Wealth Trades Review: This is a Scam

Wealth Trades Review: This is a Scam

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Wealth Trades is an online-based company that claims to provide investors with profit while trading in Forex. However, they expose multiple red flags, and as you read, this unbiased review on the company will highlight some of them.

The platform portrays itself as a Forex trading company, but they also promise investors venturing in commodities cryptocurrencies and even real estate, among other assets. The method they use for mining, for example, in cryptocurrencies, is not well explained to clients.

The tactic is more of a get rich quick scheme, and they always turn out to be scammers who are looking to swindle all your money. How they plan to generate profits for you is not known; they only claim that you will get profits fast and with murky methods of operation.

You are promised fast profits return immediately; you deposit funds in your account. Do not be quick to trust this platform because we are confident that no trade is taking place. If you wish to benefit profitably, you should deposit your money with reliable investment firms that are transparent in their method of operation.

The owners of wealth are not mentioned anywhere on the website and who is controlling your fund in this investment firm you are not aware of. You only not risk losing your money to scammers, but also your personal information is not protected.

Wealth Trades Review, Platform

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Then the company does not talk on any security measures it takes to protect your details; this is a major red flag. No investor can withdraw his money successfully, and there is no demo account that you can use to trade and test if the company is working. Review

Wealth has no demo account that you can use to test the credibility of their software and know the kind of returns to expect. For any experienced investor daily, you will realize the shadiness behind this investment firm and avoid it at all costs.

The platform is owned and operated by Wealth Trades Inc we did our research and discovered that the company they claim ownership under does not exist it is just made up. Scammers will say anything, including creating a mother company that does not exist to hide the murkiness and seems legit.

Wealth trades does not provide past trade transaction, but they deliver fake charts to their website to tempt you into depositing money in their accounts. Nothing this platform does make sense is just be seen as a waste of cyberspace, but if you’re looking to make profits, you can try this legit Forex trading bots and make real money.

The company promises investors a minimum of 6% every week, which we all know is unattainable within the speculated time. These figures are tempting, and you may be tempted into depositing money in their accounts, but not even 1% will be earned.

Investment plans

Wealth Trades, just like every other scam company, uses massive investment plans that cannot be attained even for well stable platforms. The primary use of these investment plans is to tempt you into depositing money in their account, but you will not be making any profit in return.

This platform has three different investment plans: Basic Business and Regular. However, the estimated return is set to a minimum of 6% and 11% every week. The amount is split in each plan, and for you to earn passively, you have to select the highest method.

All the investors are entitled to an account manager in each investment plan, and the return you expect vary based on the method you choose. The minimum allowed deposit amount that you can trade with is $1000, and the maximum amount is set to $50000.


The company also has fake reviews on the website speaking positively of the platform, but there is no one benefiting from this investment firm. The alleged happy customers do not exist at all, and some do not even know of the company’s existence, and their images are used against their will.

Scammers will always use fake testimonies on their website to lure you into depositing money in their account. The proofs are false, and the names are just made up to tempt you into believing the platform is legit.

The use of fake testimonies is every day among Ponzi schemes, no link that has been provided links directly to the website. Legit investment firms will always use realistic statements on their website, and you can easily prove their credibility.

Funds Safety

Your money is not safe in  Wealth Trades, and numerous investors have complained to have lost money from this platform. Moreover, there is no display off past trade transaction on the account that you can prove any trade taking place.

The owners of the platform are unknown also and who is controlling your money in the account is not transparent. Wealth Trades has no demo account that you can use to trace the credibility of the software, and this disapproves of their legitimacy.

Regulation and Customer Support

The platform has provided no regulatory details, and this only means that they’re not regulated. Unregulated companies risk facing closure at any given time with all your personal information and money with them.

While on the other hand, legit investment firms that you should trust that are profitable to you always showcase regulatory data on their websites to show genuineness. No contact support is available that you can use to reach the company just in case you require assistance or you have a query.

Unregulated platforms like realize that the owners risk facing criminal prosecutions and are the main reason they do not provide any personal bio on their website. Legit investment firms always provide you with working contact support 24/7, and you should only invest in such platforms.

There is no information pointing on their whereabouts and where the owners are located, and this is a major red flag. Reaching this company once your money is lost is impossible without any contact information.

The company is not bound to any law because they not regulated, and this is very dangerous because they can go against the set guidelines at any time. Different countries have set up different laws to protect their citizens from scammers.

Wealth Trades claim to be based in the UK during our research, and we discovered that under the FCA, they are not regulated or recognized by this body. The main regulatory body in the UK is FCA and is responsible for regulating legit investment firms.

Final Verdict

There is no trade taking place in this investment firm, and you will only lose money like the other investor who complains to have lost money. You’re also dealing with an unregulated company, and wealth is not a legit investment firm.

They do not have any past transactions that you can prove any trade is taking place in this investment form, and you’ll only end up making massive losses. Legit investment firms that will profit you reasonably always provide past trade transactions and also withdrawal and deposits that have been successful.

The method of operation this platform uses is shady, and they do not talk about the software; instead, they speak of making profits for you fast. The platform also uses fake testimony, and nothing they say makes sense will amount to anything.

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