Triple Lock Profit System Review: $20,000 Per Day Scam!

Triple Lock Profit System Review: $20,000 Per Day Scam!

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A few months ago, one of our writers did a review of a scam binary options robot called the Blazing Trader. Now it appears that this scam has been relaunched on a completely different domain name.

The website in question is, and it is being used to promote an old scam known as the Blazing Trader.

Triple Lock Profit System website has some interesting things to say. It’s the latest scam development in the binary options scenes where guys are promised $20,000 per day for engaging this auto-trading app.

Triple Lock Profit System claims that the robot will only enter trades when it is sure of a win. Otherwise, it will not open a position. In other words, we should be having a 100% win rate because it does not open trades unless it is 100% sure that a trade setup will turn profitable.

The following Triple Lock Profit System review is a detailed highlight of what this software is and how investors are likely to lose money in the hands of these scammers.

Triple Lock Profit System by William Maynard is a hoax, here’s why

We owe it to a few eager traders who brought this system to our attention. They had requested a review of this system. So this is what we have to say as far as the profit claims on Triple Lock Profit System website are concerned.

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Of course with these crazy profit claims, this system is bound to create some chatter on the internet.

The Triple Lock Profit System website basically uses a manipulative approach to try getting investors in. It achieves this mission by misleading traders with lies.

It is the reason why they preach that Triple Lock Profit System will make at least $10,000 per day in profits. Apparently, this is the guaranteed amount of money that traders should expect.

Now, one wonders whether this is possible. You should instinctively know that this narrator is only taking you for a ride. If you look inside, you will soon realize that Triple Lock Profit System has nothing to offer. It’s just a relaunch of a former scam known as the Blazing Trader.

Basically, we are of the impression that this scam is popular due to the fact that it promises users millions in a few months. It appeals to the ears of greedy investors who think that making riches on the internet is a walk in the park.

Triple Lock Profit System mentions something else called ”Algo Premium”.

This algo premium thing will pull in over $440k a month on auto-pilot. We do not understand how this magic works. All we know is that algo premium is nothing more than a fictitious creation of sleazy internet marketers.

We were even surprised when ”William Maynard” claimed that this software worked by combining 3 income sources into one to make a lot of money in a short time.

See what makes Triple Lock Profit System an automatic scam

First off, any trading system that is touted as a million-making machine is obviously a scam. No trading system in the world can make you millions in a short time.

And even if this system was capable of making investors millionaires in a short time, do you think that the owner would have distributed it for free on the internet, as if he doesn’t care that his secret to riches is being used by everyone out there?

You need to apply some common sense before you can think of subscribing to the Triple Lock Profit Systems scam.

We do not believe this Algo Premium narrative in the first place. That story sounds too good to be true.

An imposter created the Triple Lock Profit System

This is a dubious robot by a fictitious internet marketer named ”William Maynard”.

This guy has some interesting things to say. He associates himself with Wall Street — just the same way all scams do to create an impression that they are legit.

He also describes himself as a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a top investor. You can laugh it off because this is funny.

Actually, this fictitious man even gives us a brief overview of his career as a trader. This is nothing short of skilled marketing tactics.

This man does not exist in the real sense. The truth is: we are dealing with a non-existent CEO or founder of Triple Lock Profit System scam.

The stock photo you see on the website was purchased from Shutter shock website. In fact, his photo is currently being used in hundreds of other unrelated websites across the internet. I wonder how the hell this man is the founder of Triple Lock Profit System.

A fake company

The website and even the pitch video talks of the Blazing trader software. I don’t see the co-relation between Triple Lock Profit System, Blazing Trader and the so-called Algo Premium.

These things only confuse investors because we don’t know which specific software is being promoted here. Also, notice the fact that Triple Lock Profit System website is associating itself with a scam known as the Blazing Trader. Are these two owned by the same faceless developer? Certainly yes, that’s the point.

We also have mentions of a company called Maynard Financial Software LTD.

The sad news is that this company is fake too. Throughout my research, I could not establish the existence of this company anywhere on the internet or on a physical address.

However, this internet crook would still want you to believe that Triple Lock Profit System was developed by a real company.

They never thought that we would check these details in advance to verify their authenticity.

Therefore, since the owner of this app is being dishonest by lying about who owns this software, we have the right to doubt the legitimacy of this robot.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that the mix up (where they talk about the Blazing Trader, Algo Premium and Triple Lock Profit System) was intentional. The saddest thing is that it demotes their image further.

Phony reviews

Now that this website is dishonest with everything, you can expect phony testimonials and reviews too.

Triple Lock Profit System scam testimonials

The people who promote this scam were sourced from a site like Fiverr.

These are fake reviews from paid actors. They further condemn this software because they are nothing but proof that Triple Lock Profit System is not authentic.

Fake live performance

I have said before that a live performance table with no verification is not to be treated as evidence that a robot is at work and is making profits.

Triple Lock Profit System, blazing trader scam

What can you use to verify that the profit claims on this table are real? Absolutely nothing. Now, consider the fact that this website has lied about other things. Do you still have faith that you can make money with this app? No way will this ever happen.

Our Best advice for you

There is no way I can recommend this scam when I have 100% evidence that it is was created to steal money from investors.

The pressure sales tactic are another thing which these scammers are using to make you sign up immediately. Notice that the expiry time for signing up does not run out, plus slots are always available even if you try signing up 3 months from now.

This robot simply sucks. Get these binary options robots instead because they do have a track record for success. We have personally tested them.

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  1. I signed up for Triple Lock Profit System after reading their website and falling for the l***. I made a grand total of zero profit! This is absolutely a scam, quite obviously the promise of this amount of profit is totally unrealistic.

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