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Way Capital is a suspicious investment website soliciting money from unsuspecting internet users who are desperate to make money. Way Capital does not get into the specifics of what they do with the money which they collect from individuals. Instead, they are giving us a vague explanation of what they do and how they will generate returns for us. This should be considered a red flag and if you ignore the fact that Way Capital is vague about the description of what they do, then you probably deserve what’s coming to you. However, we hope that once you finish reading this review, you will see some sense in what we are trying to talk about here.

The site provides their address and means for contacting them, just in case those they are targeting want to reach out to them for some reason. In as much as this is a professional thing to do, it does not mean that they are legitimate or that the site operators are engaging in legit investment operations. The details are as follows: Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, 200-275 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B3, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B3, Canada and can be contacted using the following details: 1 204 818 84 45, [email protected]

World Way Capital

This clearly means that Way Capital is claiming to be based in Canada. So they definitely need a regulator’s license from Canada in order to legitimately invest the money which they are soliciting from internet randoms. You’ll be shocked when you see the kind of returns that this shady website is promising. There are 8 investment plans in total and each one of these plans promises a different daily return. What makes this a suspicious website is that it the numbers which they claim to generate on a daily basis actually seem impossible to attain. 1.5% means that we should be expecting a return of 45% a month.

This is clearly impossible and any investment expert will tell you that this is a typical scam. In fact, the whole site does not have content that is geared towards convincing the potential investor. Instead, the content sounds vague and the ideas don’t even come out clearly. It would be hard to trust these guys if this is the case. However, we are also not taking chances because these folks could just find a few foolish people with money to throw around.

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Way Capital review

There are many red flags on this website. They are hard to ignore unless you really don’t care where your money is going to. But if you really care, then you will see that Way Capital is a scam. The first red flag is in how they describe their business model and the lack of details to describe what this company does, who is behind it and what returns they have achieved so far.

We have searched the entire website and found nothing pertaining to the ownership of this website. Naturally, when you come across a website that claims to generate returns but is not disclosing information concerning the owners, this is usually a scam from the word go. If they are this successful as claimed on the sales page, they would be proud.

You need to think of it in terms of how investment managers sell their business on the internet. The most legit investment managers or portfolio managers don’t hide behind the internet. They are very transparent with their professional background and nothing is hidden in the eyes of investors who would like to partner with them. Now, this is contrary to what is happening on the Way Capital website. We only know that the people behind this site decided to trick internet users with details of a fake company called World Way Capital LP. We know that no such company exists in Canada and we also know that the operations of this site are not regulated and yet it is always a requirement that anyone who is offering money management services should obtain a regulator’s license for the same.

More suspicious elements

Well, in as much as this website promises attractive returns to its investors one thing you ought to know is that those numbers are not real. If this was true, they would probably be having a professional looking website by now. They would also be accepting really high deposits and not $20. Only ponzi schemes accept small monies for the sake of taking advantage of all kinds of people with all pocket sizes. You can be sure that this is not a genuine investment destination because they don’t even have proof which actually shows how money is invested in their hands and how they have been successful in the past.

Way Capital must be avoided

With all the vagueness on this website, we do not think anything good can come out of their hands. Having said this, we think the best thing to do is to avoid sending them your money whether in Bitcoin or in regular currency. The reason is simple. If the site cannot explain what they want to do with their money, don’t blindly trust them. If ownership information has not been provided, then there is no need to trust them either.

Our best advice for you

Avoid this scam at all cost. It should be clear that this is a ponzi scheme, which is why there is zero explanation of how they generate returns for their alleged investors. If you want to invest your money, consider trading it for returns. 

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31 Replies to “ Review: Is Way Capital a Scam?”

  1. Thank you. I will post that to my group. I have more info on them. Their address is fake. A**embly of Manitoba Chiefs is a first nation advocacy group. They are not regulated by IIROC like they claimed to be. I emailed IIROC to confirm. Since they claimed to be backed by my country’s central bank, The Bank of Canada, I emailed them. The bank of Canada said the agreement was fake. There is no such agreement. RCMP had been contacted.

