True Forex Signals Review: Is this Forex Service Scam?

True Forex Signals Review: Is this Forex Service Scam?

True Forex Signals is a firm that claims to provide Forex signals from experienced individuals. They claim their team is made up of experts with vast knowledge in Forex trading. The owners of this website do not reveal their identities nor their location. However, the website is a UK domain.

This company promises a 93% success rate from the signals they provide. For this to be possible, the firm has to have expert market analysts with a sixth sense in Forex trading. Unfortunately, this company does not go into detail on who exactly generates its Forex signals.

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So the question one begs to ask is, can you trust these signals? To answer this question; thorough research is needed. There are many aspects to look at to determine whether a company is providing a safe environment to its clients.

Many firms are claiming to be the best Forex signal, providers. Sadly, the majority of them are not legit and are only after your money, and this is one of those companies. It is run by a bunch of amateurs who have nothing to offer you.

Please do not fall for their fake promises of high returns. You will end up losing all your funds. Only the best legitimate Forex signal providers can give you the returns you are looking for.

True Forex Signals Review

This firm promises to provide you with signals that will make you the best trader in the market. They boast that their signals have a 93% win rate. However, they do not provide a trading performance to back their claims.

True Forex Signals Review, True Forex Signals Platform

Moreover, we have no idea who the owners of this company are. They hide their identity, and they have no social media presence. It is impossible to tell whether they are experts with a successful track record.

The website is designed through the cheapest and lowest quality domain registrar, GoDaddy. Professional financial companies will use serious platforms to create and host their websites, and this paints a bad picture of this company.

Moreover, True Forex Signals does not go into detail the strategies they use to identify the best market setups to trade-in. They claim to provide signals for all currency pairs. We hope they have a large team of experts to analyze all the Forex pairs in the market. Otherwise, they are misleading their clients with fake signals.

Additionally, the company is providing an educational eBook at the cost of €9. it is very cheap, and we doubt the quality of the information contained in this eBook. Up to this point, the company has not been professional in what they do. It is highly likely that this eBook contains no significant insights. They will not provide you with any considerable training.

Packages and Registration Steps

There are four types of investment plans featured on their website. The policies vary in price according to the licensing period.

For example, for a 6-month license, you are required to pay €50 and a 12-month license costs €100. and this is the cheapest Forex signal provider we have seen so far. If the signals were as valuable as the company wants you to believe, they would provide them at a higher cost. This price point is only meant to attract eager novice investors onto their platform.

To get started, you first choose your most preferred plan. Then you make the required cost and receive an email with a link to the company’s VIP Telegram group.

The company accepts payments through Credit or Debit or PayPal. At least these are secure payment methods, and it is possible to trace funds you send out.

Regulation and Customer Support

This website claims they are NFA registered and monitored. However, a quick search on the NFA regulated companies brings no results for this firm.

This company has never been NFA registered. They are using lies to lure people on to their platform. You cannot trust a company that lies.

Moreover, this company does not follow the legal requirements set for financial institutions. The company fails to provide details of the bank they plan to use to safeguard clients’ funds.

This firm promises to provide world-class customer support. Customers can get in touch with the firm by filling a contact form featured on the company’s website. The firm does not reveal how long it takes them to respond to a customer’s complaint.

Fund Safety

This firm’s website lacks SSL encryptions. Their systems are not protected from third-party interference. Hackers can easily steal your money or your personal data.

Therefore, they cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. It is not a safe environment to grow and safeguard your account. Moreover, the website is susceptible to DDoS attacks. There are too many risks involved with this firm. Please stay away from them to save yourself the trouble.

Besides, they have not provided any banking information, and this is a requirement, according to the law. Therefore, this firm is operating illegally.

Trading Results

Accurate Forex Signals does not provide a record of their trading results. This firm is way too shady. The only thing that would make us trust them is a third party auditor account like Myfxbook.

Therefore, there is no way we can trust this company enough to recommend them to you.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

The company has received an abysmal rating on Forex Peace Army. In fact, FPA has blacklisted True Forex Signals, and this is after conducting their research and confirming that the company is a scam.

Many clients have given their opinion on the services the firm provides. The consensus is that the company is fake. Additionally, they do not offer professional services.

The firm has a few positive reviews on FPA. Forex Peace Army has determined these are fake, and this is how far this company is willing to go to steal your money.

Should You Trust True Forex Signals?

We strongly advise against trusting these crooks. They are amateurs only after your funds, and they have proven that they don’t care about legal obligations. They are operating under no regulation and do not meet requirements set by the law.

Moreover, the website is not protected from third-party interference. It means that your funds are not safe with this company. Either way, you would be handing your money over to mysterious people on the Internet.

They promise you unrealistically high returns to lure you on to their platform.

The website is poorly crafted and uses the cheapest hosting services that exist, and this means that these are not professionals. You cannot let these people convince you that they can make you profitable.

Moreover, they have not provided their trading results.

Final Verdict

True Forex Signals is yet another scam company pretending to be a Forex signal provider. They have nothing to offer you. They promise you high returns that are unachievable in the market. The market is filled with volatility making it hard to plan for profits.

It is tough to find a legitimate Forex signal provider. The market is filled with fake companies only after your money, and this is one of them. Steer clear from them. To ensure you don’t get scammed, stick with the best Forex signal providers that have been tried and passed the legitimacy test.

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