Wedge Coin Scam Review: High Returns not Achievable

Wedge Coin Scam Review: High Returns not Achievable

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A barrage of red flags can been detected on the Wedgecoin website. We are also anticipating to see many complaints against this shady website because they have made it clear that their business is not transparent and neither is it authentic. We have reasons to believe that no trading activities are taking place here. Wedge Coin website has actually gave us more reasons to shun them than to do business with them.

We therefore want to look at it in details to make you see why we don’t trust this platform.

Wedge Coin is suspicious because it promises abnormal returns in a short duration of time. For example, members are promised 130% in just 24 hours. This means that if you invested $10,000 in plan 1, you’d double the principle amount and even make 30% more within 24 hours. But this is something that has never happened anywhere before. We are actually interested in finding out how money is generated through the Wedge Coin platform because these returns are simply ridiculous and unheard of.

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Wedge Coin Review

On the homepage, Wedge Coin announces that their service is involved in Cryptocurrency mining. At the same time, they claim that they have professionals who have specialized in Cryptocurrency trading.

It is actually not clear whether these folks are mining or trading Cryptos. It also appears as if the owner of this platform does not know the difference between mining and trading Cryptocurrencies.

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wedgecoin review

If they can not get the difference between the two, how else do you expect them to make money from either of these two activities?

It could suggest that Wedge Coin is not involved in any mining or trading of Cryptos at all. This leaves us with one and only option. That is to say, Wedge Coin is operating a ponzi scheme where a small part of the deposit is distributed to members to keep them inviting more deposits.

If you ever receive a payout from this platform, run with that money as fast as your legs can carry you. Chances are that you will never get a second or a third payout from them. But that would also mean that you’re a very lucky fellow. 99% of the time, ponzi schemes don’t issue any payout. They only accept your Bitcoins and restrict any money from flowing to their ”investors”. At that point, you will know that you have been scammed.

Let’s take a look at their alleged investment plans. There are 5 plans in total. The first plan promises 130% in 24 hours. The second plan promises 143% in 2 days. The third plan is supposed to reward 160% in 3 days. And of course the last 2 plans are promising 210% in 2 days and 300% in just 3 hours.

Clearly something must be wrong here. If these guys can make such an enormous amount of money in a matter of hours, why would they invite people to join and help them make money?

That’s the question we are asking. Why is it so difficult to keep this ”secret” to themselves because it is already helping them become rich?

If you find yourself asking these questions, it simply means that you are staring at a ponzi scheme. Typical answer will be something like — we are pooling funds together to make bigger profits since we cannot make it on our own.

Think about this: If Wedge Coin traders and analysts have the skill and expertise to make abnormal profits in an extremely short duration, then raising turning a small amount of money like $500 into $1000 or more should be a simple goal to attain. Isn’t it? They would then build that capital and within one week, have a significant amount of money in their accounts.

Unfortunately, that is not happening because Wedge Coin does not have the capacity to make the alleged returns. The reason why they need your contribution is because this is a ponzi scheme. The only way that money is being made here is through collecting deposits. There is no other business activity to rely on.

The point is, Wedge Coin has resorted to blatant thievery where investors are never told the truth but are asked to deposit so that their money can be invested in Cryptocurrency trading.

The words ”Cryptocurrency trading and mining ” are being used as scapegoats. They are abusing Cryptos in the name of investing. You can rest assured that this will not translate to any profit, but rather losses.

Red flags

Wedge Coin has given us more reasons to doubt them by stating things that cannot be verified.

Let’s start by mentioning their so-called professional traders. At first, these guys claim that they have invested in human resource to ensure that investors money is only handled by traders with decades of experience and proven track record.

Please note that this experience cannot be verified since the alleged professional traders are anonymous people. The other thing is that their track records can never be verified because of the same reason.

While Wedge Coin claims that their platform is safe and profitable to invest in, evidence is suggesting that this is in fact the worst way to lose money on the internet.

The 10% referral program was meant to attract more people into this Bitcoin ponzi scheme. Since there is an incentive for inviting more people into this scam, those who have invested their hard earned money are actively sharing their referral links hoping that they will make more money in the process.

But this is just a ploy to spread the word and make more people join Wedge Coin. The higher the number of victims, the more profit the owner can make.

Also, there’s the issue of this site being registered privately to conceal the identity of the person who owns it. This is quite shady and suspicious. If this business was legit, we don’t believe that there would be any reason to hide.

Something fishy is going on behind the curtains. Even the alleged corporation which is supposed to back this scam cannot be found anywhere on the internet. The only thing that can be found are claims that Wedge Coin is backed by a company which oversees its activities.

What about the dubious statistics on their homepage? They lie about their starting date, number of active accounts and online visitors.

We know very well that the site was registered in 2017, and that is the verifiable truth. There is no other truth in those dubious statistics.

Last but not least, Wedge Coin is asking members to deposit in Bitcoins only. We find this a little bit scary given that we have picked more than enough red flags to confirm that this is a ponzi scheme.

If you actually take that step by sending them your hard-earned Bitcoins, you will lose it all. Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. There is no recovering your money.

Our best advice for you

It seems that the site admin at Wedge Coin has an ulterior motive which they are not willing to disclose. Besides, it is clear that their main line of activity is unknown. They cannot say whether they mine or trade altcoins. Since they are undecided, don’t waste your time trying to figure it out for them. Just go mining Bitcoins here instead.

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7 Replies to “Wedge Coin Scam Review: High Returns not Achievable”

  1. I invested in 3times first plan in wedgecoin .they given two times returns as they promised but third time they showing pending.. I suggest don’t believe them

    1. I have had more than 6 withdraws but then the next day they give me a 10000$ bonus and RED FLAGS all over can’t with anything of my own
      nothing everything lost

  2. They give me 7000$ bonus, and i need to pay for the bonus fee worth 500$ so that i can withdraw my money. I lost 120$ btw. I told them scammers and they just locked my account.. lol

  3. is scam. Yes, he steals. Several other miners like, apextop, and others. Always on alerts with scam companies. Companies that steals.

  4. is scam. Yes, he steals. Several other miners like, apextop, and others. Always on alerts with scam companies. Companies that steals.

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