True Forex Signals Review: Is this Forex Service Scam?

True Forex Signals Review: Is this Forex Service Scam?

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True Forex Signals claims that they are providing expert advice for buying and selling currency pairs. They claim that True Forex signals is run by a group of professionals who are ready to deliver. This operation appears to be targeting new traders who are either looking for trading signals or investment advice. The website can be found at which obviously shows that the owners of this website are most likely based in the UK. The cost of subscribing for these signals in a month is £25 and we are thinking that this is very much affordable compared to signal services that charge $200 per month or more.

True Forex signals also claims that their signals has a 93% win rate. We are wondering whether these stats can be backed with third party verified trading results just for clarity because the reason we are writing this review is to help you determine whether or not this signal service is ideal for your needs.

The operators of True Forex signals are not interested in introducing their names, their trading backgrounds or their actual location in the UK. So we can only assume that the website is being presented by an anonymous individual or group of individuals. We hope this will soon change because transparency is really important when it comes to selling any kind of trading service. Investors want to know who is selling the signals to them and what kind of trading experience they are bringing on board before their signals can be purchased. However, since these signals are quite affordable, one may wonder whether they are really of quality as the owner of this website would want us to believe. Since we do not feel that True Forex signals is the best option for you at this time, we are recommending that you look at these trading solutions instead.

True Forex signals review

So now that we have no idea who is running this operation, we can conclude that they are anonymous. We are concerned with things like signal packages and whether or not they have trading results to show for it. What we can see is that this is a relatively new trading service and for that reason, we do not think they can produce a solid track record yet.

There are 4 types of signal packages which come at varied prices. If you want to subscribe for 6 months, you will pay 50 euros and if you want to subscribe for a year, the signal operator will require that you pay 100 euros. Now, think about this: If True forex signals provides quality signals for their traders, do you think they can provide them for this cheap? This is one question that you should ask yourself because generally, there is no good trading service that can be this cheap.

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All of these plans have the same features. In these plans, signals are sent throughout the day and there are between 4 to 6 trades per day. What is more, they say that signals are sent in real time through the phone so that no trader can miss out on any signals.

This is a good thing but still, if the signals they are sending out cannot provide us with consistent win rate and returns at the end of the day, then they are as good as nothing.

True Forex signals is also selling a price action e book for the cost of 9 euros. Again, this is extremely cheap and we are doubting the quality of education that has gone into the creation of this e book.

The steps to getting started

First you need to choose a signal package that works well for you. They have three to choose from: 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. The next step is to make purchase of the plan you want. You can complete your purchase using our secure payment options, simply proceed and select from Credit or Debit Card or PayPal.

You will receive a welcome email within 30 seconds with a link to our VIP Trading Group (you will need to download telegram messenger). So there is a VIP trading group inside this website? We would like to gain access just to see how well the group is coordinated and whether or not there is value in being a VIP member here.

One you have followed directions, the True Forex signals team makes the following statement to help you see that you have made the right decision:

By using our signals you will be have full visibility of every trade we place from day one. Our team of analyst ensure that every trade will go the way we predict. Signals are sent during the morning, afternoon and evenings on weekdays. The problem is that there is no proof of performance whatsoever. We need to realize that these guys are most likely taking us for a ride.

Any trading results to back the claims of True Forex signals?

We are afraid that the owners of this website cannot prove their trading prowess using a third party statement sharing service like myfxbook. The reason is quite clear. With the cheap prices that they are charging for subscriptions, these signals are not likely to be of quality.

True Forex signals does not provide any form of trading statement on their site which can be verified by a third party. They somehow expect that traders will get convinced with their sales page in so they can go ahead and subscribe. This is far from the truth and we need to find a way to ascertain whether their signals can produce winning trades.

No Customer testimonials

You see, True forex signals had claimed that they have a VIP trading group. The question is how come that these people are not providing their feedback for the general public to look at before subscribing? If this thing is real, there needs to be some form of feedback but unfortunately this cannot be found anywhere.

Our best advice for you

Our advice is that you should not subscribe for True forex signals until they can provide the necessary retails. Just make use of these tools.

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