Vader Forex Robot Review: A Dangerous Scam!

Vader Forex Robot Review: A Dangerous Scam!

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It’s an indisputable fact that Expert Advisors have an established place in the hearts of those who trade the Forex market. However, most software products that pretend to be genuine trading robots are outright scams. One such example is the Vader Forex robot – a false expert advisor which promises a lot and delivers nothing. These are sentiments from people who have bought it and are now feeling cheated because it didn’t perform as advertised on the website.

Vader forex robot (from review

How Vader scam will kill your trading account

After going through the vendor’s website and analyzing the so-called features of Vader EA, we came to the conclusion that this package is being painted in the best light possible to fool traders.
They’ve certainly done a good job in presenting glowing but fake testimonials from people who are allegedly on their way to financial success. But first of all, the authenticity of these testimonials can’t be proved. And the reason is because they are probably scripted by the owner of this website to fool potential buyers.
The bottom line is that if we are not working with MyFXbook results, then you better forget it because there is no real way of proving product performance. In this case, Vader software is only relying on fake testimonials.

Vader EA review: Historical data on Vader’s performance

No one has ever proved that Vader forex robot made $134,714 in the month of May alone. The same thing applies to figures which have been used to portray how this software has been doing up to now. In fact, these figures have no basis whatsoever. We find that this is just sales gimmick and not something that you can rely on to verify this software’s performance.


vader forex robot

Mode of operation

This scam indicates that all traders can be successful with Fibonacci strategy of trading. Also, we’ve discovered that Vader only relies on this one strategy to open/close positions respectively. According to the vendor, Fibonacci is a no-gimmick Forex strategy which makes Vader fail-proof whenever it opens a position.
Moreover, the vendor puts emphasis on this software and how it is relying on overbought/oversold levels to make trade decisions. This is not the problem. The actual problem sets in when they hype the trading strategy that this software uses.
While Fibonacci trading strategy is very popular and has been used for decades to trade any kind of instrument, it is not 100% fail-safe. There is no guarantee that your trades will always end in the money.
Fibonacci is only a numeric anomaly and does not have any logical backing. The ratios, sequences, integers, and formulas which are derived from this system of trading are only a product of math irregularities. This might not necessarily mean that Fibonacci is ineffective. However, it can become a major problem to traders who actually want to know the rationale behind it.
Secondly, this system can only point corrections, reversals, as well as counter-trends. It says nothing about strong or weak signals. This contradicts the allegations that Vader can identify big movements before they happen.
And now that we have dozens of problems at hand, how do we arrive at the profit figures mentioned above? Perhaps this vendor knows best. But it’s also a confirmation that things can’t be as smooth as portrayed. The trade history table, plus the number of pips gained over the course of last month are all false. If these results were authentic, the vendor would have proudly displayed them on MyFXbook in addition to making them available through various third-party entities.

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scam alert to forex traders

The use of gibberish on this site means nothing

Does anyone know what Gryphon Trading Engine 3 is? Well, even the owner of this website doesn’t care to explain what it is. Searching this phrase on Google returns nothing. This makes us conclude that this jargon was intended to mislead and make traders think that Vader is a one-of-a kind software. The truth is that ‘’Gryphon Trading Engine’’ is a meaningless phrase, and you shouldn’t be intimidated by such jargon.
Vader scam is apparently suitable for those who want to make money in their sleep
This push-button software implies that one can make money on automation even when they are sleeping at night. That’s right and wrong. It depends with the effectiveness of the trading solution you’re using.
But as for the so-called Vader software, it won’t happen. It is therefore useless to promise traders that this software can save them from their hectic manual trading methods. These promises don’t change the fact that Vader is an under-performing Expert Advisor.
Furthermore, the beauty of its user interface serves no purpose for your trading endeavors. The bottom line is that you need to make money, and user interface is the least of your concern.

Money management

Again, we have to criticize this feature because nothing good can come out of the entire package. Regardless of how good Vader software is in position sizing based on your available equity, it will never multiply your profits if the algorithm is flawed.
Vader forex robot

Other marketing gimmicks which you ought to have identified by now

If you buy Vader Forex robot today, the owner promises you another free Expert Advisor. Why do you need 2 Expert advisors? No one knows.
Secondly, the use of countdown timers to promote software products on the internet is outdated, and is often used by Forex fraud traps to make sales. There is nothing like offer will expire soon. These scams are here to stay and will never expire. Finally, the fine print at the bottom of the page says that Vader is not a guarantee of financial freedom in the money markets. That’s a very chilling statement to read especially now that the software is being portrayed as the best in the industry.


There’s no point going for an obvious scam like Vader expert advisor when better trading robots are available. It’s up to you to make a decision because how you trade is your responsibility. However, if you wish to make a good start in an industry that is characterized by scams, a reliable Expert Advisor is an indispensable tool.

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11 Replies to “Vader Forex Robot Review: A Dangerous Scam!”

  1. ODIN ROBOT FROM FRT IS A BIG SCAM – They hide floating money in the results they show on their website, this is why they use no stoploss in their settings…
    Try to do this on a normal account balance and you are screwed…

  2. I am using Vader to make very good profits each week. That is the advantage of being able to a***yse its previous 2000 trades. It is only profitable on certain pairs at particular times of day.

    1. Julian – thanks for your feedback. I just purchased Vader today. Would you be open to a brief conversation about your experience with them to help a newbie out?

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