Verticoins Review: Definitely a Scam

Verticoins Review: Definitely a Scam

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An all in one platform for digital currency, the full Verticoins ( review is out. After numerous complaints, it seems that the vendor has caved in. In a dramatic twist of events, the vendor is now selling the domain name. After a thorough investigation from our team, we found out that this platform is a hoax. They have been scamming anyone who deposits funds with them. And this is the best time to state that this platform is a colossal hoax.

Verticoins Comments

About Verticoins

The platform provides a forum for Crypto wallets and mining facilities. Some Bitcoin miners have purchased rigs from them. From our initial investigation, the platform claims to have been around since 2012. Thanks to the domain tools checker, this date is not the correct one. The platform is lying about their online presence. Most of these crypto mining sites will try to buy their online presence by posting false creation dates. There is more to this Crypto vendor who remains at large.

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Verticoins is a platform that is out to cause harm to anyone who deposits with them. A handful of online reviewers have made it clear that this is nothing but a scam. Before we dive deeper into the review, readers should learn to trust reviews. Reviews from a reputable platform helps to keep investors safe. We make it our duty to ensure all traders are safe and aware of any impending scams. And this is why smart investors rely on us to produce truthful reviews about online products.

Assets covered by the Crypto platform

The platform can be described as a brokerage for Crypto trading as they want to avoid regulations. Authorities must regulate a fully-fledged and professional Crypto brokerage firm. The platform seeks to jump due process and offer its products without being fully compliant. And this puts all users at risk as there is no way of insuring any contracts or deposits made. It is unlikely that this platform will resend your money once you file a chargeback. And this is the reason to watch out for unregulated Crypto service providers.

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For the investor who wants to exchange Bitcoin for Etherium, the site claims to allow it. Users have to send the amount they want. The platform promises to send the equivalent Etherium coins to your wallet. It all sounds easy, but it should not be a reason to try it out. Remember that Crypto is highly valued, and any transfer has to be recorded. And this is why an unregulated platform is the last place to send Bitcoins. The platform will likely claim they did not receive your coins, and there is no way of proving otherwise.

Comments from users

Verticoins Complaints

There have been numerous complaints from several users who lost their Cryptos with this platform. Alan Green is one victim who claims that this is a total organized scam. He recounts his harrowing experience in the hands of this Crypto vendor. What looks like a valuable trading platform is nothing but a scam. He claims that the vendor will use different names to hide their true identity. We have posted a dialogue of his email sent to us, which explains his experience.

Designer of the platform

The platform remains anonymous although they have posted a London phone number. We have no names of the actual people behind this, but Alan provided some names of the support team. These include John Bucchi, Rebecca McCann, David Fitzburg, and Teddy Woods. He claims that the vendor’s name would change with each phone call. It proves that this is another vague online Crypto scam. The platform is anonymous, which makes it a total scam.

Domain details

From what we found out in regards to their domain information, the platform is two years old. The exact date the platform went live was 25th May 2018. What is astonishing with the site is that it is already on sale. If the platform was doing well, it wouldn’t be on sale. The fact that they put the platform on sale is also problematic. Soon the website could be used to sell other harmful Crypto products and services.

Features of Verticoins

Investors should note that the platform does not include any brokers. A broker will allow users to trade derivatives and contracts derived from Crypto prices. For those who buy these contracts, they don’t become the owners of these assets or Crypto. They used a German address at first before switching to a UK address. The platform is not regulated and spells doom for Crypto enthusiasts. Users should learn to spot these scams before any harm is done to their financial status.

Is Verticoins licensed or registered?

Verticoins is far from being a regulated platform, which means there is a huge security risk. Those who buy in the false claims and promises are in for a rude surprise. The platform is unable to produce any desirable results, which are proof of their inadequacy. Without a valid license from authorities, they are a financial risk. There is no safety net for deposits made, which means no insurance cover. Once you deposit with this platform, it is the last you will see of it. The best option is to stay away from unregulated platforms.

Pros and Cons of Verticoins

Available plans

Verticoins is not furnishing users with any plans or subscriptions. The platform does not quote any minimum acceptable deposit. And this means they are open to any amount, which is a problem for investors. Such platforms take advantage of investors by claiming that the more you deposit, the more profit you get. These scam artists will create a personal account where users get to see the balance grow. It leads users to deposit more, expecting to withdraw a considerable chunk.

Deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to depositing funds with this platform, the process is easy and takes less than five minutes. The problem is withdrawing funds where most complaints touch on. Most of the aggrieved members state that the platform would promise withdrawal on a specific date. When the date was due, the vendor would not be available for comment. And this is possibly the reason why they are selling the domain.

Results and strategy of Verticoins

Another problem with this platform is they fail to show any proof of concept. The platform is good at showing how well a user can make money off their platform. One of the biggest problems with online products is proof they are working. The platform should have posted the results of the withdrawal transactions of users. With no withdrawal from users, the platform remains to be a total hoax. And this is why no one should sign up with this problematic crypto platform.

Scam or Legit Verticoins

What is clear beyond any doubt is that Verticoins is a scam. The platform is, without a doubt, one of the biggest problems we have in the Crypto world. Investors should be careful with Crypto platforms and use expert-recommended products. It is the only way to stay safe with digital currency trading.

Final advice

We won’t be recommending the use of this platform as it is an apparent scam.

Make sure to sign up with formidable Crypto trading robots with a proven reputation. These robots offer security for your investments at all times. They are what users go for when making a profit with digital currency. Don’t be left out; go for these industry-backed Crypto robots with a proven track record. What are you waiting for? Sign up with one today.

Our team wishes all investors a lucrative and safe trading experience.

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