VBit Limited Review: 5 Shocking Facts About

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VBit Limited Review: 5 Shocking Facts About

VBit Limited is using fictional CEO information from stolen photos on LinkedIn. Here’s our candid review for more.

With a false UK shell company, VBit Limited is the supposed parent entity owning the products and services on offer. Far from the case, what we have is a ridiculous platform with a high-risk no no-reward scenario for anyone who signs up.

Any MLM operating from the UK should be a red flag, especially if they claim licensing from the FCA. After checking with the Financial Conduct Authority, we realized the platform doesn’t have a license to operate.

VBit Limited Review: Ratings and Customer Complaints

Getting a certificate of incorporation of your Company is fast with the registrar not keen on verifying details. And that’s why scammers looking to entice investors from the UK and Europe turn to this avenue.

And as such, having a certificate of incorporation in the UK is useless to investors. There’s no need to invest in a platform that fails to offer much in terms of authenticity. Accountability and transparency are out of the question with VBitLimited.

Members supposedly invest in USD equivalent to the listed Crypto with a promise of earning guaranteed daily ROI. Here’s the problem, we don’t advocate for any platform that ‘guarantees’ profits or ROI.

Learn more in our exclusive VBit Limited Review.

About VBit Limited

The Crypto growth accelerator plan is what the platform offers to investors. There are no other products and services on offer. The platform insists that you will immediately start earning the moment you start depositing funds.

Withdrawing funds from the platform is what lead us to this review. Apparently, investors have been facing an issue with the platform’s withdrawal process. Complaints have reached our help desk in regards to VBit Limited withdrawal options.

That’s why we have to avoid such investments in the future. Naïve investors are signing up due to the promise of making daily guaranteed profit margins. That’s not going to happen with the platform lacking in sufficient information.

As an investor, you have to ask yourself how the platform manages to achieve such gains. What investment route do they take that guarantees daily profit margins? Without answers to such questions, you should be wary of VBit Limited.

And here’s where we draw the line with platform as it fails to offer much in terms of information. If the platform is using staking and other investment avenues, investors should be made aware.

Sadly, that’s not the case as investors are to blindly sign up with the platform without asking questions. You must invest in a platform that offers relevant information to the vesting options available.

In this case, the platform even fails to quote the minimum and maximum vesting period for investors. And this is why we have to draw the line with VBit Limited. All you get is a promise of seeing growth on your investment.

How VBit Limited works

Imagine a platform claiming to offer 300 percent in five days after investing a minimum of $5,000. That’s an insane profit margin and the ‘guaranteed’ part is not the only feature that caught our attention.

The platform claims to earn high returns by capitalizing on the growth of potential cryptocurrencies. Does this mean the platform engages in staking or trading? It remains unknown the type of investment venture you are signing up with.

What the platform fails to understand is that investors do need some assurances of the pool’s capabilities. You have to get or verify the performance of such platforms before moving forward. And that’s not happening with VBit Limited.

Instead, the platform promises a high ROI within the shortest imaginable time. You have to wonder what they really need the money for if they indeed hit these targets. And that’s why we have to stay away from this platform or any other having the same similarities.

If the platform were that successful in the UK, every investor including lending institutions would invest with them. Sadly, that’s not the case as the platform is luring investors with false profit margin claims.

There’s also the insurance aspect of it all which we have to highlight. ‘Rug Pull Insurance’ is what the platform claims to have coverage from with AIA Group Limited. Despite the insurance company being legit, the coverage is not possible.

No insurance company in their right mind will insure a platform claiming to offer 300% ROI in 5 days.

Lost money with

You may be wondering how investors lose money with such products and services. We are going to let you in on what VBit Limited is doing to attract more and more naïve investors. And it all starts the moment you sign up and deposit funds.

After signing up and depositing funds, the platform aims to move around funds from one account to the other. Investors see their account balance rising therefore believing the platform is actually making the guaranteed ROI.

Far from it, the platform is using calculated means to ensure you continue depositing more funds. The platform will even allow partial withdrawals in two phases. Please note that such platforms won’t allow investors withdrawing the entire amount deposited at a go.

After making your first withdraw, the platform gives the allure of earning daily ROI. You will then withdraw during the second stage. At this point, the platform claims you have qualified to join the second investment plan.

All you have to do is add more funds to the kitty and start getting more ROI. There are investors who fall for the trap and others fail to do so. The platform now knows whether you’re all in or all out.

That’s when all hell breaks loose as the platform moves to block access to your account. The platform will claim you have either breached terms or hit the withdrawal limit. All these are excuses leading to losing all funds.

And that’s how investors lose funds with VBit Limited.

Customer Complaints, Ratings, and Reviews VBit Limited customer complaints

UK residents were among the first ones to air their VBit Limited complaints. As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority has already started an investigation on who’s behind the platform and false products and services.

There’s a customer review section on the platform which is untrue. These are false customer reviews with the images of the profiles listed as stock images. That’s how far the platform will go to fool investors.

Is VBit Limited Legit or Scam?

From where we stand, VBit Limited is one of the biggest crypto MLM product and service high risk no reward platforms. You will likely lose funds with the platform for believing in their high reward with limited vesting time claims.

A legit crypto staking investment venture usually has a projected ROI. The vesting period should be three to four months minimum. Any platform claiming less than the named vesting period is a high risk option.

Verdict VBit Limited

After receiving numerous complaints and the FCA starting a thorough investigation, we see VBit Limited as a high risk option. No investor has come out heaping praise on the platform which is a pointer of things to come.

The best way to invest is staying away from ridiculous investment platforms failing to offer much in terms of accountability and transparency.

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