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Our review exposes why this spin investment claim is a fraud. Those who have invested or tried spinning with the broker all have one thing in common. None of them has had the chance to withdraw funds.

The platform is all a roost to entice traders or naïve crypto investors to deposit with the broker. After depositing funds, the broker creates a dummy spin trade for all members. Here’s more in our clear USDTSPIN REVIEW

About (Why USDTSPIN is a scam)

Spinning and getting a guaranteed profit margin with each spin is a scam. We all know once you spin, the chances of hitting the mark every time are slim. And that’s what makes a fraud.

The broker wants you to invest your hard-earned crypto into the fray. Once you deposit funds, the broker blocks withdrawals. No member has proof of winning or withdrawing funds from the platform. Review: Pros and Cons

As of posting this review, the store claim to currently works on an app. We don’t see this happening, as it’s all a false narrative. Members are unknowingly funding the owner’s other crypto investment ventures.

NOTE: Those wanting to invest in crypto can do so with safe strategies. These include groundbreaking investment options such as coin staking and DeFi. Others can use Masternoding and start earning legit crypto profit margins.

Accessible spin platform? Not the case

Even the spin dashboard is dismal at best. We have a broker who fails to offer legit crypto investment strategies. These are brokers who don’t have a clue about crypto investments. We are dealing with a professional crypto scam group.

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Those who have invested and tried spinning all come up with the same story. The spin happens more times in a day than any casino spin machine. All these attempts to fool investors that millions are spinning each day.

And as such, it drives investors to spin more in the hopes of earning profit in crypto. The most popular packages the store claims to offer are low-profit margins. No one wants to make $0.6 in a day.

That’s even less than the poor African who earns less than $1 a day. Imagine having to deposit $1,000 and making $0.6. So the spin is not as impressive as the broker claims. High bonuses are also false.

Accounts and packages

There are a total of 16 packages to sign up with. With the starter account being free of charge, you earn the lowest. However, even if you spin for 100 days, you won’t get to withdraw the $60 after the spin cycle.

We see the highest package having a deposit requirement of $13,000. That’s relatively high, considering there are no high-profit daily guarantees. So such members are pinning or instead spinning their hopes on bonuses.

Account highlights

The broker fails to highlight the possible account features that would make anyone sign up. All we have is the minimum account deposit and set daily profit margin. There are other factors the broker fails to mention.

How does the broker intend to keep the deposit value from rising? We also don’t know the number of times a member can spin in a day. These are what make the entire spin methodology a scam.

The broker also fails to mention the vesting period required for one to withdraw funds. Is it possible to withdraw immediately if you spin and lose? The broker is only interested in your deposit value. Account Balance

Bonuses are too high

To try and tighten the grip, the broker claims there are high bonuses after each spin. These include bonus values of up to $100,000. But unfortunately, the platform has been active for the entire time, and no one has won this bonus.

These are the traps the broker uses to keep members glued to the platform. With the small daily profit margin, everyone now wants to hit the jackpot. And that will probably not happen in the future.

We see the broker also having pop-up messages from several people who have won. These are false identities, as there’s no proof of anyone receiving a bonus from the store. And even the messages don’t make sense.

An example would be the message from Elizabeth, who we see pays $200 in Bitcoin. The broker claims several users pay via the Bitcoin platform. But, ladies and Gentlemen, there’s no such payment method.

Broker’s rating

Due to the false claims, we rate the broker and the platform a 1/10. You won’t find any positive reviews of the store anywhere on search engines. All independent reviewers low rate the broker and term it a scam.

You must review brokers and their trading platforms before signing up. A thorough review of liquidity providers gives you an insight into what to expect. These are posts from users who have experienced firsthand such platforms.

Client reviews

Social media is abuzz with several members who have tested the spin platform. All share the same fate as the broke refused withdrawals. Some claim the profit margins did appear on the member dashboard only for withdrawal not to happen.

These reviews and what we see are the facts leading to our findings. is a scam. It would be best if you avoided these get-rich-quick schemes that don’t make sense. Even the banner claims you get rich without investing. How?

Contact and support

Funny enough, there’s no support structure on the platform. For example, we don’t have any live chat or 24/7 access to the broker. And that’s another reason to avoid the broker. You must prevent such brokers or risk losing everything.

Sign up with a broker who is available to communicate. The broker doesn’t want any communication with the would-be victims. There’s not even a listed phone number one can use to make a call.

Deposit and Withdrawal issues

Depositing funds is an easy and fast process. The broker offers bank and wire transfers. You will get the broker recommending crypto deposits due to the unknown factor. Those who deposit in fiat get an exchanged account balance in crypto.

When the time comes to withdraw funds, that’s when the broker reveals their true intentions. Even if your deposit fails to spin, you won’t withdraw funds. And that’s what makes the broker a scam.

Member dashboard and user interface

The spin dashboard, as we said earlier, is dismal at best. You get a dashboard without any leads, just a spin tab. Random numbers appear, and the broker raises your account balance as expected. We know for sure this is a demo spin version.

You would see several different outcomes in a real spin dashboard, such as online casino slots. With this trading platform, however, all outcomes are the same. And that’s what makes this platform a scam.

License and Regulation Status is not licensed or regulated by any crypto or forex regulator. The broker fails to offer any valid documents to prove the business registry. And that’s why there are no rules to protect parties on the platform.

Avoid unregulated platforms which lack a legal framework to operate. These are false platforms that take advantage of naïve crypto investors.

Our Verdict

Please avoid this or any other trading platform with the same characters.

NB: Go for proven crypto investments that guarantee safety for investors.

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