Tycoon69 Review: Is Scam or Legit ICO Network?

Tycoon69 Review: Is Scam or Legit ICO Network?

Share This! is a cryptocurrency investment company claiming to be in Switzerland. It is supposedly registered under Stefan Hosteler, which turns out as fake.

This system boasts of having tip-offs on limited products, totally unpredictable products, high rates of possible profits, and lastly guidance from a so called coach who presumably guides your way to riches.

Have you noticed something? No tangible service or product in exchange for the investments made into the network. It boasts of having one among the early birds in the Bitcoin industry, thus having the upper hand in such investments.

It outlines several platforms for a subscription. However, the strata-bases of these platforms are the contributions made by each investor. diligently invests in gaining several deposits from gullible or unsuspecting investors, boasting of first-class network operations and tip-offs for aiding the investor. is making a considerable fortune out of this. Remember that they only promise to link you up with the best. Ironically, they do not mention the best in what.

Watch out; you might exchange your money for the latest huge losses in your investments. Without the mention of a particular service, please refrain from having the worst ride of your life in cryptocurrency investment.

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worldmarkets boasts of partnership with best producers of whom no single information about them is stipulated. It would be best if you venture with legit crypto trading companies that have a reputation in the industry.

Be watchful of such claimed organizations which are intended to create a trustworthy impression of the network’s coverage. The partnership with Eric Adler is no real partnership under legal terms. The site rides on the rapport established by renowned corporations: to prove their existence.

Just a tip-off, if no partnership exists, then if you intentionally deposit with, wait for no coaching and training. You should probably consider sitting back and letting go of your investments.

How works

For one to enroll in, one ought to deposit a minimum of 50 Euros into the scammers’ e-wallet. This is due to lucrative promises of very hefty, monthly ROIs.

After registration, the investors acquire to tip-offs, highly classified data from presumably highly, skilled coaches and trainers. These pieces of training come at discounts that are meant to be in favor of the investor. Claims of highly skilled Master coach E. Adler.

 The network boasts of having tremendous sales power, where the anonymous product supplier supposedly offers tips on how to carry out crypto investments.

However, the ambiguity in the products or services provided by still poses a threat to any willing investor. seems only to offer a bunch of empty promises in exchange for your money. So before opting to sail on this travail, be on the lookout and try to think twice before cashing in with them.

Tycoon69 Review,Tycoon69 Platform

Laid out in platforms of affiliates based on hierarchy and subscriptions, members get lured into making any amount of deposits. These platforms range from Basic to Investor 2, with each having 104 MCV points to 128380 MCV points, respectively.

Ironically, as much as claims of awarding MCV points to its affiliates, the most questionable bit is the monetary value of these so-called reward points. boasts of using a 1MCV=BCB4U coin’s rate of conversion. However, remember no such currency, such as BCB4U.

Such points are, however, useless in regular economies, not affecting chains of supply and demand. The scores are only valid in web space and nowhere else. It implies that you are exchanging your real money for some made-up money system not beneficial to you in any way whatsoever.


After intensive on, it is proven that the websites lack a custodian and that Stefan Hostettler is not the man in charge. Stefan is not his real name but just a Pinterest picture labeled under some influential personality to trick the investors into opting for

Recall that this is just a well-established Pyramid scheme having an anonymous owner who wants your Trust and deposits lying in his e-wallet.

Also, the network site lacks an SSL security feature, which is very costly as the data input as at risk of hacking’s. Mind you, the hackers are the same people involved in formulating such a phenomenal Pyramid scheme, even having its form of crypto coins, the imaginary BCB4U.

This scam’s main aim is to make sure that the owners make gains through legitimate and illegitimate ways, leaving you the losing party.

Low Alexa Rank and WOT feedback having an Alexa rank of 1,130,945, misses to make it to the top and proves that lacks enough traffic to verify its integrity.

 It also requires feedback on The Wall of Trust. Isn’t this peculiar? How come, out of all the affiliates of, none of them has ever bothered to leave positive feedback in favor of their so-called benefactor. Also, to note, the company lacks precise company data and real, helpful user feedback.

Financial Security 

There are no withdrawal mechanisms to allow access to investments. It is limited to the fact that the currency in which is operating has no economic impact on most financial systems.

 So, with that said and done, imagine that you are walking across the streets, and you happen to come across an insatiable pit hole. Would you risk ditching all your money in such an avenue? I bet you wouldn’t want to aimlessly part with your payment. Thus, due to the lack of a withdrawal path and burden of proof for ROI generation, it would be in the investor’s best interest to refrain.

