TurboForex Review: Alarming Forex Scam

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TurboForex Review: Alarming Forex Scam

TurboForex ( is another dubious Crypto currency and Forex brokerage firm to hit the lucrative trading world. Turbo Forex is simply out to rip off anyone who signs up with them. Dealing with anonymous brokers is the last thing investors should sign up with. After receiving numerous email complaints, members are crying foul after being scammed. How can one avoid such brokers? Read this exclusive TURBOFOREX review for more details.

TurboForex Review

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TurboForex Review

After receiving numerous complaints from members of this platform, something was wrong. Most of these members were complaining of how hard it was to contact the broker. Others claimed they became blacklisted after asking to withdraw funds. These are some of the major reasons why members are crying foul. And this made us want to get at the bottom of things. Keeping the good Forex trading name clean should be everyone’s duty. Read on to find out what we found out!

It seems professional scam artists are behind this brokerage site. With all the empty claims and promises plastered on their homepage, it’s clear we are dealing with a scam. How can a broker be giving out 100% welcome bonus? A broker who gives users 15% for giving referrals is definitely a broker. Empty claims and promises are what scam artists use to entice users to sign up. What other tricks have these scam professionals used on their website? Continue reading for more!

About TurboForex

As it turns out, TurboForex is an offshore broker who is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Dealing with offshore brokers is the last thing investors should sign up for. How can an investor be signing up with a broker who is anonymous? Who are the founding members of this platform? How comes there’s no names given in regards to actual founding members? As it turns out, this is another tactic scammers use. Turbo Forex owners want to remain anonymous at all costs.

Offshore brokers are notorious for flaunting set regulations and rules. Dealing with offshore brokers is a risky venture as there’s no way to reach out to them. Investors are dealing with a broker who simply wants to have funds deposited. Offshore brokers are known to fill their pockets with investors’ funds. Anyone who signs up with TurboForex should expect some rough treatment. As it turns out, dealing with this broker is problematic, authorities should be made aware.

Is TurboForex a Licensed or Registered?

As it turns out, this broker is far from being licensed or registered. Where is their licensing number? How can Turbo Investing LTD be offering trading services without a proper license? After getting in touch with some of the regulatory bodies, shocking details emerged. None of the well-known regulatory bodies has ever heard of this platform. It seems users are dealing with a cloned website which is unprofessional. What is TurboForex really up to with their platform?

By having no license and no registration, investors are dealing with an unauthorized broker. Anyone who signs up should expect some harsh treatment. It means users will not be protected by authorities if funds are lost. And this is what scammers are really after. For users to sign up and deposit funds. Later on, these brokers will steal funds straight from under you. How? They will pretend to offer a valid way of getting more funds. Dealing with TurboForex is financial suicide.

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Account Types

TurboForex is advancing to offer five different account types for investors to choose from. How is it possible an unlicensed broker is furnishing accounts? It’s a part of their huge plan to steal from anyone who signs up. Accounts are being used as a ploy to entice users to believe the platform is real. Names of these accounts include Mini, Standard, Premium, Fixed, and InterBank. What is this broker really up to? Are these accounts even legit to begin with?

TurboForex Account Types

What we found appalling with these accounts is their identical features. How can different account types have the same features? It means owners did not think it through. Scammers have a knack of issuing users with same trading features hoping no one notices. Luckily, we noticed what the broker is doing. Dealing with such brokers is a security risk as they simply want to fill their pockets. Make sure to be conducting a thorough investigation before signing up with a broker.

Trading Platform

TurboForex is using MT4 as their preferred trading platform. What is the point of issuing users with a platform with major concerns? In order to test how well a platform works, we had to download it. And this is where we spotted another red flag with their platform. As it turns out, this platform is highly unstable. Download stalled at around 54% and set up process was horrific. A platform without SSL Encryption will open up users to security risks from hackers.

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Hackers will be looking out for unstable platforms in order to steal valuable data. Details such as credit card information and identity is what hackers are after. Once these scammers have your credit card information, they will go out for a shopping spree. And this is what dealing with unstable platforms will lead to more trouble. Make sure you always test how well a platform works before signing up. Simply stay out of a broker who shares similar characteristics.

Are funds safe with TurboForex?

How can funds be safe from a broker who claims to be registered offshore? Trying to get a hold of this broker becomes a nightmare for all parties. How do they handle funds deposited by users? Have you noticed TurboForex fails to secure their website? Lack of SSL Encryption means funds can be easily stolen by third parties. It’s also highly likely users are funding owner’s personal account. Stay clear of this platform and deal with brokers with a solid reputation.

Is segregation of accounts being done by this broker? TurboForex is merging assets in one account which is extremely dangerous. In case of bankruptcy, users will lose all their initial deposits. Make sure to stay away from brokers with a questionable reputation. Reading reviews will help you open up your eyes. Make sure to be conducting thorough check before signing up with any broker.

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Is TurboForex a Scam?

After checking all data we have, TurboForex is a scam. Ensure you stay away from this platform and sign up with reputable brokers. Whoever signs up with this broker is going to have a huge problem.

Bottom Line

TurboForex Crypto and Forex Review

Steer clear of this broker at once. Dealing with such a ruthless broker leads to more misery. Make sure to warn your family and friends from joining this scam platform.

Wishing you a successful trading experience.

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