Wealthy Trader Scam – Reliable Review And Warning!

Wealthy Trader Scam – Reliable Review And Warning!

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A cheap-looking website like does not deserve your attention because the sales pitch is suspicious and unprofessional. The anonymous presenter makes unbelievably ridiculous claims. He guarantees that Wealthy Trader app will make you at least $6,302 per day.

However, in another part of the video, this mysterious guy forgets that his website had already announced in writing that Wealthy Trader makes $6,302 per day. He therefore says that Wealthy Trader makes $2,000 per day.

As you can see, inconsistent profit claims are one reason why the Wealthy Trader must never be trusted.

Secondly, these claims have never been verified with proof that indeed this app is capable of making such profits in both demo and live accounts.

Do the math and you will realize that these scammers who run this operation are essentially promising an impossible income amounting to $120,000 per month.

Legitimate robots are never promoted with misleading claims. In fact, this is considered outright fraud.

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And even if Wealthy Trader was capable of delivering such massive profits, do you honestly think it would be free?

Besides this, we have found evidence that Wealthy Trader app is a relaunched scam — similar to this one. And this time round, they hope to convince traders with fake results.

You cannot be convinced with this money-stealing gimmick. After all, evidence suggests that Wealthy Trader app a hoax, and thus you will lose money.

Wealthy Trader: proof that this robot does not produce any good results

You now know that this is an old scam that uses same tricks to lie and extort money.

That’s why the promotion video on the sales page is typically made of stuff that you will only find in popular internet scams.

Once you visit the domain of this software, you will figure it out on your own that Wealthy Trader isn’t a reliable source of income.

You can see and feel it with both with your eyes and instincts. This explains why these crooks never cared to include a privacy policy and a risk disclaimer page on their site. It’s a standard procedure which they have obviously ignored for the same reasons which we are discussing here.

Who owns the Wealthy Trader?

The identity of the person behind this website is simply anonymous. If you run a quick background check for this domain on, you will see that the domain is protected.

That means you cannot see the names of the person who owns it. The same applies to their physical address which is also hidden from the public eye.

So let’s debunk the myths which the pitch video has been telling us all along concerning the owner of Wealthy Trader.

According to the voice narrator, Nelson Roosen is the owner of this software. He tells his audience that he branded this software after his Wall Street nickname — which in this case is Wealthy Trader.

Do you honestly believe that such a person has worked at Wall Street with one of the brokerage firms? These claims cannot be verified.

I have more serious problems with this guy. First, his physical appearance remains hidden.

Not only is the ”CEO” of Wealthy Trader hiding their real name, but they are also concealing their physical appearance.

In an attempt to verify his professional background, we searched the internet and found nothing that could point to his alleged achievements in the binary options industry.

There is no profile that points to the fact that this man has ever traded binary options and made a nickel from his trades. This is rather strange but not a surprise anyway. All internet criminals hide their identities to make it difficult for people to trace or recover their money from them.

The entire website is based on lies. The invalid information on the pitch video is a total waste of time because it does not help in verifying the authenticity of this software or claims made by the voice narrator.

Fake reviews in support of the Wealthy Trader

I mentioned that this is an improved scam of the original version which was launched a couple of years ago.

The Wealthy Trader does not have a reputation other than that of scamming binary options investors.

Not a single trader has ever made the thousands of dollars which is being advertised on this website.

So, what did they do? They made sure that fake reviews were used to accompany the promotion.

wealthy-trader fake testimonials

When you watch the pitch video, you will see a few faces of people claiming that their lives were changed when they made the decision to use Wealthy Trader app.

This manipulative approach is meant to convince traders that this app is lucrative. The sad news is that these are paid liars who have never used this system in any shape or form.

This crappy software is obviously a big shame. You should learn from this as well as from traders who lost money in the process of trading with the app.

Do you still trust the Wealthy Trader system?

While scams are sometimes complicated and hard to detect, this one is making our job easier because the methodology and allegations made by this website are all questionable.

For example, it does not make sense when this website claims that you will make $120,000 per month with this app.

Secondly, it is foolish to believe that this anonymous presenter has traded at Wall Street, and that he has a solid trading profile.

If you actually believe that they are qualified to speak on behalf of this software, ask them for proof of their professional background.

Sadly, you can’t even contact them because that website does not have that provision.

Furthermore, this video does not give us credible proof of profit. What you’re seeing on the video as ”evidence” that this app makes profit is nothing but fabricated stuff.

Also, we can see that this website is promising a bonus of $5,000.

Now, my question is this. Is there any broker who can give you a trading bonus of $5,000 for depositing $250?

I don’t think brokerage firms are run by foolish people. They know this business better than you do. They are into it to make profits and not to please you with huge bonus amounts.

What do you think would happen to this broker if everyone applied for the $5,000 bonus? Probably they would go bankrupt.

wealthy trader scam bonus

That is why no broker has ever given anyone a bonus of $5,000 for a deposit of $250.

In short, do not believe what these scammers say. It is completely made up stuff.

Our Best advice for you

With no clear-cut evidence that the Wealthy Trader works, you are obliged to question the authenticity of this system.

We were not able to verify the efficacy of this robot due to the same reasons highlighted above.

The Wealthy Trader website simply started off on a bad note. Many questions have not been answered despite the pitch video running for several minutes in an attempt to talk about the legitimacy of this robot.

It’s a narrative of quick wealth. The actor talks of his depressed dad who passed on because he was miserably broke. Of course these are made up stories.

The good news is that you can trust us for giving you binary options products that work. Forget useless narratives and hyped up profit projections which take you nowhere.

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