Scam or not? is technically a scam. A well-laid-out Pyramid scheme is operating based on fraudulent extortion from unsuspecting cryptocurrency investors.

The Pyramid is perfectly mapped-out in a way that it feigns a safe and secure cryptocurrency investment company. MLM having schemes: some not disclosing the methods of ROI generation are nothing but pure scams.

Having a very ICO network that is very shady, recommendations are to steer clear from such investments.

Note these; the founders, custodian of website, the value of crypto profits, Trust and integrity feedback, and rankings are some of the issues that help any cryptocurrency investor make a sound decision.

Based on the different platforms, promises pretty unrealistic ROIs. Investors are promised good returns based on their amount of contributions. Isn’t this shady? Subscribing to some highly ranked secret network who are boasting of giving you high returns from nothing.

Never allow a $1000000 bonus scam to lead you into depositing with Who, in his straight mind, will walk around giving a free $1000000? Sounds too good to be true. It is better to stick with your little bonuses as you slowly and gradually move your way up the ladder.

Final verdict

The is nothing but an illegitimate scam framed as a network of investors. This network serves no good interest apart from accelerating the rate at which money trickles into the scammers’ e-wallet account.

Trust only legit crypto trading platforms that offer you evidence of the past trading background. As investments on cryptocurrency increase and multiply, one ought to be very vigilant to personalities on a money-amassing venture.

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12 Replies to “Tycoon69 Review: Is Scam or Legit ICO Network?”

  1. Autor nemá o tomto projektu ani páru. Ono je nejlepší něco pomlouvat a hanit,když o tom má autor zkreslené informace…

  2. Tento clanok je uplne primitivny a neprofesionalny
    Ak by som bol spolocnost o ktorej piše tak podam na neho urcite zalobu
    Na druihej strane nevaha propagovat vlastne pochybne projekty
    Zial aj toto sa deje

  3. Niečo na tom bude, som členom Tyc*** 69 a ze zvláštne že nikdy moja platba na účet za licenciu neodišla a aj tak údajne pladbu dostaly.. Oni nemajú poriadok v zadaných finciach.. Jak môžu vydať certifikát a prijať člena keď som nezaplatil.. A môj účet a pozícia je stále aktivna

  4. Te akkora ökör vagy kisbarátom, hogy azt a facebookon kellene hirdetni. Mit gondolsz te ökör, hogy megadom egy hozzászólásért az email címemet?

  5. Is there a legit company that Pays Roi on the investment or they are all ponzi schemes. If there are legitimate ones can you please send me the list.

  6. VELKY POZOR!!!!!!!!!! – spolocnost Tyc***69 s.r.o. celi exekucii!!!!!!!!!!! –***69-s-r-o – spolocnost, ktoru zalozil Pavel Zítko na pokyn podvodnika Stefana Hostettlera po tom ako 28.5.2019 zacal FINMA (Svajciarsky financny regulator) vysetrovanie svajciarskeho Tyc***u 69 kvoli zavaznym podozreniam z podvodu (vysetrovanie trva dodnes ) – “Dne 13.12.2019 byl vydán exekuční příkaz č.j. 134 EX 12419/17 – 749 k provedení exekuce postižením obchodního podílu povinného ve společnosti. ” – skrachovaly podnikatel, ktory celi exekuciam, topi sa v dlhoch a zadlzil seba a celu svoju rodinu ide ludom radit kam investovat?????????????? clovek, ktory nie je schopny postarat sa ani sam o seba a o svoju vlastnu rodinu??????????? – uz by mohli pochopit aj ti najvacsi zaslepeni hlupaci v tomto podvode, ze svojimi “investiciami” splacaju aj dlhy neschopneho podnikatela Pavla Zítka!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hamarosan ez is csak 1 “hullócsillag” tündöklő fénye lesz.Charles Ponzi után szabadon. Legyen eszetek…. 10x es megérülést írérnek 6 hónap alatt. Mindezt úgy, hogy egy “szakadt” hozzá nem…., kicsit sem értő, csak betanulta a nagyoktól a szöveget típusú “eladócska” akarja rád tukmálni. Amikor felteszel 1 érelmes kéredést, akkor már gyorsan ki is hátrál, mondván, hogy ez nem neked való… Vicc…. Siralmas

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