Verified Traders Review: How A Scammer Created The Biggest Ponzi Scheme

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Verified Traders Review: How A Scammer Created The Biggest Ponzi Scheme

Warren Ouma, a well-known Kenyan scammer, is the brains behind Verified Traders, a platform claiming to double money within 1 or 24 hours. Warren claims to stake crypto and invests in bonds, forex, oil, and other alternative assets.

Our review will look at the pitfalls of what Warren has prepared. The few who have lost funds with the platform are now up in arms. And we will reveal why Warren Ouma is the biggest Kenyan scammer to grace the forex world.

There’s no bank in the world that offers daily interests, and these are recognized financial institutions. Even wealth management service providers do need some time to make a profit for members.

How Warren’s Verified Traders platform claims to hit high-profit margins is a lie. Sadly, there are those who have lost funds with the platform. And it’s high time we expose the scammer and the service he offers.

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About Verified Traders

Clearly, Warren doesn’t want anyone snooping around and decided not to engage users with the platform’s history. On the about us page, Warren claims Verified Traders is a hedge fund. The platform claims to invest in various assets.

Warren claims to have offices in Greenwich, Paris, and Singapore to sell the platform as legit and international. The scammer claims he has team members scattered all across every continent. Sadly, there’s no mention of team members.

You would expect the platform to come clean on who actually runs and operates the account. A profile of the team behind the platform should be available for all to see. Even Warren’s LinkedIn account claims he works with us, which is a lie.

To throw off suspicious eyes, Warren claims the team consists of 38 economists, engineers, marketers, and researchers. Verified Traders claim to oversee assets worth over $400 million for clients in 26 different countries.

The platform claims to generate 16 percent returns per calendar month and pay returns promptly. All these are false claims as there’s no proof of such. No investor in the world has proof of ever receiving funds from the platform.

It’s the exact opposite, as Warren fails to release payments once naïve investors deposit funds with him. It goes to show we are dealing with an unrealistic platform owner who has ties to the Forex scam world.


Opening an Account with Verified Traders is the first mistake

After landing on the homepage, you may get the feeling of a professional hedge platform. For the naïve investor, everything looks in place. However, not everything is what you see, as there are several loopholes.

First, the video that runs when is not from Verified Traders; it’s from Onyx Traders. It’s clear Warren is using footage from another website to fool investors. Thankfully, we do our research and can prove it; visit for a clear picture of what we are talking about.

Accounts and Trading Plans Offered by Verified Traders

There are three investment packages on offer by this sleazy scam platform. We will examine what each account claims to offer and why these are false. For newbies, we will give you insight into how to vet online investment packages.

Standard Account

The account sells itself as the best fit for beginners. According to Warren and his team of scammers, the account is for investors looking to profit within an hour. Members also get access to network and gold events.

Other perks, according to Warren, include investment seminars and business workshops. Clearly, the team lacks vision and couldn’t possibly offer any meaningful features. Why would an investor be looking to network in a golf tournament?

The acceptable minimum deposit with this account is $2,000. And the maximum you can deposit is $5,000 with a 100 percent minimum and maximum returns set at $2,000 and $5,000. These are clearly false profit margins.

What’s even more alluring to naïve investors is the $300 gift bonus Warren claims to offer after opening the standard account.

We urge you to stay away!


Also referred to as the premium Forex account, the account is set for investors looking for something like a savings account. The owner claims the funds grow at a compounding rate. Warren claims he can double the money within 90 days.

The minimum possible deposit is $5,000, with the maximum allowed deposit being $10,000. You also enjoy a $5,000 minimum return and a $10,000 maximum return. There’s a $500 gift bonus which is another false narrative.

You have to ask yourself, if the standard account doubles the money within 24 hours, who would even consider the premium account where the compounding interest is after three months? That’s the red flag most won’t see.

Warren wants investors who are blind to see this fact and jump to any of the two accounts which suit their interests. For investors looking for fast profit, the standard account is available. Premium is for investors wanting to hold on to funds and still earn interest.


The account is also referred to as the premium exclusive account with claims of members having access to whisky tasting and lifestyle events. Warren claims members gain exclusive access to all major airport lounges worldwide.

Now that’s a typical scam where scammers claim to offer heaven and all access once you give them your funds. Verified Traders also claims to offer an exclusive premium debit card. We should mention the acceptable minimum deposit is $10,000.

The maximum amount you can deposit with this account is $100,000. Warren and his team of scammers promise $20,000 to a maximum of $40,000 in return. And guess the duration of the vesting period?

2 weeks is what Verified Traders claim to make a 20 percent increase for the listed investment amount. You have to be realistic and take note of the investment amount and vesting duration. These two don’t match and can’t be realistic.

How the Verified Traders Scam Works

Pretty easy; you deposit your funds and kiss them goodbye, as Warren won’t bother responding to chats or emails. All these are false claims created by a scammer looking to defraud investors. And we have proof of his long spells of staying dark and coming up with new scams.

There are ways to invest in the crypto or Forex space. You only have to do some research before making your decision. And this includes having to wait and also hear from other investors. With the Verified Traders scam, no investor has come forward with proof of gaining any financial goals.

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Warren also entices naïve investors with a pop-up menu claiming someone has just withdrawn a certain amount. One that caught our eye was Jason Reen, who withdrew $500. There’s another withdrawal from the same person of $300.

You have to ask, why would anyone withdraw a lesser amount than indicated by the packages? The packages clearly state that the least you can withdraw is $2,000 in 24 hours. And that’s the proof you need that Verified Traders is a scam.

