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Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds Review: Confused Illegal Mining Scam is another scam bitcoin mining cloud company. The platform claim to offer digital currency investors an opportunity to earn profit without doing anything.

Be very cautious about any mining company promising you huge returns without any technical effort. Cryptocurrency ventures, just like every other investment, require skills and time to mature. has been in the market for long. The company has managed to con some investors their hard-earned funds. This is why we urge all crypto enthusiasts to stay away from the platform.

There are a lot of negative reviews from those who have interacted with the company. Review, Platform

There are also some fake testimonials that we believe are left behind by the platform’s marketer. founders remain unknown. The company is operating anonymously. This kind of nature is a complete red flag.

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We cannot fathom why you would choose to proceed with a company that is not transparent. There are trustworthy mining companies in the market all you need to do is research and have the relevant skills.

To make matters even worst is not licensed to carry out their investment activity by any authority. Review

There is insufficient data put up by company. All we know is that the company allegedly perform mining activities. The model they have incorporated is like all other mining companies.

As the investor, the company asks you to choose the contract that suits your needs. The platform displays the profit margin and the returns you will receive by the end of the contract.

Everything they have compiled looks enticing, but it is essential to consider that they have not outlined how they plan on achieving the stated profit.

There is no info available regarding the mining activities of the company. We are left with so many unanswered queries.

There is no way we can verify undertake BTC mining. For instance, they have not disclosed the location of their farms, the hardware they incorporate, or the incurred expenses.

Cryptocurrency is very volatile, which can be an advantage or disadvantage to investors. The company has not put across how the plan to cover the risk that comes along.

Avoid all investment companies that assure you of absurd returns without having a transparent method. There are numerous credible cloud mining services out there. Unfortunately, is not one of them. Regulation Information

We did not get any legal permit on the site. While you are carrying out any crypto mining investment, you need to make a decision.

Always make sure you choose a regulated company as your funds are safer in such entities.

Although there are advantages that come along by choosing an unlicensed investment company, it is not worth the hustle. is one shady company that has not even bothered to put up their regulation information on their platform.

In addition to that, we are not certain about the location of the company. We don’t know about you, but we would not invest in such a crook platform. lack credibility, and no investor should trust them with their cash. The pyramid scheme will do away with its clients’ funds within no time.

Excellent customer support is every company’s strives. Trustworthy investment company ensures their customer support is top-notch, and they can be easily contacted. company has not put across the time they take to respond to customers’ grievances. They offer support only via email, which is usually the method used by the pyramid scheme.

Ponzi schemes will never contact you after receiving your funds. They will only impose pressure on investors to increase their deposit. After obliging to their demand, they will cut all communication leaving you high and dry.

Professional scammers operates the platform and promise you unrealistic returns. The platform want to stay anonymous to the public at all costs.

Returns and Mining Contracts has not stated their least amount of funds or the maximum you can deposit on each contract. The platform method of selecting a plan is simple.

Investors only need to select the amount of GHs the wish to attain and the set the maturity time. The investment company promises users a daily return of 0.5% up to 1.3%. financial narrative is sound the only problem is that they haven’t shown the model they utilize. Choosing this platform is a high risk, and funds are not safe.

The returns they offer may be enticing, but if you use logic, you will see so many loopholes. Remember that pyramid schemes are run by professional scammers, and they only want to steal your money and not to make you rich.

Referral program

Numerous crypto investment companies offer their clients an affiliate program. The legit platforms monitor the method being used by their customers. Mostly they only accept ethical means that clients have directly gained from.

On the other hand, a pyramid scheme does not monitor its investors. They can use any method so long as you drive traffic on the platform.

Mostly promoters use videos, blogs, and ads to get as many potential investors as they can. offers a 25% commission to the investors that manage to bring a friend, relative, or colleague on the site.

However, it is critical to remember that the only people that benefit from a pyramid scheme are the initial investors.

The platform uses new clients’ funds to pay their pioneer investors. The cycle goes on for a while until there are not enough funds to support their cause.

It is at this point a Ponzi scheme will exit the market. Investors lose their funds, and nobody comes to their rescue, primarily since the company is not regulated by any government on land. Testimonials

Potential investors rely on testimonials the experience left behind by the already existing clients. Mostly you find that a shady investment company will be trying to manipulate and leave fake reviews.

They use their paid marketers or stock images to appear transparent to the member of the public.

Which is why you need to be very keen when reading testimonials. has one positive review on its site and many negative ones in the crypto enthusiast platform.

The platform has been accused by its investors of not processing withdrawals. The company takes long before handling their customers’ requests.

Some clients have said that the displayed data as proof of payment is fake. They urge new investors to stay away from this website.

If you observe the information, they have shown you will quickly realize that the payouts are of small amount and not huge funds. withhold users funds after sometimes. This platform is not ideal for any investor that is looking for a long term income.

If you were planning to join the company, stay off and if you had already invested, kindly withdraw when you still can.

The platform will only pay at the initial stages. This is to ensure they create credibility with their investors.

After you deposit a vast amount of funds, the company will freeze your account, and you won’t be able to withdraw your referral bonus as well.

The Domain Name

The investment company is operating anonymously; we could not trace their actual location. We also did not manage to establish who is the founder of this platform.

The investment company registered domain is The registration took place in October 2017 and will expire in the same month the year 2028. The company receives its target mostly from Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina.

Final Verdict

We cannot emphasize enough that is a Ponzi scheme that you should avoid at all costs.

The company is not regulated, and there is no information regarding the team behind its operations.

Furthermore, the platform has so many negative experiences from its existing clients. Much reason to avoid the investment company.

There are trustworthy mining Firms that you can find. All you have to do is avoid fraudulent suspicious platforms.

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