Warrior Trading Review: Best Trading School or Scam?

Warrior Trading Review: Best Trading School or Scam?

Warrior Trading is a trading educational business under the managements of someone called Ross Cameron. The educational courses which are sold here can cost you anywhere between $800 and $2400. On the other hand, getting access to their trading room will cost you around $100 every month.

Warrior Trading also has a 5-day ”free trial period”. The problem is that you have to sign up with a PayPal account so that your account will be debited the moment 5-days have elapsed.

Warrior Trading Review

Overview of the site

The website is neat and professional. There are even pictures of sky divers holding hands and falling down to earth as a team.

warrior trading review

The initial impression is that working with Warrior Trading website is fun and teamwork-oriented. In fact, this is like saying ”We are in this together.”. Day trading is fun.

Of course this is great because it inspires those who did not want to join in the first place.

So the next task is to look for evidence that this person is really trading as he claims. We look around to find a trading performance button or tab because anyone who actively trades will proudly make this available. Right?

The next step is to find Ross’ biography or something that would tell a story of who he is, how he started and how he has been doing so far.

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Of course to get this information would mean finding his about me page and reading it. Good, this page was available. So we read it and thought to ourselves that what we were reading was plain entertaining. Ross claims that he used to work as an architect in New York, and that he was tired of the daily 9-5 grind. He wanted financial freedom.

The story of Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading is that which invokes nostalgia. Ross had always dreamed of abandoning his job and going back to the countryside where he would build a farm house and make money through trading while enjoying the isolated lifestyle (probably with animals).

This story is flowing and easy to believe. Mr. Ross comes across as non-threatening and for some reasons, this works for him so well.

Again, this guy is an architect. Do you know of any architect that has stolen from anyone? Do you know of architects who do bad things to fellow human beings?

You see, an architect is someone who is honest, educated and hard working. An architect is not a hustler. Surprisingly, this architect is now a ”trading guru” running a full time trading business at Warrior Trading.

Who is a trading guru? A typical trading guru is someone who claims that title even when they don’t have a real success trading record. Trading gurus are actually investment hustlers who make money of unsuspecting victims without coming across as thieves. They are experienced con artists who will go an extra mile to sweet-talk, thus pushing victims to ”invest” several thousands of dollars on fraudulent trading products. Let’s present our evidence against Warrior Trading.

A one-day trial offer at Warrior Trading

At some point, Ross offered to allow anyone sign up at Warrior Trading for free and without forcing people to do so with their credit card numbers.

warrior trading review

We managed to get in since it was free and we were not required to fulfill any obligation. We wanted to experience what others were ‘enjoying’ at Warrior Trading.

Now, the first thing you have to realize is that when the so-called trading guru allows one day free access to their trading rooms, they are always intending to be in their best behavior to avoid scaring away potential leads.

They rehearse the script and present it in such a manner that you won’t suspect that they have an ill motive. The problem is that one day access to these so-called trading educational schools will never give you an accurate picture of the true nature of things.

You would need access for a significant length of time to be able to formulate an opinion about that particular trading school. This is because our ‘trading gurus’ are often in their best behavior when hosting these occasions.

To gain real access to their products and services, you’d need to access the back end and see whether or not they are really experienced in what they do.

You cannot judge based on a one-day access to these trading rooms. Therefore, this is just a meaningless marketing stunt.

Warrior Trading: The trading strategy

This guy specializes in low float stocks. What exactly is low float stocks? This is basically any stock that is highly liquid and trades with tight spreads. Any stock that is characterized with over 40 million shares a day is considered low float stock.

The market is very deep because there are multiple buyers and sellers. Also, the spread for buying and selling is very tight.

Now, Ross loves to focus on low float stocks that move fast. But the problem with this strategy is that stocks that have low float but are high in momentum tend to have wider spreads.

Since this means that these stocks don’t have a lot of shares floating around yet they move quickly, the cost of execution can be very high.

For instance, if company Y was selling for $5 per share, buying this share would cost you $5.05 at market rates. Instead of enjoying the added liquidity that comes with a high float stock, one would be forced to pay an additional 0.05 to execute the order.

Now, if you are a reader who has no experience trading stocks, you might think that this nickel difference does not matter.

However, you have to know that it does matter a lot. It’s the reason why the performance of trader A will always be different from the performance of trader B.

You see, this is the biggest problem that most trading schools or signal providers with a following often suffer. For example, if a particular signal provider buys this stock for $5 and informs his following that they just bought that stock, his following would immediately act on that signal in a bid to copy what the master trader just did.

This would result in a scenario where the price of that stock would instantly climb to maybe $5.70. Now, who wins and who losses? You know the answer. The one buying at a favorable price will win while the person jumping in at the current price will most likely lose.

The summary of what happens at Warrior Trading

The deception is subtle but very powerful. This owner of Warrior Trading is very good at swaying unsuspecting investors into trusting that he is real and that his method of trading can bring good results.

The only way to trust such a person is by having them post their actual trading statements on the site. This way, we can analyze it bit by bit to the point of getting convinced that this guy trades and that his money comes from trading, not from selling trading products.

Our best advice for you

We have already discussed what you need to know concerning Warrior Trading. The point is, Warrior Trading is not a good school. If you want to trade stocks or anything like that, visit this list and sign up.


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