The Wealth fund, ( Scam: Unleashing the Truth About this Disappointing Software

The Wealth fund, ( Scam: Unleashing the Truth About this Disappointing Software

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Doesn’t it sound incredibly funny how people are resorting to automated software without even knowing much about them?

What is often witnessed is a bunch of new traders signing for a product scam, and the result is a loss of money and loss of confidence too.

The dreams of becoming rich just keep falling like dominos once you get to know that

“ohh you have been trapped.”

The danger is not over yet guys, and there is a new trap and a new scam awaiting you. If you have still been unable to guess what product I am talking about then let us unveil the curtain and this new scam is Wealth Fund.

You will love to hate the guy behind Wealth Fund, and he is none other than Richard Sperry, who promises to turn you a millionaire just in 3 months.

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Hell No..!!

Before deciding to choose trading software, it is essential to know how it works.

So keep reading

Note: Instead of this fake Wealth Fund Software, we recommend the top trading tools found on this page.

Detailed insight on Wealth Fund

Richard Sperry says that the algorithm of Wealth Fund can predict the exact and accurate trading direction of the stocks. The algorithm works in the capacity that it can predict the price of an asset in a matter of seconds.

This algorithm claims to present an accuracy of about 90 percent. As per Richard, the algorithm was regularly updated by his wife. However, the success of the algorithm is a big question now because the mastermind behind the algorithm was his wife. Richard lacks the market awareness and the competence. If the algorithm is not updated anymore, then this means that is not going to match with the future market trends. The binary options trading market can be quite volatile, and only the best algorithms can produce the best results.

Wealthfund Product

Instead of this fake Wealth Fund Software, we recommend the top trading tools found on this page.

Why is Beta testing not the correct approach?

The software may be tested by the best people in the market, but it still leaves a question mark. When the trader tests a software like Wealth Fund and experiences a profits, only that decides if the software will work or not.

A decision cannot be made on someone else’s trading results. Every trader has an individual trading intellect and perception of the trading market, so the trading results of two traders is bound to defer even if they use the same software. Thus, if Wealth Fund presents trading results of any Beta Tester, then this is not the satisfactory answer and neither a convincing claim.

Lack of knowledge makes binary option trading a dangerous affair

Binary options trading is the trickiest field where a slight mistake can cost a massive loss. Thus, there is no way a trader can function without adequate knowledge about the market. This denies the statement by Wealth Fund that the trader can do without knowing what binary options are all about.

This means that a trader is making blind shots, and if blind shots are made, then they are bound to miss one day. Without having a proper understanding of the binary option, it is even harder to evaluate the software. Thus, it makes a trader more prone to defeat, and no one would want that.

Wealthfund Product Review

Keeping the privacy safe

The sales video for Wealth Fund software lacks the needed walkthrough. If no relevant information is mentioned in the video, then there are unanswered why’s and how’s. This means that things are not right from the very start.

If the first step goes wrong, then trouble is surely on its way. Secondly, if the email address is just given out then get ready to receive unsolicited emails that are enough to drive anyone crazy and at the end of the day the emails are a personal affair and should not be given out just like that.

Payment has to be made in the form of a deposit

Moreover, one more point has to be clear a free registration does not mean that nothing has to be paid. Once the access has been given to the software, then Wealth Fund gets active only after making a deposit.

This verifies one important thing, and that is payment has to be made to use the software. The illusion of free software has to be wiped off.

The promised profits may not be the reality

An estimate can never be given regarding what the trader earns eventually. Saying that a profit of about $29,234 can be earned in a month sounds more like an idealistic scenario.

The possibility that Wealth Fund might not work for some traders is there, and perspective risk is there so the traders should not be forced to believe in this perception.

Review of Wealthfund

Wealth Fund having a negative impact on the ability to learn

The common approach to becoming skilled traders is to have the share of wins and losses both. When the trader has experienced both the scenarios then is the time to collect the reward of the hard work.

Success does not come in seconds, and this is where a product like Wealth Fund software goes wrong. When the software places the trades, then this magnifies a big flaw, and that is the trader is not putting in the effort so at the end of the day no learning exists.

Even if the trader does make profits in the beginning, but eventually it is going to turn out to be a bad move and losses will come across the way of the trader.

Note: Instead of this fake Wealth Fund Software, we recommend the top trading tools found on this page.

 The prime drawbacks of Wealth Fund

The software lacks the game plan for learning and the key approach that needs to be adopted in this regard. The earning figures are not important. What is important are the features that will help the trader excel, so that is where things are going wrong for the trader. Now it is important to discuss what needs to be there.

Any authentic sales video should cover the details about the associated brokers. The perspective of learning should be discussed in the sales video because that is an important aspect. A trading career does not live as per an on/off button so that the wrong approach.

 The trader’s checklist

Now this term trader’s checklist might be new for many. However, this product review will explain it a bit. When trading software is there, then it needs to meet certain standards and requirements.

If those standards are followed, then it means that the software is up to the mark. However, in the case of Wealth Fund it fails to meet the needs.

  • A personal story in a sales video contradicts a professional trading approach.
  • Earning is not the main perspective, but the real goal is consistent income.
  • Credible and verifiable proofs need to be there, and only then the potential traders make the next move.
  • Wealth fund needs to define the strategy regarding how it will keep up with ever changing market trends for binary options
  • The most important aspect is that the software has to define how it is much ahead of other competitor software, and the truth is that Wealth fund fails to answer these things.

 The verdict

Shunning automated software is not the solution. The real solution lies in defining the credibility of the software. All wise and established traders are on the lookout of long-term earning solution that Wealth Fund fails to offer – this you can always find in our list of recommended binary trading softwares.

Wealth fund software should see these established traders as the potential clients because they are the ones to verify the success of this software. As for the new traders, the minute they feel that they are not earning, they are bound to call it quits.

Wealth fund has to broaden its horizon and present a professional trading roadmap to the traders or else to opt for this software is an effort in vague.

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