Verse Network Review: Shocking Revelations Regarding

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Verse Network Review: Shocking Revelations Regarding

Verse Network is definitely one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes in the crypto trading world. Here’s our candid review that sheds light on what to expect with the platform.

After signing up, don’t expect the robots to magically make daily profit margins as indicated. These robots don’t have an ounce of evidence to suggest they do actually deliver. What we have is a platform that fails to offer accountability and transparency.

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Stay away from Brice and his products, Verse Network

Don’t fall for the daily guaranteed profit claim without seeing proof of Backtesting. Without proof of how a robot will perform in the real market world, the owner is just selling hot air. And as is the case with Verse Network.

What investors don’t know about verse network is that it’s another Crypto rise and wash scam. There were other products with the same name under different domains. The project is even available on the Play Store.

Is there a way to know who the culprits are? Luckily, we have traced the brains behind Verse Network.

Here’s our candid Verse Network Review.

A close overview of Verse Network

Brice Van den Bussche is the founding member and manager of this brand of MLM Crypto products and services in the forex trading niche. Another name that pops up associated with this product is Joseph Paillant.

Both of these ‘founders’ were associated with the collapse MLM Ponzi Scheme by the name Mainet. You won’t see much of Joseph on the Verse Network sales videos due to the warrant issued against him in the UK.

Brice has a long and shrewd history with multiple MLM scams that have rocked much of Europe. He remains untouchable thanks to his several homes in different countries. He now claims to reside in Dubai.

BeOnPush was one of his first MLM products that catapulted him to the scam big leagues. After the collapse, he stayed a year underground before coming up with another similar service, this time targeting Canadians, the Fort Ad Pays Ponzi Scheme.

In 2017, the SEC sued Fort Ad Pays for close to $40 million before Brice and his team fled the country afraid of incarceration. He went underground and in mid-2029, he came up with the Magnus Capital Center scam that rocked much of Europe.

And in 2020, he came up with another scam dubbed BeTrader. With the forex niche scam, he has managed to amass wealth to the millions of dollars. That’s how he furnishes his lavish lifestyle not forgetting other scams still active.

The active scams include BeTraderAcademy, a forex school that promises investors huge success after getting a ‘secret’ trading tool after covering the paid course. And in 2023, he launched Netbox, a streaming service that was short-lived.

How Brice and his Verse Network Manage to Deceive Investors

With most or all of his products listed on most financial securities blacklist, Brice sure does have a way to convince people. He starts off by having a showman who acts as the lead ambassador of the product on offer.

With the last exposed scam, Mainet has a Romanian national acting as the CEO of the platform. The scam led investigators to Brice who quickly fled to Dubai where he launched the Verse Network.

Authorities say Joseph Paillant was already in Dubai setting up shop for the upcoming scams. And that’s when the Verse Network was unveiled. The platform was registered under a shell company operating in Dubai.

It’s no coincidence that Dubai is the MLM Capital of the world with most fugitives hiding in the vast city skyline. Membership fees are what makes the scam grow with claims of making high profit margins within a short span the eye-catching phrase.

Scammed by Verse Network Original products and services

There are two victims on each of these products and services, members who sign up and those who become affiliates or marketers. Let’s walk you through how Brice has managed to keep afloat and scam victims.

After signing up, investors get the call to buy in with a membership fee. These members can then choose a plan that suits their expected ROI margins. Brice promises fast withdrawals within four days as proof of concept.

The catch is that there’s a limit to the withdrawal amount for the first two times. You deposit a minimum of $5,000 and you get to withdraw $500 the first four days and $1,000 after eight days. Most investors are led to believe they are actually withdrawing part of the daily ROI.

And that’s part of the scam as Brice ensures you withdraw a small sum of your initial deposit. The second aspect is to convince members to now deposit a large chunk for the higher plans offering more profit margins.

This is where investors decide to deposit all their savings with the notion of tripling their investment within 30 days. That’s when it all goes wrong as Brice will shut down your account claiming maintenance or terms violation.

He has been using this trick for years and it’s the same with the Verse Network products and services. The next batch of victims are the affiliates who get a promise of making huge commissions for referrals.

Commissions and bonuses Verse Network

Affiliates get to receive commissions in form of USDT. The more members you get to convince to sign up, the higher your commission rate. Most don’t even get a cent as the platform fails to release commissions.

Members who fall for this trick are convinced to sign up close friends and earn bonuses, also in form of USDT. These are false claims as no one gets to withdraw even a penny from the platform.

Brice gets to use these affiliates for their contacts and reach.

Customer reviews

From the first Verse Network scam with a different domain, investors have started coming out demanding answers from the platform. Most have sent numerous emails only for the platform to block or delete them.

With no answers coming from the platform, social media is the only way victims can share their experiences. And it seems all seem to share the same experience with the platform. All of them withdrew a partial sum only to have lost a large amount once the project fell through.

Daily Profit Margin Claims

Verse Network is one of the many Crypto MLM firms promising daily ROI. The platform offers a large Daily ROI claim of 150 percent after vesting for 10 days with the maximum daily ROI set at 300 percent for 30 consecutive days.

Commission caps start from 25USDT daily after signing up 5 members for the first membership plan. The highest commission is 10,000USDT or a maximum of 5,000USDT daily after luring 40 members with the fifth plan.

Is Verse Network Legit or Scam?

There’s no denying Verse Network is a scam. Brice already has a vast empire created thanks to the blood and sweat of innocent victims. That’s why you need to stay away from this platform or risk losing everything.

Verdict Verse Network

Please stay away from this platform or any other associated with the above people.

You can do yourself a favor by investing in proven passive investments such as Masternoding and Staking.

Find out how well-oiled investment platforms offer realistic profit margins.

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