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Share This! is a bitcoin cloud mining company that holds the premises that it is, in fact, the largest bitcoin mining company in the globe. It boasts of 12000 registered users whom it provides its services. Ironically, even with extensive research, there was no data to validate the above. This mining company brags of profound experience, yet they have been in operation for not more than one year. Where does all the knowledge come into play? does not provide vivid data on where it generates these stated ROIs. It gives no information on its Mining pools. A lack of this paints a clear image of the illegal undertakings foreseen by the anonymous owner. Always sign up with legit crypto mining sites to make some decent earning.

However, we do know that an increase in the number of miners signifies a threat due to mining difficulty; it is advisable to invest in direct trade rather than the former. Due to market volatility, the effects of crypto mining may be as severe as total account blows that leave behind, not even a single penny. I doubt any profit-oriented trader would like to experience such an ordeal. Therefore, is a risky investment option, not worth the unforeseen occurrences.

How it works has nine different investment plans, with the highest plan promises an ROI of 110% in 90 days. This claim is delusional. It is practically impossible to gain back one’s initial deposit in less than three months.

It also offers a 10% commission for referrals. See what this is? Nothing but a scam. These referral commissions are to entice new affiliates into initiating recruits. In turn, it incurs an increase in the deposit to this scammers account. Consequently, a heavy-loaded e-wallet for the broker but almost nothing set aside for you, the client. What a painful encounter.

Apart from having diversified the scheme via the Pyramid scheme, never releases the amount of hash power generated for specific amounts deposited. It does not state how the ROIs are made or where they are produced. It only provides mean daily returns and contract duration—no more details, to even try to convince one to opt for their services.

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However, crypto investors ought to be on the lookout when investing in crypto mining since we do all know the fact that: the mining difficulty poses a very significant threat for every crypto miner and investor out there.

Website’s security features lacks the necessary security characteristics to make it legitimate. Firstly, the site requires an SSL certificate. Even though it claims of legitimacy, any data input in this site will be prone to online predators and bullies who are busy out here busy searching for credit cards to keep on charging and this deems all the financial possessions under the access of the credit card to encounter a very high risk. The next time you visit a site, ensure it has the word” secure’ at the edge of the web address bar and little to no spelling mistakes.

Website’s owner and credentials claims of a life-span that has enabled maximal experience on how to ensure profitable investments, relentlessly. Interestingly, a look at the company’s owner left us awed. The company was started in 22-01-2020 and expired on 22-01-2020. The site is no longer valid for any operations. Efforts to try and find the owner’s name and details only proved futile as does not provide any data on this matter. It is a privately registered company beyond a reasonable doubt that is nothing but a scam that is on a spree by the use of random TXD. It creates an impression that they have paid; however, this is not entirely valid in the block-chain.

Investment plans offers nine plans for which it provides ROIs of up to 110% in 90 days. However, this does not follow much description of how these ROIs are generated. They only want deposits but do not care to enlighten a cryptos client on how the investments made are going to compound exponentially. Also, it provides no data on hash power generated per unit currency, and this is one of the critical bits of data that ought not to miss in any crypto mining investment company. Always, should an amount of money deposited accrue an absolute mining power in hash power? This follows that for, the lack of clear stipulation on this seems to slander the who crypto investment process, as it implies that the possibilities of encountering a loss or a blow are very high.

Deposits and withdrawals boasts of instant withdrawals and deposits. However, not the case as many negative reviews on these two processes keeps on trickling in. It has been discovered that deposits are instant, but withdrawals never occur. This only means that it is a simplified-one-way channel to drain crypto investors of their monies.  An upgrade request follows withdrawal requests. This request requires one to make more deposits to access the bitcoins already generated. This is unfair, beyond any only focuses on not only fraudulently acquiring money but also ensuring no chance of escape, in case one affiliate with it.

Customer support and contact details does not offer any through chat platform. This is very shady as it only creates the impression that is only a profit-based organisation out to make money and not meet the demands emergent from these crypto investment services. It does not provide a telephone number or a 24/7 customer support channel despite all the lucrative claims that it focuses on the profitable experience of its crypto clients. only proves that any prospective affiliate should renege before everything turns sour.


Online review plays a very critical role in any trader’s endeavors in a quest to find the most suitable company to invest in. It is on this matter that multiple detrimental online reviews were retrieved from over 40 different platforms. has an average trust score of 69. This is still not convincing enough to earn total confidence. Also, many clients complain of having endured minor and severe losses from this cloud mining company. Most reviews clearly state the fact that was a scam, and other traders out on the market should steer clear.

False Testimonials employs the use of fake testimonials from actors and actresses who are hired by this scammer. Most of these testimonials on their platforms on social media are forged. Investigations prove the existence of one person posting multiple reviews under different account names. Fishy? Isn’t it? Why should a genuine cloud mining company have dubious operations?

Final Verdict

It is vivid that is nothing but a total scam. This is just but one of the various fake cloud mining companies that articulate as Pyramid schemes. The unreasonable rates of ROI, lack of an owner, lack of features, and proper licensing only clearly show that this is a red no go zone. We always encourage our readers to venture into reputable mining sites which are transparent in the industry.

Traders on a venture to earn the wealth via crypto investments ought to re-clarify any data given by themselves. Also, refrains from aimless deposits to the first site that pops up on your screen might see them secure their assets. Beware of fake Ponzi schemes.

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One Reply to “ Review: Is Uibit Legit or Scam?”

  1. So, why the internet authorities are not stopping the suspicious site until some kind of investigation may be developed and the appropiate actions may be taken, SCAM = CLOSE of the site
    LEGIT = OPERATE under authorities surveillance, I mean even with cryptocurrencies, some kind of security must be expected i.e. supposedly somebody bought a Lamborghini with bitcoins, well but how may you know that the bitcoins are real?

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