Ultra Trading Review: Is a Scam?

Ultra Trading Review: Is a Scam?

Share This! is a company that promises to make good profits from investments by providing an easy automated trading system that welcomes any investor that wants to be part of the system. The company attracts eager investors by promising to turn a profit on investments within 24 hours. claims to offer superb 24/7 customer service and instant withdrawal of funds with a low 2% withdrawal fee. The company also claims to allow investors to opt-out of the platform at any time at a 5% fee. The terms of opting in and out of the contracts are very unclear, and this raises a red flag on the reliability of the platform to stay up and running for a long time. Review

Ultra Trading promise to turn a profit on investments within 24 hours raises a red flag. They claim to have a bot that makes investors profit daily by automating their crypto trading operations. The owners of the company are supposedly experts in trading with excellent performance. Always invest in profitable cryptocurrency trading bots in the industry.

Ultra Trading Review, Platform

With the help of the team’s expertise and their platform’s bot allowing automated crypto trading, promises that even novice traders can make the same trading moves that experienced traders make. They promise to make the right moves and the right risks to ensure to turn a profit on investments made.

Users are allowed to invest as much as they are willing to, with rewards being directly proportional to the size of investment made. This is meant to encourage higher investments from unsuspecting investors, and the company also claims to perform cryptocurrency mining operations. There has been no proof of this claim.

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“etbot" boasts of having a completely secure platform protected from any third party interference. They claim to have the best anti-malware software and protection from third-party interference. This is meant to allow users peace of mind that their investment is secured, and they will not lose their investment.

However, questions still arise on the reliability of the mechanisms put in place to secure the investments made by users. This is much like World Way Capital. An approach like a segregated account would help achieve this peace of mind. Luckily, only regulated fund managers can provide segregated account facilities.

The platform’s mode of payment is through Bitcoin deposits. This payment method does not allow users to recover funds or even trace funds made to the platform.

Investors choosing to invest using such payment modes face the risk of losing all their investment should the platform owners decide to take off. Worse, the platform even has its internal exchange system without involving any third party platform. This seems to be an attempt to have all deposits made to the platform and the platform alone.

Ultra Mining

This is the term that the company uses to refer to its cryptocurrency mining process. There is, however, no evidence of any cryptocurrency mining by the company. This is a common occurrence with companies that seek to scam unsuspecting clients looking to make fast money. The company also does not have any proven trading performance provided.

Investment plans offers traders three main investment plans to choose from. Clients can earn a profit of 8%, 15%, or 20%, depending on their level of investment. According to the company, all that investors have to do is deposit the required amount, and the automated system starts earning them a profit hourly, and they can start withdrawing as soon as after the first 24 hours.

These kinds of returns are unrealistic and questionable. Furthermore, the company does not offer a clear strategy and plan to make these returns from the investment and only makes claims of being the first platform with an automated crypto trading system.

Only fake platforms promise these kinds of returns to lure eager novice investors to their platform. This and the promises of hourly fixed earnings, automated trading, and instant withdrawals at any time are perfect methods to lure unsuspecting clients onto a platform with no clear strategies to convince investors to return for investments made. This company also offers rewards from affiliate programs. This shows the eagerness of the company to take investors’ money.

 Founders and Physical Address

Further red flags are raised from the fact that the owners of the platform operate anonymously. The company is supposedly based in the UK. While this may be true, there is no physical address to support this claim. This only raises more skepticism on exactly where they operate from.

This anonymity, combined with the payment mechanism, provides the perfect conditions to swindle unsuspecting investors out of their money. It is easy for the company to take off with the investor’s money leaving nothing behind but a website that has shut down.

 Summary of Platform

Even though this company seems legit, the design of the procedure of its operations is strange, and it is easier to get scammed under these circumstances than it is to make money.

The company assures unrealistic returns while lacking a verifiable trading performance provided. The owners of the platform operate anonymously, and their physical address cannot be verified. The platform claims to have a bot that automates their operations.

This claim has not been verified and cannot be taken as a fact. This little risk high reward situation posed by is perfectly set up to convince eager investors to invest with the company. The kind of returns promised by the platform are unrealistically high and only resemble numbers that scammers with hidden motives make.

While the company may seem legit, investors can’t trace or reclaim payments made to the platform. The platform uses Bitcoins as a mode of payment, removing the ability to recover funds or even trace the funds deposited onto the platform.

The platform also uses Bitcoin payments to convince investors that they perform crypto trading, which is a claim that has not been proven. The affiliate programs also raise suspicion as they show the company is eager to get people’s money without having provided a clear strategy on how they do to produce the high returns that they promise.

The platform poses an authentic look by including various convincing testimonials. Investors are always advised to take time to assess the risk before they make any investments. Many companies have provided such testimonials and even proof of payments made in the past but ended up being crooks who swindled money out of investors.

Final Verdict

While the company might seem legit, a lot of red flags are raised about the procedures of its operations. The lack of transparency, the anonymity of the platform owners, and the lack of a physical address make it hard to recommend to investors.

The returns of investments made promised are unrealistically high. The company has no proof of the strategies it will use to grow investor’s money. There is no proof of any mining or crypto trading operations performed by the company, and the company probably runs scamming operations.

Investors are advised to only invest in profitable cryptocurrency trading companies that have proven success in trading and should only invest amounts they are ready to lose.

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