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Share This! is a Forex trading school claiming to teach simple strategies that help people become better traders. This is a guarantee that Urban Forex is giving on the site’s homepage. The Forex trading school is owned and operated by Navin Prithyani who claims to be a highly successful trader and educator. He claims to have been recognized many times by FXStreet and Udemy for the Top 5 Webinars, Highest Rated Training Course and Top Educator in Finance. His recent course “Mastering Price Action” is one of the best selling Trading Courses in the industry. Claims the sales pitch. Since 2009, Navin’s mission has been to make Urban Forex the Best Trading Educational Platform out there to help as many students as possible by giving them access to the right education in the most efficient way. With thousands of success stories, Navin continues to make a positive impact on the market.

Best Price Action Trading Courses

So with this trading school, students will get insights, strategies and tools which you need to become a professional trader. Navin is allegedly teaching his students powerful methods of trading and also showing them how to ”feel the rythm” of the market. In addition to this, Urban Forex is promising amazing support and 100% guarantee on the quality of training. They essentially mean that you could try out his courses for 30 days risk free. One of the courses that Navin is selling is known as the Master price action course, a 7 day video that trains all aspects of price action. The knowledge that is taught in these classes can allegedly be used to make money in any market, whether Forex, Crypto currencies or the stock market.

The Master Price action course contains 90 videos which have been divided into 7 chapters covering buyers and sellers, gauging momentum, market condition and states, Money spot, time frame, V formations, Probes, Fake Outs and Spikes. Urban Forex is basically teaching everything there is to know about Forex trading. And just in case students are not satisfied with the course within 30 days, they can always ask for a refund by email support. This is quite a strange thing because if this is a digital product that gets consumes, there are no way refunds can apply when the user has already consumed the product. We do not know what means they are using in order to judge a genuine refund from a fake one. We always encourage our readers not to depend so much on refunds because they could fail at some point.

Having said that, the purpose of this review is to scrutinize this trading school and come up with conclusions. Is Urban Forex a good trading school or a scam? Can we trust Narvin or is this just a money game where a fake trading guru gets to sell us knowledge which he has never implemented in the real markets? You have to understand that there are two categories of mentors. Those who trade what they teach and those who talk about trading but make money from selling their course. It’s in your best interest to trust those who trade the methods and strategies which they teach. For that reason, we will be looking to establish whether Urban Forex has proof showing Narvin as a real Forex trader with a trading background in Forex.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use products which have been proven to work using myfxbook trading performance. After all, myfxbook trading accounts are the only reason through which people can trust these trading products. Without such an account, we can’t know performance and definitely, we can’t risk money on a product whose performance has not been verified.

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Urban Forex review

Narvin teaches how to trade Forex using price action. Price action is a sound method of trading and if you find someone who trades using price action and can prove it, that can be the best Forex mentor you can ever work with. But the problem is that finding a real trader who uses this method is quite difficult. Most trading educators just claim to use this method to make money but the truth is that they are making their money from the sale of their trading products.

Urban Forex is a market place of trading products whose prices range from $29 to $1000. Each one of the courses are meant to do something different. Narvin is even selling education about a trader’s mindset for the price of $199. A course on technical analysis goes for $1020. Mastering money management in trading course goes for $497.

In short, there are many courses which are being sold for different price tags. The question is whether Narvin of Urban Forex can prove whether he is a real Forex trader and an educator. We do not want to make rush decisions into trusting him just because he claims to trade Price action. Yes, his method of trading is sound and professional. Many people have mastered price action and are their favorite trading method. It works most of the time. But there is big trouble ahead.

Let’s consider Narvin’s trading performance

In all this, we need to find out whether this guy is a real trader since we do not want to spend money on a fake trading educator or a Forex mentor that does not walk the talk. Is Narvin a trading educator with evidence of trading live? We doubt if this is the case. There is no where on his website where he has published his redacted trading statements.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that Narvin talks about price action trading but in real life, he has never made money consistently with his methodology. You need to beware that such trading gurus are fake people who will swindle you of your money if you’re not careful.

