Wal Bell Alliance Review – Scam or Authentic Hedge Fund?

Wal Bell Alliance Review – Scam or Authentic Hedge Fund?

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Wal Bell Alliance at claims that they are providing a reliable and secure way of investing. They also proclaim to be a world class trading company in securities in addition to providing their clients with advisory services in finance and investing. This is something we won’t agree with if the website won’t produce their license. For you to legally provide investment education, you need a license. Otherwise, you are committing a crime and you are probably a scammer who is seeking to make some quick bucks.

Wal Bell Alliance also claims to have successfully operated in the capital market since 2016. However, when we check the domain registration details for this site, we discover that they were only registered the other day. To be precise, this domain was registered in Feb 2018 and not in 2016. It is important for the sake of clarity. Now, when we try to scrutinize further details pertaining to the domain, we realize that it is privately registered as well.

That’s quite unfortunate, and it’s really a bad thing because they come across as dishonest and non transparent. If you ever come across a site that is not upfront with the details of the owner, you should back off completely because that’s probably not a good site.

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Wal Bell Alliance Review – is it a genuine hedge fund?

The website of Wal Bell Alliance claims that they have employed a team of financial experts who are skilled and are using conservative approaches to trading. They tell their clients that their analytical skills and innovative financial strategies are up to par. They also claim to use technology in order to bring reliable and stable investment to the investor.


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They claim on the sales page that their mission is to provide clients with financial security, highly quality financial advice and structured investment options that meet the needs of their clients. One thing we have to assure you is that if a company or an entity is operating like this and is not displaying any license for this kind of operation, then it means that they are breaking the law.

We believe that Wal Bell Alliance is based out of Nigeria because their website is receiving most of its traffic from that country. We also believe that the financial regulator in Nigeria is not aware of this site’s operation or are sleeping on the job to say the least.

Wal Bell Alliance: Who are their clients?

There is some ridiculousness happening on this site. For example, Wal Bell Alliance claims that their clients are the big banks, insurance companies, charities and many more. This claim is unsubstantiated because we cannot find proof anywhere on the website of Wal Bell Alliance that they are trading Forex for these companies.

It would have been better if they made claims and ensured that they were verifiable. But now this site is making claims and in the process, ending up making a fool of themselves. If you have big clients, we should be able to learn about you quickly. We should be able to see what proof of performance you have for the last few months or years of operation you have spent in this industry.

But this is the opposite of we find in the Wal Bell Alliance website. We neither find evidence of these customers working with the entity nor any track record suggesting that this entity has been trading Forex for a while.

And if they have been trading, our advice would be to provide a myfxbook account for us to scrutinize these results. We have written to their support to ask for these details and have heard nothing from them.

So we are assuming that Wal Bell Alliance does not maintain any myfxbook. They are also not trading because if they did, they could have proudly produced some proof of their activities.

1-3% daily returns

We have reviewed many types of websites here. Although some are obvious scams – think of sites that promise 100% daily returns, others simply announce a modest figure such as 1% a day. Do you know that 1% a day is 30% a month? This is quite high and unreasonable. The site owner would need to provide us with some proof for us to believe that they are generating these returns per month.

As it currently stands, no hedge fund is generating these returns. They are definitely out of the norm. Wal Bell Alliance needs to provide us with some kind of evidence for us to believe that these numbers can be achieved. However, with the current economic situation, we don’t think any hedge fund manager would be generating 30% in monthly returns.

The problem with Wal Bell Alliance

The problems that we have with this website is because it is making numerous claims which cannot be substantiated. This is in addition to the fact that the hedge fund is not licensed in its area of jurisdiction. So let’s think about this even before we can send any funds to this site.

The other problem that we have against this hedge fund is the fact that they are not transparent with their customers. If they were transparent, there would be no need to hide any details. There would be no need to make claims that cannot be justified.

Our best advice for you

Although Wal Bell Alliance is promising modest monthly returns, we still don’t think they have traders who can generate these returns on a consistent basis. It’s just hard to believe and without some sort of proof, it would be impossible for the masses to be convinced of this service. Therefore, to be safe from getting scammed or losing money on the web, find a serious hedge fund you can trust on this list. If you have any views, don’t hesitate to comment below this post.

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9 Replies to “Wal Bell Alliance Review – Scam or Authentic Hedge Fund?”

  1. I really appreciate your review, i was about to establish a deal with them, then just tried to find a review about them and i came across yours. Once more really appreciate your review.

  2. pls sir can you help me to review this online investment company claiming 1.5% a day if you invest $100 and above {Vsora International Investment Ltd}
    120 Eltham High Street, London, SE9 1TD,Company No. 11436370.i will be very happy to know more about them…thank’s

  3. Thanks a lot for information on this scam called WalBell I was about to commit myself with them but decide to read review first. When I review their trading stats in their website I found very shocking l*** there. THIS IS A BIG SCAM.

  4. You’re absolutely right. Wal Bell Alliance is BIG Scam. Right now the site is down. I invested with them, when the heat was too much, the packed up!

  5. Quite sure, Wallbell is confirmed to be scam,I withdrew from them sometimes, i re-invested again now they disappear.
    Secondly please review this site (Instaforex) they hide under forexcopy trade to scam people,and give warning to investors around the World, thanks for your honest service to mankind.

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