryptocurrency security framework. Using a mysterious technique best understood by the scammers behind it the software then exposes your private crypto keys. This gives hackers access to your digital money, which they will steal gradually and systematically without you noticing until your account runs out of funds.


 What Pieces of Evidence Show that Trezor Mobile Wallet is Scam?


 1.Confirmed to be Scam by the Authors of the Legit Trezor App


First,  the so-called Trezor mobile wallet was reported by Welivesecurity to Google’s security team and the company running the software it impersonates. In turn, Trezor responded by expressing concern that the personal data collected by the app could be later misused for phishing campaigns targeted against their clients. This suggested that the company acknowledged the fact that the software is indeed fake.


2. Pulled Down From Google Playstore


Second, the supposed cryptocurrency mobile wallet app is no longer present on Google Playstore as it was a few months ago. That’s because Google deliberately pulled it down due to the fact that it was a scam!


3. We Know of an Existing App Called Trezor


Third, there is an app already with the name Trezor that’s not even associated with this fraudulent mobile cryptocurrency wallet. Before the Trezor mobile wallet you could notice a striking difference between the two apps. One app is characterized by a green color scheme. The other app featured a brown-grey-light blue-ocean-blue color scheme. With the latter being the fake version impersonating the former.


Trezor Mobile Wallet
The authentic Trezor Wallet app


Fraudulent mobile cryptocurrency wallet
The fake Trezor Wallet app


4. Rated Poorly by Past Users


Evidence that showed that the Trezor mobile wallet was fake is it had a different average star rating. Compared to its legitimate counterpart this one is a complete hoax. Before removal by Google Playstore, this app had an average star rating of 1. After removal whereas the other app was at 3.6.


Trezor mobile wallet
The legitimate Trezor cryptocurrency mobile wallet is rated 3 stars on Google Playstore


fake cryptocurrency wallet for smartphones
The fake Trezor cryptocurrency mobile wallet was rated 1 star on Google Playstore


5. Shows Two Different Branding


Fifth, the app says “Trezor” but when downloaded and installed on your device, it becomes “Coinwallet”, which is something else. The authentic Trezor app, however, doesn’t change but it remains to be Trezor.

scam Trezor mobile wallet
fake Trezor mobile cryptocurrency wallet


Fake Trezor smartphone wallet
The conspicuous Trezor branding changes to “Coinwallet” after installation.



6. Rejected by SatoshiLabs CTO


Lastly, SatoshiLabs CTO the entity behind the genuine Trezor app, ten months ago, distanced itself from this app, when a user posted a question on Reddit to find out whether or not it was genuine. You can view the conversation in the screenshots below:

fake Trezor cryptocurrency mobile wallet

fake Trezor cryptocurrency mobile wallet

Final Verdict


There are two versions of Trezor mobile cryptocurrency wallet apps. One is genuine but the other one is of cause bogus. You can distinguish the authentic app from the fake app at a glance. The former has a green color scheme whereas the latter features a brown-grey-lightblue-ocean-blue color scheme.

As you have seen, there are many pieces of evidence showing that Trezor Mobile Wallet is indeed scam. The disassociation from by people behind the genuine Trezor app and removal by Google Playstore , are important indications. The that app isn’t what it seems to be.  For the right mobile cryptocurrency wallet software, choose top rated Crypto mining tools. I hope this eye-opening Trezor mobile wallet review helped keep your bitcoins safe!



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