Our best advice for you

Urban Forex would have been a good trading school only if Narvin, the owner was willing to walk the talk. Unfortunately, he has no proof of live trading. It is better to stick with products whose performance have been proven. 

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13 Replies to “ Review: is Urban Forex a Scam?”

  1. That is a review based on a**umptions. I am a student of Navin and while I admit his courses are very pricey and he makes a fairly high amount of money from them, I do believe he implements all of the techniques taught as I do myself. They do work and he explains it very well and makes it easy for people to understand.

  2. I have bought and taken all of Navin’s courses. If your dedicated to learning then I highly recommend ALL Urban Forex courses. Pricing is extremely fair in my opinion. They are ful of stuff you can’t possibly know unless somebody teaches you. I highly doubt there is another course that teaches this way. Check out Urban Forex on youtube and decide for yourself before buying anything. There are a ton of free videos on there to help you decide. HIs courses are designed in a way where you have to start at the beginning and master each lesson before the next will make much sense. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and I will continue to buy any new courses Navin is selling. Join us on Facebook for free at World Cla** Daytrading page where there are several of us that are students of Urban Forex courses, posting all types of trade ideas in advance. From Stocks to Futures and anything that basically trades.

  3. Honestly I find it a little hard to profit from his strategies. I’ve taken the MPA course and o follow the rules most of the time and it stops short and goes the opposite direction or it does something else to cause a losing a losing trade. Navin tries his beat to explain but its easier to understand with trading grounds that where added to the lessons. But I’ve been finished his course for about 3 months now and still not profitable. It’s easy to see what’s going on when I look at past charts like Navin does but when. It comes to the current chart it’s a different story

  4. Please, Read full.
    Honestly, I bought his all course,,,, first time i just watched videos lot’s of time. i didn’t understand anything,,, Because of i just watched all videos,,, i don’t try to understand the point what Navin try to explain perfectly. After a long time i watch all videos and i made a Hand Note for each videos. then i understand all points. Now i can gauge the Market Movement. And now i am a Profitable Trader (Alhamdulillah).
    i think lot’s of people facing this problem …. My Opinion: That’s your problem not Urban Forex
    (An Honest Review)

  5. I’m a former “team member” and was part of Navin’s “inner circle”. After years of training under Navin Prithyani, meeting him in person and trading with him in person, I have serious doubts about him being a profitable trader. Multiple other team members told me that they themselves were not profitable yet. One of those not profitable traders (Wilson) has been on Navin’s team for many, many years. This is a major RED FLAG to me. In all my time with Navin, I saw zero proof that he or any of his team or students were consistently profitable trading forex.

  6. Yeah same story as “Whistle blower”, I was also in his inner circle. Was with him for years. He is a good teacher and good at attracting new traders. Can teach basic concepts well. Supply/Demand, SnR, V formations and yeah the list goes on. However he is not a profitable trader himself.

    He is living a good life style from Students money.. and he is getting a lot of it too. Some months his income from the courses he is selling exceeded USD80000. So yeah he is living a high life on poor students money and scamming them for every scent.

    Know the feeling when you first find his videos online – it’s like oh my god this guy knows what he is talking about, but yeah, great con artist.

    So my advice to you is to try to find a reputable trader who has a track record.

  7. His course his terrible, they doctor the charts and I know he does not trade FX live accounts. Do not waste your money with this lot they selling educational courses and thats it

  8. They guy makes new names up like “V formation” and “money zone” for beginner education like double-triple bottom/H&S/Support and resistance.

    He and his “teachers” trading are R:R ratio of 1:1. and never did anyone in his team posted a trading statement from the broker where they made money. You’re better off finding someone who did. I know at least 3 other trading education companies that are 10x better than him.

    The most valuable thing I got from MPA, 4 course-bundle was tradingview. Stay away from Urban forex, there are many cheaper and better educational companies out there

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