Vista Network Review: A Crypto Gaming Scam

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Vista Network Review: A Crypto Gaming Scam

Many crypto companies often claim to be involved in multiple industries to target people having varying interests and seem like a more legitimate platform. VISTA Network is one such platform that is claiming to be a reliable platform for gamers, along with its modern crypto features.

It is important to analyze and review the different aspects of VISTA.Network in detail so that it can determine whether the company is actually a trustworthy source of revenue. Keep reading to learn all about VISTA Network.

Overview of VISTA Network

According to VISTA.Network is a platform that uses high-end processors and graphic cards to help gamers in having an immersive gaming experience. Moreover, the company is claiming to be releasing a brand-new gamer system in 2024 with more powerful features for gamers.

Other than the gaming features and capabilities, VISTA claims to have a well-established network through which different users can connect with each other. The purpose of joining such a network is to deposit, withdraw, or transfer funds. The company claims that all such transactions happen in “real time” so that gamer can shop quickly.

VISTA Network Logo

Domain Insights

VISTA Network was registered in 2017, and the website went live after a few months. Analysis of the company’s website shows that it is receiving very insignificant traffic.

In other words, VISTA Network has failed to generate any significant interest among its target audience – gamers – since its inception. All of the company’s traffic is from the USA. Hence, it is evident that the company is running from the USA.

Owner of VISTA Network

Initially, VISTA.Network did not provide any information about the owner or the team members. However, in 2018, it was revealed that the CEO of VISTA Network is Armen Temurian.

VISTA.Network has been updated since then. It now provides the names of the CEO and a few other company executives. The website has also placed the icons of different social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, along with these names, but these icons are only available in image form, and there are no links attached to them.

Therefore, VISTA Network does not provide any other details about its CEO and executives. However, further research shows that Armen Temurian has been involved in numerous MLM companies before, such as Amway, Enagic, and Organo Gold.

Registration Fee of VISTA Network

Joining the VISTA Network is directly linked with Bitcoin investment in the company. Users have to invest anywhere between 0.05 BTC to 8 BTC to participate in any kind of income opportunity from the company.

This kind of registration fee shows that the company’s claim of being an easy-to-access platform for every gamer is not true. It is not possible for every gamer to invest even 0.05 BTC into a network like VISTA Network that does not actually have deep roots in the gaming or crypto industry.

Considering the registration fee VISTA.Network, it is recommended that you avoid investing in the company. Instead, you should consider investing your money in reliable crypto cloud mining companies that offer profits through reliable crypto trading and mining procedures. 

Income Structure of VISTA Network

Even though VISTA Network is claiming to be a well-established platform meant for gamers to share, send, and receive funds, the income structure of VISTA.Network is similar to any other Ponzi scheme.

The company is asking users to invest 0.05 BTC to 8 BTC or ETH equivalent to this range to get a return of 200%. This type of business model is not something that is new in the crypto industry. In fact, many other such companies have emerged as well as collapsed in the crypto industry.

Moreover, VISTA Network also makes a very tall claim that you can double your BTC or ETH investment within 80 days through the company’s unique Dual Coin Platform. VISTA.Network also states Vista Algorithms are used to ensure maximum security of the payments and deposits you make with the company.

ROI Breakdown

VISTA Network claims are promising 2.5% ROI per day for a total of 200% in 80 days as per the following income structure:

  • Invest 0.05 BTC or ETH to receive a 6% commission for a total of 0.1 BTC or ETH per day.
  • Invest 0.1 BTC or ETH to receive a 7% commission for a total of 0.2 BTC or ETH per day.
  • Invest 1 BTC or ETH to receive a 7% commission for a total of 2 BTC or ETH per day.
  • Invest 2 BTC or ETH to receive a 7% commission for a total of 4 BTC or ETH per day. z
  • Invest 4 BTC or ETH to receive a 7% commission for a total of 8 BTC or ETH per day.
  • Invest 8 BTC or ETH to receive a 7% commission for a total of 16 BTC or ETH per day.

This detailed income structure clearly shows that VISTA Network is expecting you to invest a lot of money in it. You won’t be able to make any significant profits without investing a hefty amount of your funds in the company.


Features of VISTA Network

Now that you are familiar with the basic income structure of VISTA Network, let’s explore the detailed breakdown of the different features of VISTA.Network to determine whether it is a trustable platform.


VISTA Network is claiming to have state-of-the-art technological products that include high-end hardware systems. Moreover, the website also promises that the company’s products are 100% made in the USA, so clients don’t have to worry about the quality of the components.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the company does not provide any further details about how it ensures component quality. Even the product catalog available on the website is highly limited, so the company’s claims of providing a genuine and wide range of products are not trustworthy.

Gaming Platform

Another significant claim of VISTA Network is that it is a trustable and well-established platform for gamers. The company claims to have its own gaming pools through which gamers can enjoy gaming with each other while using high-end hardware and gaming systems.

However, the business model of the company shows that it has less to do with the gaming industry and more with getting investment from users. The income structure of VISTA.Network is like any other MLM scheme.


VISTA Network claims to be a safe and secure platform. However, the company does not provide any details about the strong encryption models it is using to ensure maximum protection.

Instead, VISTA Network is only making generic claims about having a safe and secure wallet. It shows that the company does not dive deep into its working procedures. Instead, it wants to impress the users to get their investment.

Experience & Expertise

A significant selling point of VISTA Network is that it has lots of experience in the gaming industry. It is true that the company has been operating since 2017. However, the company is not getting any significant traffic from anywhere in the world.

The lack of traffic shows that people are not happy with Vista Network’s products, services, and generic claims. There are lots of contradictions in the company’s features and promises. Hence, it is not surprising that VISTA. The network is not able to win over many people.



Analysis of the entire business structure of VISTA Network shows that the company is not a trustworthy platform. The company is operating like any other Ponzi scheme. So, it can collapse at any time due to a lack of investment.

It is making very tall claims to attract people and get their investment. However, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to make any significant profit from VISTA.Network. Hence, you should avoid investing in such platforms. Instead, you should consider investing in genuine crypto-cloud mining companies that provide significant profits. 

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