      1. Where should I begin? I had a few chances to listen to this so called CEO speak. I am so convinced that he is not from my country. He has a really thick Eastern European accent, not Canadian all. In his webinar, he miss-pronunciated Canada. Any 5 year old from my country can spot that. A few WWC members had confirmed with me that their Canadian address is fake. Their so-called business registration is supposed to be with Ontario. However, they are operating in Manitoba? That is illegal under our constitution section 92:11. Their Ontario business license is stamped with Belize stamp. That’s a country in South America. Made zero sense.

        They presented the “agreement” with the bank of Canada… however, it was signed by TD Canada Trust. TD bank is a private bank not the bank of Canada. That means the agreement is fake. I am glad that the Bank of Canada contacted the RCMP in regards to this.

  2. Registered Company: World Way Capital is legal and registered formally, carrying out its activities under the Canada laws!
    All legal information and rights you can check in the official registry. Number 280984881. Canada, Ontario

    1. Then why are they operating in Manitoba? It’s illegal under our constitution section 92:11? Legal my a**. You may wanna study my country’s law before you type. Also why are the registration stamped with Belize Stamps??

  3. hey so why they are still online ? I got my deposit back after one month and now i work only on clear profit so after 16 days You have 0% risk

  4. Andate tutti a cagare voi e le presunte truffe!!! Io con way Capital sto guadagnando e ho ritirato da un pezzo il mio investimento quindi andare a cagare!!!

  5. Way capital là công ty thâm niêm lâu năm. Đc đăng ký và tuân thủ theo pháp luật nhà nước canada. Và tôi đầu tư hơn 31.000usd. anh bạn tôi đầu tư hơn 1.000.000usd lợi nhuận chỉ trả đúng cảm kết.
    Nó phát triển rất mạnh. Công ty đóng gói bảo hiểm 100.000.000usd bảo về tất cả nhà đầu tư. Việc này tôi đã xác minh và đúng sự thật.

    1. Hi Long,
      Ban dang song o Canada ah? Sao ban biet ranh ve wwc ? Vi Minh cong dt wwc ma hoi lo no la cty that ko

    2. Hi Long, bạn biết rành về WWC quá, giờ nó đóng web rồi,người VN mình mất rất nhiều tiền, bạn có thể cho thêm thông tin để mọi người cùng nhau đi kiếm người đứng đầu của cty này k

  6. Ik heb de Bank verklaring van de Bank of Canada via mail aan het gestuurd ter bevestiging. We zullen zien. Als ze niet legitiem zijn lijkt het me vreemd dir soort documenten te falsificeren daar is men dus zo achter. Verder geeft scamadviser een trustscore van 100% en dat doen ze niet vaak.

  7. I would say yes. Here’s why

  8. E interessante vedere i commenti io posso dire che sono in contatto con loro ed e da ottobre che investo e fino a questo momento ho sempre inca**ato e parliamo di cifre sopra i 10000 dollari mensili e ho amici che inca**ano anche di più e c’è stata la conferenza ieri 8 giugno 2019 e abbiamo visto prelevamenti eseguiti allora cerchiamo di non allarmare senza prove vere e inconfutabili.

    1. Cristian …continui a inca**are……penso proprio di no!!!!
      Way capital truffatori sito chiuso sono scappati con il malloppo

  9. Eh si..sito sparito. Come pure i soldi. Meno male che avevo investito poca roba giusto per provare.
    B******i maledetti

  10. Update 13.06.2019
    World Way-Capital has disappeared for good. Shut down their Website, their FB Pages and all social media connections. People who invested in this scam are left alone.

  11. Non si hanno più notizie del sito? Qualcuno sa qualcosa del capitale investito? Non si può recuperare nulla?

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