Vast Yield Review: A Vast Scam Indeed

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Vast Yield Review: A Vast Scam Indeed

Vast Yield Review Update 2023: Here’s another crypto HYIP program that went under and failed to allow members to withdraw.

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About Vast Yield

When asked to comment about a site like, we’d say it’s a very typical example of a hardly altered high yield investment program script. The people behind this scam will always run away with your money no matter what happens. They are not transparent and definitely not professional. They thrive in deception simply because they want your money. That money is never invested in trading or many of the things which they claim they will commit your funds to. Vast Yield is definitely one of them.

So in this review, we will be highlighting reasons as to why you must avoid Vast Yield scam. The name of this HYIP program says a lot about it. When you look at its promises, you will have enough confirmation of what we are saying in this review. We have always said that anyone who mentions too good to be true figures for your profits is definitely a fraudster. 130% in 24 hours is not reasonable and will never be. 400% in 24 hours is utter ridiculousness.

These figures are definitely being promised to make you feel good. In truth, there is no earning a single penny from this website. Once funds are sent to this domain, expect them to disappear. Of course they are all ending up in one common pocket of a Cryptocurrency scammer who also happens to be the anonymous owner of Vast Yield.

They also claim that they have established a long term relationship with their clients and that this relationship is built on trust.

Well, before you trust Vast Yield, you should know that they are scammers who are not transparent. There is no way they can be trusted when they are not transparent.

vast yield

They are talking about clients who cannot be found anywhere on the internet. We have done some research and discovered that no one is even talking about this domain on popular investment forums online.

By stating that they have maintained a long term relationship with clients, Vast Yield is suggesting that they have operated for a long time now. If that was true, their clients would be spreading word about them. You know how word spreads across the internet like bush fire? That would be the same case here. People would be discussing Vast Yield and letting everyone know that it is a good investment opportunity.

But you see, no one is saying anything about this website. The only thing you are likely to see is how someone got scammed by this website.

Vast Yield Review

You only have to look at their ”about us” to realize that these people are crooks who want your money and nothing else. They claim to be professional traders and analysts. They also claim to have many years of experience and technical expertise in the Forex market. They allegedly use modern technology and algorithms to adopt cutting edge forecasting models which significantly reduce risks while increasing returns in a short period of time.

Anonymous professionals

When you go through their about us section, you notice how boastful this website is when it comes to introducing the people they claim are working for them. They apparently have traders, marketers, programmers and people working in various fields who have come together to build their team.

They also claim that Vast Yield is a long term project. However, from what we can see. It is not. It is a scam that is likely to go under in less than 6 months from now. There are many red flags to consider here, starting with the anonymous team of professionals whose identities cannot be verified.

We believe that these are fake stories. This kind of website is operated by one anonymous admin who is also responsible for collecting all funds. We cannot trust them because they have refused to show their face or those of the people they claim are working for them.

Lack of transparency is the most disturbing problem here. How will we know whether or not these people are trading the market as claimed on their website?

If this is trading, we should be able to see some evidence of trading going on. Something like past performance for the last 3 months would be ideal. After all, professional full time traders do have these records with their brokers. So we do not see why this information should not be released to investors who want to know.

There is only one widget showing the ask and bid price for Ethereum in relation to Bitcoin. This widget is the property of HitBTC so it seems.

Does this suggest that Vast Yield is actually trading Cryptocurrencies? Not at all. This is not considered as hard evidence that someone is trading. It is just a foolish way of trying to gain credibility.

Huge returns

When you see something like 100% in 24 hours, you should run as fast as your legs can carry you. The reason is that one cannot double their investments in 24 hours.  That is definitely not an investment but a scam.

This website is doing the exact opposite of what a real trading company should do.

They are promising us abnormal returns in a short time. We know that no one can make such returns in a short time. This is definitely something else and not trading. We just have to look at the numbers to realize the extent of these lies.

More lies down the road

They lie about everything. They even lie about their domain registration date. The scam says they got registered in February 1st 2018. This is not true. According to, the suspect website was registered on 25, April 2018. That is just one and a half weeks away.

Now, if you scroll downwards, you will see dubious payment records which purport that people are depositing and cashing out at the same time. These records are clearly not verified, and cannot be trusted.

Our best advice for you

Vast Yield is a ponzi scheme that fails to convince. They did a poor job. Thankfully, you shouldn’t be scammed now. If you want more money, start investing with these websites.

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