Velox 10 Review: Don’t Be Cheated By This Scam!

Velox 10 Review: Don’t Be Cheated By This Scam!

In this Velox 10 review, we will prove to you that this project is a scam. In as much as they sound like a professional investment company, the real ugly face of Velox 10 cannot be manifested until you invest the required minimum amount of $100 as a membership fee.

So at this moment in time, we only need to prove to you that Velox 10 is a pretty obvious crypto-currency scam that no one should ever get involved with.

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Velox 10 Review

What exactly is Velox 10, and what do they deal with? To answer this question, we’d first start by saying that the introduction of this company is quite vague. Yes, we know that it deals with Crypto-currencies in general, and it also promises daily income as a result of committing a certain amount of money in purchasing one of their packages.

According to Velox 10, this company offers payment and investment solutions to those who want to invest, and that it works with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The problem is that Velox 10 does not state where the alleged payouts come from. Do they come from trading crypto-currency on the internet? Do they come from members’ contribution? These are certainly questions that we ended up asking ourselves because the owner of this project was not willing to give comprehensive answers.

On top of that, we were not able to find proof anywhere online that Velox 10 offers payment solutions and services. So this claim could just be a trick to make you buy any of their investment packages so they can pocket your money and probably disappear with it.

Regarding the whereabouts of Velox 10, we did our research and discovered that it was based out of Brazil. However, the website also hints that they are affiliated with X7 Capital — which is based in Singapore.

Again, there is a big challenge in finding out what X7 Capital does or offers. Lack of information is the primary concern here, which makes the entire thing look like a hoax and potentially a fraudulent business.

The main point that Velox 10 puts emphasis on is that they are offering investment plans with a daily return of 1.2% daily returns. This would mean making 36% ROI every month. This is quite unrealistic.

We took time to study their supposed investment packages. We learned that this company was asking people to join them with $100 as membership fee. Thereafter, a person is supposed to upgrade by paying an additional $200 to be able to earn up to $4000 per day.

Those earnings are unrealistic and ridiculous at best. We don’t know of any investment opportunity that will give you $4000 out of a small investment of $200. This is certainly too good to be true. And we know that it cannot be true no matter what.

Velox 10 return on investment

Also, Velox 10 states on their site that you cannot start earning until 15 days have elapsed. This waiting period is suspicious indeed. We do not know what to make out of this statement. All we know is that it sounds fishy.

The company is also restricting withdrawals to a minimum of $300. That means investors withdrawal requests cannot be honored until they have made a profit of at least $300.


Details about Velox 10 and X7 Capital continue to remain scanty and this is a common trend with most crypto-currency scams on the internet.

On one hand, they claim that Velox 10 is registered in Sao Paolo and was established in 2017. But on the other, they claim that they are registered in Singapore.

The CEO of Velox 10 and X7 Capital is someone called Ricardo Rocha.

Ricardo Rocha CEO of Velox 10

Ricardo Rocha is not a well-known person in the world of crypto-currencies. In fact, he is a total stranger with no reputation at all. How can you trust him with so much money in the name of investing in Bitcoin to make crazy daily profits?

To us, this man shows all the characteristics of a con artist. In fact, both companies under the name of Ricardo have no track record in doing this business. And if the supposed registration of this company is anything to go by, then we can say that this company is only allowed to handle non-financial products.

To discover that Velox 10 is offering financial services is to say that this company is breaking the law already. This adds even more suspicion into the equation because we cannot see how a company that is registered to provide non-financial services can go ahead and start soliciting public funds in the name of crypto-currency investment. Velox 10 is therefore operating illegally. Plain simple.

The suspicious stats

The initial suggestion of this company is that they will help you trade crypto-currencies to make up to 1.2 daily return on investment.

If you do your math carefully, you will see that this is an equivalent of 36% monthly return on investment. We managed to view their supposed Bitcoin chart and realized that it was flawed in every angle. This chart shows us a history of their Bitcoin trades for the last couple of years. Apparently, when you look at this chart carefully, you will see that it does not contain actual prices, which makes it a totally incorrect chart.

Secondly, the alleged return on investment which they claim can be 36% every month is just too good to be true. That kind of ROI is so high that we can never believe it. And in fact, even if it were true, that ROI would be unsustainable in the long run because crypto-currency is quite volatile, and there is no way you can say that tomorrow or the next day after that, you will make a specific sum of money.

In short, you may reach that target today. But that does not mean that you will reach that goal every end of the month.

The reason why we are saying that this ROI is not a consistent factor is because market behavior is not consistent too. Therefore, anyone who claims to have a program that offers consistent ROI is definitely not a trader, but a liar or a con artist.

Also, an in-depth research reveals that no true crypto-currency trading is going on here. Velox 10 is just a scam that intends to take traders for a ride in the name of Bitcoin trading.

The tell tale signs are out there for everyone to see. You can analyze their supposed Bitcoin trading history, and we guarantee you that you will spot the mistakes. These mistakes out right out of the place. They all agree that this company does not trade any form of crypto-currency on the internet.

Our best advice for you

The first thing you should realize is that Velox 10 has not been authorized in any way to provide investment or financial services to anyone. They do not hold that license.

Secondly, we believe that this field is regulated, and one must seek some kind of licensing in order to run this business.

Besides, the promised ROI is just too good to be true. No one can believe this hype that with $200, one can make up to $4000 per day. That is not realistic. Therefore, unless Velox 10 uses some kind of magic to invest your money to make profits on your behalf, we do not see how this can be possible in the real world.

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