View Invest Scam Review: Avoid Basic Financial Games

View Invest Scam Review: Avoid Basic Financial Games

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View Invest is a scam investment fund. There is no question that anybody who risks sending their Bitcoins to View Invest will end up getting robbed. These are daytime robbers. As you can see, View Invest is trying to promote a ponzi scam that offers no proof of trading or investing in Forex, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. Believing them can be an uphill task given that investors want to see proof of these activities as well as profits which they claim their anonymous traders have generated. Apparently, View Invest doesn’t want anything to do with scrutiny because they do not have what it takes to become a professional trust fund.

As we look around on this website, we find some of the most ridiculous returns you can ever imagine. View Invest claims it can generate anywhere between 10% per hour to 80% in 3 hours. Once you see these returns, you should know that you are dealing with a ponzi scam. Just walk away because these returns are not realistic. If they were, we believe that the admin of this website would not be putting up fake offers to entice people to join.

Imagine you found the key to financial success, and you could generate hundreds of dollars at will. Would you go preaching this gospel and helping everyone willing to join you for $5? The answer is no. You’d probably keep it a top secret. Or maybe you’d let people join you but for a higher principle amount and fees. You would also have no problem proving your track record, i.e. what you have made since you discovered the secret.

Now, from what you can deduce above, View Invest is claiming that they are successfully generating wealth for their investors, yet they can’t prove a thing. Isn’t this suspicious and typical of a scam ponzi scheme? Let’s discuss this in details.

View Invest Review

View Invest is a scam. Nothing can change our stand on that. But for the sake of enticing internet users, this is hardly noticed as they have distracted their visitors with colorful promises that cannot be realistically achieved. 10% per hour is 240% per day. That is like saying you can multiply your investments by a factor of 2.2 in a day. This is clearly impossible. People don’t become rich by entering a get rich quick scheme. To us, this is financial fairy tale. It does not make any sense for us. Anyone who trusts these numbers will regret because they are not reality. They are meant to mislead and ultimately lead you to sending them some of your Bitcoins.

view invest

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By the way, the highest investment plan offered at View Invest promises 7000% per month. You can agree that this is total BS. They are just quoting those numbers for the sake of filling up the page. You can rest assured that there is a trick to this. What you will ultimately earn is -7000%. Ponzi scams claim to offer some of the most unbelievable and unsustainable returns you can imagine. You’d ask yourself where all this money will come from. But it is obvious that there is no profit for the user. The entire profit goes back into the pocket of the scammer who owns this website.That should be clear from the word go.

Dubious website and company

By now, we should assume that all of you have basic financial education, and that means you can be able to tell whether or not 10% per hour is achievable.

The reason you should think twice about View Invest is because it is claiming to be a UK corporation yet they are using a different company’s registration number. The company in question is known as Earn Tech. We are wondering because nowhere in their terms and conditions have they mentioned their associations with Earn Tech. So the reason they are using another company’s registration is because they are not legally registered in the UK as claimed on their website.

We would hesitate to deal with a fake company like View Invest. Nothing is genuine about it. So you can rest assured that even their anonymous traders are fake as well.

At some point, View invest website claims that their domain has been registered for 5 years. That is a big lie as it can be confirmed by that the domain was registered on 4th April 2018 and should be expiring one year from now. Ponzi scams generally have a short life span. Their operators rarely go for registration beyond one year since they know that after scamming internet users, they will eventually drop it 6 months down the line.

Now, that’s another confirmation that View Invest is a scam. They have no long term goal or vision. The scam clearly wants to steal your bitcoins and then disappear in a few weeks from now. The patterns are all the same.

Should we believe that this is a professional management team?

What this website does is very contrary to their claim. They claim that they are a professional management team yet they are still using another company’s registration number. They have probably failed to register their website as a company because they do not have long term vision in mind. Theirs is to scam you and disappear 6 months from now.

Also, since they are operating like a trust fund, company registration alone isn’t enough. They need a genuine license from the UK regulator the FCA. This license has not been provided either. This is a very serious offense and a dead giveaway confirming the scam status of the domain where View Invest is hosted at.

Our best advice for you

This website is just a basic scam, and you can see it from their presentation. You don’t need any more explanation to be convinced that they are up to no good. They tried building credibility using a fake company registration number that belongs to another corporation. That’s a big mistake. We found out and declared it a scam. Please find these opportunities for your investments. You can thank us later.

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