ValueFX Review: a Scandalous Ponzi Scheme

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ValueFX Review: a Scandalous Ponzi Scheme

ValueFX is an entity that promises investors an opportunity to get rich quickly. We all know that to get the money, you need to be patient. You cannot wake up rich just because an entity said so. There are multiple scams in the market, and this platform happens to be one of them.

The company claim that once you venture with them, you do not have to worry about anything else. You can carry out with your day to day life. Their smart portfolio allegedly got everything covered.

The firm brag that they use a unique and intuitive platform to manage the funds of investors. However, they are not offering the MT4/MT5 interface or any of their trading platform, which raises suspicion.

ValueFX state that it is using technology to yield high income for their clients. The majority of the scam use this strategy to still fund from novice traders. Not all of the entities that brag of performing trading activities are involved.

ValueFX Review, Platform

He platform claim that they are trading multiple assets like Options, Crypto, and Forex. Ironically, the venture brags of observing transparency. They also stet that investors will enjoy the best services. For starter, their website is not secure, and their domain name is weird.

Furthermore, the entity fails to disclose its team to investors. The firm has nothing to offer, and you should not engage with a Ponzi scheme. They will not fulfill their promises, and you will end up being disappointed and confused.

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The scam venture state that they have trading software. The platform will allegedly manage your portfolio and deliver high profits to you. They brag that their trading system has multiple advantages. It can identify trends, use multiple strategies, signals are also transmitted at high speed.

ValueFX is, unfortunately, a scam that you cannot trust with your data. Invest with legit Forex trading EA in the market. They will give you reasonable profits. Additionally, trustworthy ventures will not sell your info to the third party or steal from you.

The venture state that investors do not have to learn the market. Additionally, you won’t be obliged to perform research. Their algorithm is also adaptive and adjusts to various market conditions. However, it is important to note that the entity only speaks high about itself.

Unfortunately, they do not show any proof. ValueFX does not have performance reports; moreover, we do not know any accomplishment the entity has achieved. They want investors to entrust their funds to them, yet their transparency is in question.

You should not take this company seriously because you will only lose funds. The platform is a scam that has nothing to offer. Their website has generic information, but the firm does not get down on how they plan to earn a stable income.

Leverage and Spread

The company fails to provide the necessary data regarding the trading condition. The entity brags that investors will enjoy a very tight spread of 0.1 pips. We do not know the leverage ratio that clients can expect from this entity.

Their spread deal is too good to be true. Even the best ventures in the industry do not offer anything close to this. It raises suspicion about the activities of this company. Lack of adequate data is also a sign that the entity is not legit.

Withdrawal and Deposit

To deposit funds in this entity, you can either use; Debit/credit card, bitcoin, or wire transfer. The majority of the legit investment companies will have various methods like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Unfortunately, ValueFX has only listed the Credit card option, but it is not available.

Therefore, you cannot reverse or recover your money. Hence, you should be very cautious with this scam. The minimum amount that the venture is $500o this is too high and unacceptable. However, we do not know how long it will take to process the withdrawal or the least amount you can cash out.

Contact Details

ValueFX can be contacted via their telephone number; +447451277233 or on email; [email protected]. Their office address is allegedly based at Berkeley Square House, Mayfair London W1J 6BE.

The possibility of this scam to use false information to win over investors is very high. Scammers lie about their location to gain the trust of investors. With the characteristics of this firm, we highly doubt the data they present.

The only time the support is likely to contact you is when they need funds. After that, the fraudsters will cut all communication. Investors need to be very cautious with such entities. Invest only with the reputable entities in the market.

Regulation Status

ValueFX claims that they put the safety of their clients first. However, this is hard to believe because they do not have the necessary documentation. The entity will only steal from you and have weird requirements. The company brags that it is based in the United Kingdom.

However, we checked with the financial body to see whether the company is in its database. Unfortunately, ValueFX is not licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore, this is an illegal scheme to watch out for.

They will do whatever they please, even being unprofessional to their clients. Lack of a permit shows that the firm is not a serious entity. You can expect them to change their terms without abiding by the set guidelines.

Stay away from legal ventures to avoid losing money. There are better platforms that offer funds safety to their clients. The only thing you can expect from the scam is unethical practices. Stay away!

Safety of Funds

Your money is not safe at ValueFX. Moreover, the website does not have an SSL certificate. It means that your data is not safe in their platform. The firm can suffer from hackers’ attacks. Why would anyone trust such an entity?

Additionally, whoever is behind this entity did not take time to compile quality information. The venture only speaks highly of itself but provides no proof. The venture does not even have trading accounts. What kind of an investment is this one?

Moreover, they do not have a demo that can guide you through. The company brags that they are the leading social trading venture in the market. This is false information that cannot be verified. Nonetheless, the entity has done nothing to prove their legitimacy. They are only showering themselves false praises.

The company does not have a compensation scheme. Additionally, they do not segregate investors’ funds in reputable banks. It is highly likely that the money you deposit goes directly into the scammer’s account.

ValueFX lacks transparency and a trading reputation. The firm wants us to believe that they are the best, yet their credibility is questionable. Would advise investors to only trust entities that prove their legitimacy.

You need to know the people that are handling your money. Therefore, you need to see their qualification as well as who they are. It will be hard for the authority to help you recover your funds when the people running a company are anonymous.

Final Verdict

ValueFX is a scam that will leave you high and dry. The entity is not legit, and it does not offer fund safety. We believe that the entity is not located in the UK as the government does not authorize them. They are fully anonymous, and you should stay away.

Ensure that you only engage with the best Forex trading venture in the market. That has no reports of scam activities. Moreover, the entities are reputable, and the majority of investors are pleased with the companies.

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