Virtual Currency International Review: is a Scam?

Virtual Currency International Review: is a Scam?

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Virtual Currency International claims to provide training in various investment instruments such as Forex, Crypto currency and commodities. They present a number of investment plans to their users which are dubbed Leader, Pro, Started and Easy one. Depending on the package which an investor chooses, Virtual Currency International will provide them with training for the beginner or advanced traders. They claim to have operated this business for 15 years but the domain of the website was actually created the other day. It is hard to believe these claims unless they show us another website which has been running for at least a decade. They should be involved with this site in order for us to establish whether its true that the number of years which they claim to have run this business is the absolute truth.

VCI (Virtual Currency International) is therefore presenting itself as a business where traders can purchase educational packages for learning about the money markets. Purchasing any of the packages mentioned on this site is connected to an opportunity to earn a passive income where investors are promised a daily return of 1.5%. On top of this, there is a referral program in place which is meant to encourage members to encourage other investors to sign up so they can earn a commission from their sign ups. This looks like a Ponzi scheme as opposed to a genuine Forex trading operation. The first thing that you will realize is that none of their presentation is making any sense because a genuine Forex trading operation never combines their business model with a ponzi scheme. If they do, chances are that they are a bullshit scam.

Besides this, the website talks about the geographical footprints of their concept to become regional or global leaders. We do not know what this means but if we take a wild guess, we can figure out that this is something related to a ponzi scheme. They also state that they are focusing on the most attractive and extra ordinary business opportunities. This is yet another reason why this website seems to be operating a full blown ponzi scheme rather than a genuine business. If you want to trade and make money from the Forex market our advice is that you should make use of Forex trading tools with proven trading results.

Virtual Currency International review

Virtual Currency International claims that their business is overseen by a company called Network Planet Ltd. They claim that these two entities are owned and operated by one person and that the focus is to provide financial intelligence throughout the world using training, workshops, tutorials, and events. They believe that there are many opportunities to work with our money wisely. They also believe that the blockchain technology has made it accessible and transparent. The training is focused on showing people how to earn money on the internet as well as investing wisely in order to multiply earnings.

Basically, their about us page does not communicate anything substantial. It sounds vague as most of the information here is only talking about a business model that sounds like that of a ponzi scheme. For instance, they are talking of network marketing, consulting and even mining. However, the website does not go into the details of what specific areas of business they are utilizing to make money. In addition to this, they claim to offer services in financial consulting. The question they should be asked is who licensed this company to provide financial services to the masses? They are obviously claiming to provide financial advisory services and if this is the case, they should also talk about whether or not they are regulated. Otherwise, we will assume that this is an illegal service.

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You need to be aware of the scheme

You need to be aware of the fact that Virtual Currency International is a full blown ponzi scheme or an MLM for that matter. The educational packages which they are talking about is just an excuse to cover for the fact that the site does not have a product or service which they are legally offering to the masses. By the way, starting and operating an MLM without a product to offer the masses would be illegal. And even if they had a product, this would be completely illegal since they are offering investment advice and also claim to offer passive daily returns. This simply means that they need to ensure that their service is registered with the relevant financial regulators.

The daily returns

If this is a Forex trading operation, you need to understand that you will never earn 1.5% daily returns from Forex trading because it is not sustainable. Even if you manage to earn this amount in one day, it does not mean that the market will permit it tomorrow or the next day. Every day markets behave differently and you just cannot guarantee any daily return unless you are operating a get rich quick scheme or a scam for that matter.

Moreover, they are not telling us about the strategy which they are using to generate the 1.5% daily returns. They are not disclosing where this money comes from and so we can obviously believe that these proceeds are coming from new member deposits as opposed to trading. This is the definition of illegal business or even a scam because there is no way a vague business can accept member deposits without a clear definition of what they are doing and how they are generating the alleged returns.

Our best advice for you

Virtual Currency International is definitely a ponzi scheme because we cannot see why a decent company would fail to discuss what they do and how they generate returns. We cannot trust their investment advisory service for the simple reason that they do not even have proof of performance. Besides, their promises are quite unrealistic. You cannot expect to earn any penny from this MLM. If you do not want to waste your time, our advice is that you should get these tools.

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  1. VCI International ist ein Betrug! Dahinter stecken Betrüger aus Deutschland. Eugen Rosenmeier, Uwe Meyr (ryem), Vladimir Galabov und Andre Kämpfer haben in Deutschland Ponzi Systeme und Scams beworben (Questra, Cryptogold, Bitcoinstep, Empire Spot, ICO Scams und andere Betrugsysteme. Jetzt versuchen die in anderen Ländern zu betrügen und Geld zu stehlen. Alles was die erzählen ist gelogen. Vertraut denen nicht. Viele haben wegen diesen Leuten bereits Ihr Geld verloren. Bald kommt ein Video über die Betrüger. Dort seht ihr die Beweise das alles Betrug ist.

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