VIX500 Review: Vicious Forex Scam Broker Unveiled.


VIX500 Review: Vicious Forex Scam Broker Unveiled.

VIX500 ( is a Forex broker scam that has hit the lucrative Forex trading market. What we’ve seen and heard about Vix 500 is not pretty. With promises such as having a world-class trading platform, newbies will be tempted to sign up. What we did was do a thorough investigation and find out what was Vix500 all about. Read this genuine and honest review to find out who’s behind VIX500.

VIX500 Review

VIX500 Review:

Newbie traders and investors are more often than not attracted by huge promises. These scammers have done exactly that by printing over the moon promises. What these scammers have done is create a website that looks real and convincing. With the auto chart hovering above the page, its clear why you would want to sign up. Before signing up, make sure you read this entire review.

What are all these promises all about? Total service package, award-winning customer support team, and a world class platform. Its what scammers are going for, to make you trust them at first glance. Behind all these empty promises, lies a dangerous game at play, one that involves your money. These promises are meant to entice you into quickly signing up without second thought. It’s what they want from you.

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Who Owns VIX500?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, Blue Seal LTD owns Vix 500. Problem with this statement is that we don’t know who actually owns this company. What these scammers have done is create a fake company name. Who actually owns VIX 500 is a question on everyone’s lips. Fact of the matter is, we have no proof of ownership. These scammers have made this impossible to find out.

Anonymity is what scammers go for when pulling such Forex scams. VIX500 is no different as they have made sure no one can reach out to them. What we can do is find proof that these scammers are actually hiding their identity. And we did find proof, there’s no contact information regarding this company. It means that no one can ask them any question, even the authorities.

Is VIX500 Regulated?

VIX500 Scam

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VIX500 is not regulated in anywhere on the face of the planet. Our investigation revealed this when we contacted a bunch of regulatory bodies. First stop was with the FCA who were on the verge of banning Vix 500. Next stop was with CySEC who did not have a clue what VIX500 was. It’s now clear that we are dealing with a Forex scam that has no legitimacy whatsoever. What you should do is stay clear from VIX500.

Another avenue we checked with was with the registrar of companies. Blue Seal LTD is apparently registered in Vanuatu under the number 014629. What we found shocking is that there’s no such company registered under such a name. It means that these scammers have come up with their own registry number. What a shame that these scammers have gone to such lengths to get people to sign up.

Fake Claims.

Just below their main sales pitch, one can see a clear and detailed claim of how loyal Vix500 is. These scammers claim to have the best and unrivalled trading experience. Furthermore, Vix 500 claims to have the expertise and passion that’s unmatched. Claims such as they never fail to exceed customer expectations can be seen.

Such claims are merely a plot to make you sign up with them. What these scammers are going for is the wow factor. For starters, they know investors and newbies are hungry to get money. What they do is take advantage of this need by creating a quick fix to it all. Everyone would love to make quick and easy money, that’s what scammers use. It’s best to read this review to find other dirty tricks used.

Fake Platforms.

According to VIX500 homepage, success of trading requires a powerful and reliable platform. Platforms must be feature-rich and simple at the same time. One has to agree with that but, is their platform all what they claim it is? All we know is that a good platform must be compatible on all devises. So, we had to check whether VIX500’s platform would work with desktop and mobile devices.

All we had to do was click the download button and see. Folks, after clicking the download button, download took like forever to load. After a waiting for what seemed like eternity, download stalled at 81%. This means that their platform is unstable and prone to attacks. No one should sign up with a platform that’s unstable. Hackers take advantage of this to steal personal information from unstable platforms.

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Account Types.

VIX500 Fake Review

VIX500 offers users four different account types. These accounts are Standard, Silver, Gold, and VIP account. Members must make a minimum deposit of $200 to over $10,000. It’s odd that a standard member has to part with $200. This is way below the acceptable standard of $250. It means that these scammers want to get as many people to sign up. This could spell disaster to traders.

Scam artists such as VIX 500 ensure many people sign up and later shut down the entire process. What happens after they shut down the process? Members lose all their hard-earned money. It’s of no use to sign up with a platform that will close at any time. Furthermore, we are sure that once authorities get a wind of their activities, they will shut them down. Best thing to do is to stay away from vix500.

Are Funds Safe with VIX500?

Member funds are not safe with this brokerage firm. As we said earlier this is an offshore broker who are known to break the law. Surely, you don’t expect them to insure your deposits. As we earlier said, members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal account. This is why we are against the use of VIX500. What about a compensatory scheme? VIX 500 does not participate in a compensatory scheme.

Is VIX500 a Scam?

VIX500 is definitely a scam that will take all your money. Best thing to do is to avoid all promotional messages sent by them. Also, ensure you mark all their emails as Spam. Never click on any link sent by these scammers.

VIX500 Final Verdict.

VIX500 Scam Review

Evidence we have produced is clear that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. You need to stop thinking of signing up with Vix 500. Stay safe and trade wisely with known and proven entities.

Sign up with Appropriate and Authentic Forex trading brokers and start making some real money. Dependable and Genuine brokers is the secret to making Real money trading Forex. Go for Forex brokers who have been tested and Trusted by the trading community. Stay safe and trade comfortably at all times.


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