Support from staff

There isn’t any, as the chat box claims to email you back once you leave a message. And this is proof we are dealing with a scammer who is not ready to reveal himself or the team behind it. You would expect to live 24/7 support.

The contact page has two email addresses, with the platform claiming to have their official residence in Los Angeles. How would you know that the platform does indeed have a legal address in California?

By checking the business address of the region which doesn’t have any such business registered. And that’s how we know Verified Traders is a scam.

License and Regulation Verified Traders

Verified Traders is not a licensed or registered entity, so that you won’t get any protection from regulators. There’s no regulator on Earth that would allow such a platform to even exist due to the unconventional style of investment.

No regulator in Africa, Asia, Europe, or North America has offered any certification to WARREN or Verified Traders. There are no license documents listed on the website that would indicate the platform does indeed have a valid license to operate.

Without a license, it means no protection when things do south, which they eventually do. The platform fails to follow set investment rules and guidelines. Verified Traders fail to adhere to investment rules such as segregation of funds.

Is there any deposit security on

The broker fails to segregate funds from investors, one of the biggest issues we found. It means Warren uses the funds deposited by members to run the platform and pay employees. That’s totally unacceptable.

When the platform goes dark, or Warren claims to file insolvency, no compensation to members will be available. The platform failed to adhere to investment rules, and all the deposits will be lost.

There’s no denying that Warren holds all funds in a personal account. It means the platform doesn’t offer legit ways to invest or protect funds. Warren also fails to offer insurance coverage for deposits made by clients.

And that’s one of the biggest issues we have with Verified Traders. The fact that Warren fails even to offer any form of protection to the website. And that’s why we must expose the platform for failing to offer safe and realistic investment services.

Navigating through the website

The user interface is poor as the Homepage Menu doesn’t work. Once you clock on the Our Plans, or FAQ section, the page doesn’t offer any relative links. And this shows the website was poorly built thanks to a lack of professionalism.

These are some of the nitty-gritty we look for when reviewing a website. Will it be hard to navigate through the website and find it easy to use? Not the case with Verified Traders, as this is one of the biggest failures.

Warren has had a reputation for being a scammer. His background in forex trading makes it easy for him to come off as an expert in the field. He was a guest post writer for one of the leading forex review platforms, not an actual trader.

The testimonial that’s straight from the paid actor section

Most of the positive reviews you will find online are paid reviews. In fact, we couldn’t find any so far as we were posting this review. The testimony by Brian Thomas on the platform is false.

No user goes by the same name, and Warren uses a stock image and gives it a false name to accompany it. And that’s why we must expose the broker for failing to offer the truth about the user experience.

Some victims of the scam have lost everything, and Warren doesn’t seem bothered by it. We can only hope the scam goes under and relevant authorities remove the website. Warren is still hiding in his home country of Kenya.

What to do when scammed by Verified Traders

Looking for ways to recover funds from online scammers? Sure, going public and using legal means that involve authorities seems to be the logical thing. However, this process takes time, and you could lose more funds in the process.

Furthermore, authorities don’t have jurisdiction in the area. And that’s another problem for investors.

The best way forward is to hire a professional dealing in online fraud recoveries. These are professionals who take a small percentage of the recovered funds. And this drives them to recover the most they can from scammers.

You should try professional recovery services today.

Signs of an investment scam

These are the signs of an investment scam you need to look into before taking any decision to sign up. Check for these red flags before depositing funds.

  • Is the platform reputable and has a high rating and recommendation?

These are some of the features that you have to look into carefully. And this means doing some research on the platform and what they offer. What are other investors saying about the platform?

Does the platform have a solid reputation among industry players and normal investors? If there’s no positive word from the platform, it’s best to stay away and stick to reliable investment options.

  • Big talk, no actual evidence of making huge profit margins

Ensure you don’t fall into the get-rich-quick schemes that promise heaven and deliver hell. Verified Traders is one such platform. The platform claims to be all over the world, and still, no single positive mention of its success.

A platform claiming to offer quick returns in a matter of hours is just not realistic. If that were the case, even banks would seek their services to maintain maximum returns. That’s not the case here.

  • False partnership deals

When conducting research, make sure to confirm that a platform does indeed have partnered with the said institutions. We see Verified Traders claiming to have partnered with IDACB, IFMRRC, Crypto Valley, and the Global Foreign Exchange Committee.

These are false partnership deals where Warren has just uploaded the logos to try and make the platform look professional. Reaching out to such institutions and asking for any partnership deals would give you the actual case.

  • Navigating through the website and user control

There’s a section ‘read more about our approach’ where the link directs users to an image. In fact, the entire message is an image. And that’s just the website’s poor design, which speaks of the lack of professionalism.

Where exactly is Warren investing your funds and making high-interest rates within hours? Even in the staking world, there’s a set vesting period for the investment to work. And that’s one of the reasons to stay away from it all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Verified Traders

What is the Minimum Monthly Returns?

The platform claims it’s a guaranteed 21.94 percent, which is false as no investor gets to withdraw from the platform.

Who makes the investment decision on the platform?

Warren claims the decisions are made by a team at Verified Traders. He does not mention their qualifications, which indicates these are false claims.

What are the fees?

Verified Traders claim to charge a 1 percent annual management fee and 10 percent profit performance. Again, these are false claims, as no one gets to withdraw from the platform.

Verdict Verified Traders

We urge that you stay away from Verified Traders and instead go for proven entities. We have Exposed Warren Ouma, the brains behind this scam that will soon be deleted from the finance world.

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If you have any queries, drop a comment or email us.

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